Monthly Archives: November 2009

Today was a lot of grammar…

German grammar gives me headaches.

Today was a lot of grammar but not only.

German is nice language until it comes to it’s grammar.

But yes step by step it more easily.

And that how you get it at Deutsch Akademie, also we repeat everything till everybody is clear and I like that.

My first test from yesterday went well but there is place for improvement I made 13.5 from 17.

For tomorrow I expect something new, we just started a new lesson from the course book. So a lot of  new words to discover tomorrow.

I think that’s it for today.

Se y tomorrow

My first Deutsch course at DEUTSCH AKADEMIE

At the beginning of last week I have stared a German course at Deutsch Akademie in Vienna.

Now the second  week of the  course and we are a full team of ten learners eager to discover Deutsch.

Today we had our first test it  was great not so hard hope that I’ve done well.

The pace of the course is just right not to fast not to slow.

I like it.

My  teacher is nice I like the way she approaches things, my colleagues too, they are from all aver the world UK, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, Serbia,   Bosnia, Turkey, Spain, and of course me from Romania

That’s it for today

I’ll be back tomorrow with more detail maybe in German too and some pictures.