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Language School Vienna


 Location of the language school in Vienna


Located directly at the Ringstraße opposite the state opera in the very centre of Vienna your language school DeutschAkademie is very well placed and well served by public transport.


The Building


 Xcelsior: Enjoy the view of the opera while having a coffee


At the very corner of the building housing your language school there is a restaurant called Xcelsior. There you can enjoy very good coffee and other drinks and a Viennese breakfast or you could order an Italian meal for lunch.


 Subway or a so called “Würstelstand” (a snack bar serving  traditional sausages)


At the far end of the building housing your language school in Vienna there is a Subway sandwich store where you can purchase fresh sandwiches in diverse variations. Another possibility to buy snacks is the “Würstelstand”. These snack bars where you can try different sausages are traditional for Vienna.


 Maredo if you are really hungry or if you need a healthy salad


The restaurant Maredo is situated underneath the language school in the same building. Here you can enjoy Argentine steaks or you can eat a healthy salad - the good news is: everything is low priced.


 Airlines and other services offered in the building of your language  school


The location of the language school provides you with a lot of services to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
On the ground floor of the language school you find a travel agency and an office of Sky Europe, if you require information or want to book a flight.


Just a few steps from the language school


 Bakeries, Pastry Shops, Starbuck, McDonald’s, Sushi


If you want to purchase take-away food there is a wide choice of bakeries available, for example a bakery called Anker opposite the opera (just 100 metres from your language school).


There are further bakeries in the underground station, for example Ströck Brot (just 100 metres from your language school).
For those who love Viennese pastries and fancy cakes there is Aida, a pastry shop, situated directly at the Ring and close by your language school. (just 100 metres from your language school)

Coffee goes very well with these traditional sweets, so you could spoil yourself with a coffee from Starbucks. One shop is located in the subway (50 metres), another at the very beginning of the Kärntnerstraße (200 metres). In addition you find a McDonald’s, a small sushi take-away bar and many other useful shops.


 Insider tip: Enjoy a healthy salad in between at Rosenberger’s  Restaurant

250 metres from your language school you find Rosenberger’s Restaurant. With the help of the huge buffet you can enjoy a healthy lunch. Furthermore Rosenberger offers traditional roasted meat dishes if you prefer a solid meal. For dessert the traditional pastries are recommendable.


 Buy your food at Spar and have a rest at the Burggarten


Opposite your language school you find a supermarket called Spar-Gourmet, where you can buy groceries and snacks, fresh fruit, salad, coffee to take away, just to mention a few. As the Burggarten, a park, is just a few minutes away you can enjoy your food there when the sun is shining.


 Pharmacies, Drug Stores, Banks – all close by!


In the immediate vicinity of the language school in Vienna you find a variety of useful shops, like a drug store (called DM, round the corner of the Spar-Gourmet Supermarket), two pharmacies (one opposite of the opera, the other one in the Operngasse), etc. In the neighbourhood of the language school in Vienna are a lot of bank branches as well. Bank Austria (150 metres), Erste Bank (250 metres) and the Raiffeisenlandesbank (200 metres). All of these banks are mainly located on the right of the opera at the beginning of the Kärtnerstrasse.


 Café Mozart, Sacher … distances, Café Albertina, Operncafe, Café  Museum, Café at the butterfly house


Vienna has a so-called “coffee house culture” and there are loads of possibilities to celebrate this tradition around the language school. One has to mention Café Mozart in this context. This café is opposite the Albertina, Vienna’s biggest museum.



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 Your language

Long versions

- Deutschkurse Wien

- German course Vienna


Short versions

- Cours d'allemand à Vienne

- Viyana'da almanca kursu

- Curso de alemán en Viena

- Курс по немски език във Виена

- 维也纳德语学习

- 到德國學習德語在維也納

- Corso di tedesco a Vienna

- Tečaj njemačkog jezika u Beču

- Kurz němčiny ve Vídni

- Saksan kurssi Wienissä

- Μαθήματα Γερμανικών στη Βιέννη

- Német nyelvtanfolyam Bécsben

- ウィーンのドイツ語コース

- 비엔나 독일의 코스

- Tyska kurs i Wien

- Tysk kurs i Wien

- Kurs języka niemieckiego w Wiedniu

- Curs de germană în Viena

- Курс немецкого языка в Вене

- Kurz nemeckéko jazyka vo Viedni

- دورات اللغة الألمانية في فيينا



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