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A walk through Eisenstadt…

Hallo Bloglesern!


Ich bin heute spazieren gegangen. Hier sind einige Fotos von meinem heutigen Spaziergang durch Eisenstadt. Ich wohne hier in Eisenstadt. Es ist die Hauptstadt von Burgenland und hat fast 13.000 Einwohner. Für mehr Infos um Eisenstadt ihr könnt hier oder hier klicken.

Für mehr Fotos von Eisenstadt, ihr könnt einfach “Eisenstadt” in Google search typen! Es gibt viele!

Aber jetzt, hier sind meine Fotos von Heute:


Morgen geht es weiter im Deutschkurs!

Today was a holiday here in Austria and so there wasn’t any class at the DeutschAkademie, but it’s back on tomorrow!

Until then I will leave you with a little slideshow of pictures from my daily trip to Vienna from Eisenstadt with the bus. Bis Morgen!

Heute war ein Feiertag hier in Österreich, deshalb gab es keinen Kurs heute an der DeutschAkademie, aber morgen geht es weiter!

Jetzt habe ich einige Fotos für euch. Sie sind von meinem Weg zur Schule von Eisenstadt nach Wien. Bis Morgen!

Fröhlichen Nikolaus!

Tonight is a special night here in Austria. It is “Nikolo” or “Heiliger Nikolaus”, the night where Saint Nicholas brings sweets to all of the good children, and Krampus brings warnings and punishments to bad children! I had to do a little research on Krampus, because I wasn’t sure exactly why the grocery stores were not only filled with chocolate Santas, but also Devils! After reading up about Krampus, I can definitely say that if I were an Austrian child, I would behave myself! Krampus is pretty scary.

It is also the start of the Christmas season in Austria! I will be celebrating by heading to a Christkindlmarkt and drinking some Glühwein!

I’m very happy to be in Austria for the Christmas season, I think it is the most Christmasy place in the world!

Here are some pictures of the kind of treats children will be receiving from Nikolaus, and the treats the bad children will receive from Krampus, as a warning to behave!

A new German course !

This  week i started a new  German Course by Deutsch Akademie

New  teacher and new colleagues. I have also some of the colleagues from the previous course, we became friends.

My new teacher Carmen is super energetic and I like that he speaks a lot.

So far the pace of the course is more dynamic then the previous one, and that’s good for me because it stimulates me.

Practice the new vocabulary you learned in class with Anki!

I did end up staying home today and sleeping in because I woke up with a little fever and because of the whole swine flu situation I thought it’d be best if I stayed home – just in case! Luckily I felt fine by the afternoon and will be back in class tomorrow!

But since I was at home today, I got to do some vocabulary practicing and I figured I should tell you guys about my favourite way to practice vocabulary on my laptop: Anki!

Anki is a spaced repetition system (SRS). It helps you remember things by intelligently scheduling flashcards, so that you can learn a lot of information with a minimum amount of effort.

Read more about Anki or watch some instructional videos on its website.

That’s all for today! Expect a big entry about Vienna tomorrow with lots of pictures to make up for these past two entries being a little lacking. 🙂

Gute Nacht!

Learning German in Vienna at DeutschAkademie

Hey guys, I’m going to write in English today because I’m not feeling so well and I want to get to bed early so that I can hopefully make it to my course tomorrow and not be sick! I will make up for it with a German one soon enough, promise! I will also post more pictures including some of my class and of Vienna and Eisenstadt soon. Here’s today’s entry:

I’m learning German in Vienna because I have decided to continue my University studies here in Austria. I did two years of a Communication degree at the University of Ottawa, but after two years, I was still unsure of what I really wanted to study! Instead of wasting another year, I took last year off and moved to Spain with my boyfriend and it was a great decision! I realized that I have a real passion for languages, and have decided to pursue this through my studies, and since it is free for me to study here in Austria (and my boyfriend is from here!) we decided to move here for our University studies. I am really looking forward to getting back to University!

I began learning German two years ago at my University in Canada. I started learning it because my boyfriend is from here and I knew I would be using it a lot with his family and friends. My German class ended up being my favourite class! I had a lot of fun learning it from the beginning, and now it is even more fun because I am at a level where I can use it everyday!

I first chose DeutschAkademie two summers ago when I was here for my summer holiday. I found the school through a Google search and it seemed to have the cheapest rates compared to other language schools in Vienna, so I thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical because of the low price, but I was very pleasantly surprised! I had a great time and my teacher was very helpful.

I decided to come back to the DeutschAkademie because I enjoyed it so much last time. It is also in a great central location that is also convenient for me since it is only two stops away from Südtiroler Platz, which is where my bus from Eisenstadt leaves.

That’s it for today, time to get ready for bed! Ich hoffe dass ich nicht krank werde!

Tschüß! 🙂

Mein erster Kurstag

Ich habe heute morgen meinen Bus fast verpasst, weil ich verschlafen habe, aber glücklicherweise habe ich es geschafft und bin heute in den ersten Unterricht von meinem zweiten Deutschkurs gegangen.

Meine Klasse ist größer als die letzte, und auch sehr international!
Die Schüler kommen aus Mexiko, Russland, der Schweiz, Serbien, England, Schweden und Südkorea. Dies ist eines der Dinge, die ich an Sprachkursen am meisten liebe. Man kann viele Leute von vielen verschiedenen Ländern kennenlernen!

Es sind Schüler aus verschiedenen Altersgruppen in der Klasse, aber ich glaube wir sind alle unter 40. Ich glaube, das Durchschnittsalter ist 25.
Ich habe die gleiche Lehrerin wie in meinem November Kurs, und ich freue mich darüber! Sie ist sehr nett und begeistert von Sprachen und vom Sprachenunterricht.

Erstmals angefangen mit Sprechen über miteinander in Pärchen und haben uns gefragt “Woher kommst du?” “Seit wie lange bist du in Wien?” usw.
Dann fingen wir an mit der Kursbuch Aktivitäten. Im ersten Kapitel geht es um “Beruf”.
Wir haben gelesen, geschrieben, diskutiert und gehört. Ich fand den Kurs sehr balanciert.

Ich war heute etwa müde deshalb werde ich meine Hausaufgabe jetzt machen damit ich eine gute Nachtruhe haben kann. Tschüss und bis morgen!

Well, I nearly missed the first day of my new class today because my alarm didn’t go off, but luckily I made it to the bus on time!

My class is bigger than it was last time – and very international!
The students are from Mexico, Russia, Brasil, Switzerland, Serbia, England, Sweden, and South Korea! This is one of the things that I love most about language courses, you get to meet people from all around the world.
The class is made up of people of different ages, but I believe we are all under 40. I’m guessing the average age is 25.
I have the same teacher, Andrea, from my class in December which I am very happy about because she is great and seems to be very motivated about languages and language teaching!

We started the day by grouping into pairs and asking each other questions such as “Where are you from?” “How long have you been in Vienna?” etc.
We then began working on the first chapter in the book which is about “Careers”. We did some reading, writing, discussion, and a listening activity. I found the class to be very nicely balanced.

I was a little bit tired today so I’m going to go and do my homework now so I can get a good night’s sleep tonight! I’ll be back with another update tomorrow!