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Neues Monat, neuer Blogger!

Hallo! Ich heiße Jessica und ich bin eure Bloggerin hier auf dem DeutschAkademie Blog für Dezember!

Ein bisschen über mich:

Ich bin 21 Jahre alt und ich komme aus Halifax, Kanada. Ich habe gerade den November M2.1 Kurs beendet und jetzt mache ich weiter in dem M2.2 Kurs. Hier ist eine Graphik von den angebotenen Stufen der Kurse der DeutschAkademie:

Für mehr Infos über den Gemeinsamen Europäischer Referenzrahmen: hier Klicken!

Ich wohne jetzt in Eisenstadt. Eisenstadt liegt ungefähr eine Stunde außerhalb von Wien. Eisenstadt ist die Hauptstadt vom Burgenland. Hier sind zwei Fotos von der Aussicht von wo ich wohne. Du kannst bis Ungarn sehen!

Ich lerne Deutsch weil ich Transkulturelle Kommunikation an der Universität Wien studieren möchte. Ich fange nächsten März an. Für mein Studium brauche ich sehr gute Englisch, Deutsch und Spanisch Kenntnisse.
Ich liebe Sprachen! Sprachenlernen ist mein Lieblingshobby und ich bin vertraut damit, über Sprachen und Sprachenlernen zu schreiben, weil ich meinen eigenen “Sprachen Blog” habe! Dort schreibe ich über Sprachen und Sprachenlernen. Du findest meinen Blog unter

Dieses Monat jedoch, bin ich hier am DeutschAkademie Blog! Ich freue mich euch über meinen Kurs und das Leben in Österreich zu erzählen! 🙂

Hello! My name is Jessica and I will be your blogger here at the DeutschAkademie blog for the month of December!

Here is a little bit about myself:

I am 21 years old and I’m from Halifax, Canada. I just completed the M2.1 German course at the DeutschAkademie in Vienna during November and I am now continuing on to the M2.2 course. I currently live in Eisenstadt which is about one hour outside of Vienna. It is the capital of Burgenland.

I am learning German because I will be studying at the University of Vienna beginning in the next semester which starts next March. I want to study Translation and Interpretation (Transkulturelle Kommunikation) using English, German and Spanish. I love languages! Language learning is my favourite hobby and I’m no stranger to writing about the topic of languages and language learning. I have my own blog where I write about languages and language learning at this month though, I’ll be over here at the DeutschAkademie blog! I look forward to updating you daily on my German learning adventures and life in Austria! 🙂

New German teacher!

For my last two days of this course I have a new teacher.

I do not Know the reason for the change but  is good.

Sometime changes can be good.

I like my new teacher she is more energetic and with her new mwthod challenges us to do better.

Tomorrow (actually today because is 1 o’clock in the morning) you will a picture of her.

Now I’m going t sleep.

Gutten nacht!

Fast German lesson today

Today it was a fast and very  effective lesson. I liked it.

We have learned a lot of grammar.

It was not so hard because the way in which my teacher explained made it really interesting.

And of course after a free Sunday everybody was receptive.

Now I should do my homework for tomorrow

See you

Bis morgen 😉

A crazy weekend for me.

A crazy weekend for me.

As always, on Friday I went to Kapfenberg for my master course.

But last week I have started on Thursday afternoon with an online lesson that was a little bit of chaos.

After sleeping just 5 hours Friday was a really long and exhausting day, at the end of it  I just want to get some sleep. Saturday was nothing better.

But after all of that stress an chaos came also a little reward when I got back  in Vienna I went to see the Christkindlmarkt  and drink some Punch that is very popular here.

I will tell you more about this  in my next posts.

A long autumn in Vienna.


This year seems like it would be a long autumn in Vienna.

Today when I got out of my flat  to go to Deutsh Akademie it felt like spring, and it was even better after I have left from the course it was a little sunny and warm weather.

It really felt like spring time.

Everybody is speaking about this, that it  should be snow  instead of sun but I like it.


Ein schones Wetter!

Grammar and weather!

Today we have done a lesson about weather


We also mix it with a little bit of grammar.


But it was nice to find out has is weather all year round in all Europe.


Tomorrow we have a test  so I will learn a little now.


See you tomorrow.

My weekend in Kapfenberg

After a Friday with no German lesson, but full of math for the cryptography course. It came Saturday. And there I was on the road again. Yes on the road to Kapfenberg. Kapfenberg a small City in the province of Styria, in witch I am doing my master degree studies  at Fh-Joanneum University of Applied Science. So because it is a part time master degree program I have decided to live in Vienna and to travel there only for the weekends.

Kapfenberg is  a really nice small city sounded by mountains. The journey by train takes about two hours but offers really spectacular views. Also it is not far from Graz the second biggest city in Austria, it only takes about half an hour by train.

And as  we all know the public transport infrastructure in Austria in on of the best in Europe. I have never experience any delay or problems with them.

That’s all for now about my weekend.

You will get more about Kapfenberg next Monday also some pictures.

An interesting German lesson!

In the last lesson we started a new chapter in the book.

That for me seems very interesting and captivating for me.

Because I have a background in the hotel business and I loved working in this sector of hospitality, yes it is interesting for me to learn it in German.

So with the new subject come a lot of new words to learn.

But there  is a good side of it too because we got a new subject to make dialogues and exercise our verbal skills.