10 reasons why you should choose DeutschAkademie to learn German! 

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell why I have chosen DeutschAkademie. And this post may be really useful for those who are deciding where to study. Let’s start!

  • TEACHERS. In my opinion the most important thing about studying is your teacher. If the teacher is boring, sluggish and too serious – the lesson won’t be interesting and productive (I really know that because most teachers in my Ukrainian University were like that). Talking about DeutschAkademie, all teachers here are young, positive, artistic and they really love their job. You can feel it during the lesson and it makes the lesson super useful and productive!
  • CLASSROOM. The building where you study is also very important. All classrooms here are modern, light, well equipped and clean. All furniture is new and looks nice.

  • BOOKS. I really like the book which we use. Because it is modern and well-structured. All information is up-to-date and all the words are really used in everyday life. Which means that you can use you knowledge in your real life.

  • TIMETABLE. Timetable in DeutschAkademie is very comfortable and flexible. They propose different variants of time of class. So each person can decide when she or he wants to attend classes.
  • LOCATION. DeutschAkademie is situated in the heart of Vienna. That’s very comfortable to get here. And one more advantage is that you can go for a walk in the city center after your class. You can do homework in Museums Quartier, go shopping in Maria Hilfer Straße or drink coffee near Rathaus.
  • VIEW FROM THE WINDOW. You should come here and you’ll understand what I’m talking about! Opera view is brilliant and it inspires so much!

  • CULTURAL DIVERSITY. In DeutschAkademie you can finds friends from all over the world. And learn other cultures and traditions. You can even find your compatriots here! And it’ll help you to feel more comfortable in Vienna. And new good friend is always a nice idea.
  • TEAMBUILDING. Yesterday the administrator came to our class and told about the meeting which DeutschAkademie organizes once a month for students and teachers. Each student can come to their party and have fun there. There you can drink something, eat tasty food, chat and just relax after hard week.
  • PRICE. They have the best price in Vienna. And the quality is much more higher than price. So here you will be sure that you pay money for very nice service.
  • BLOGGING. If your little dream is to become a blogger you have such opportunity in DeutschAkademie. And it is really cool. You should write 16 articles and than you can get money in cash or get discount on your next course. I’ve never heard about such option in other language schools. So it also makes DeutschAkademie unique and attractive!

And why do you like DeutschAkademie? Comment below!