Travelling from Vienna


Monday is the hardest day so let’s think about something pleasant – travelling, for instance. As Austria is situated in the center of Europe it is considered to be its heart. That is the reason why it would be a crime not to visit neighboring countries while staying in Vienna. I would like to tell you about some inexpensive and entertaining opportunities for students. Today’s post is a guide for your trip to one beautiful and easily affordable city – Krakow. I went there several weeks ago and was completely surprised by its attractiveness. 

There are two crucial things to start with – transportation and residence. The cheapest tickets can be found at Polski bus website however it’s better also to check because it combines the most suitable variants of different bus operators. We bought a route starting at Vienna Hauptbahnhof at 5 am and ending in Krakow at 12 am. The trip may seem quite long so I advise you to take a bottle of water and a sandwich with you. The bus station is placed 10-15 minutes from the inner city of Krakow so you won’t get lost. Regarding the living place, we found a gorgeous hostel for students called Roller Hostel. We paid 26 euro for two people and it took us 25 minutes to get to it from the bus station and 10 minutes from the central square. The only thing is that you should pay extra money for towels but they cost almost nothing, meanwhile free tee and all kitchen and bathroom facilities are provided.

Now let’s move to the excursion part. If you are a fan of historical information, you can book a free route in advance or just join them spontaneously as we did. As I mentioned they are absolutely free except for tips for the tourist guide however it’s up to you whether to pay or not. The biggest advantage of Krakow is its lay-out resembling chessboard, you can always understand where you have already been and what else you should see. The main sights are St Mary’s Basilica, City Defence Walla, Church of St. Barbara, Cloth Hall, Basilica of St Francis, Church of St Anne and Jagiellonian University. Seeing everything in the light of day is to my mind impossible as it is getting dark early in winter, so I advise you to stay for two days to visit Wawel Royal Castle and The Old Jewish Quarter – Kazimierz during the second day.

Now the urgent questions: where to eat and spend the evening. For a satisfying dinner you can visit Milkbar Tomasza, to drink wine with snacks go to Bistro Charlotte, we found wonderful homemade desserts at La Baguette and traditional Poland dishes at Restauracja Starka. Those who like nightlife can go to the street Szewska. The unexpected discovery for us was the place Pizzatopia. Only for 6 euro you can order a rectangular handmade pizza with ingredients of your choice. You can add as many types of cheeses, hams, vegetables and souses as you want too! At the end it will be a masterpiece I promise!


Overall, Krakow won our hearts by its prices (in contrast to Vienna) and simple beauty of the inner city.

I would definitely like to return here in spring or summer to capture this beautiful city in greenery.

Best wishes,