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Me and Vienna

I’ve been living in Vienna for already 2.5 years. I can assume that I know this city pretty well, but actually you never know that intresting there is in the city, that you have not visit yet.


Vienna seems to me relatively small, because the city I was born in is much bigger, but Vienna has a very big advantage comparing to Saint-Petersburg: here, everyone can find something to do.If you like clubs, here are plenty of them. I can advise some good clubs such as: U4, Flex, Phoenix and VolksGarten.If you like museums, Albertina is the first place to visit.If you like music, Vienna offers you a great variety of music genres to listen to. Personally, I would advise to all rock fans to visit “Tunnel” and “Chelsea”. Also, many famous rock bands are frequently visit Vienna: in November I have been to “Placebo” in StadtHalle (all major artists are performing there) the next goal of mine is “Bloodhound Gang” in Gasometer club.Another point I like about Vienna is that there are plenty of different Restaurants, pubs and bars. In Vienna, you can be sure that you will spend your evening with friends in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, and ofcousre for decent price as well :)My favorite place in Vienna is Donau Beach, especially in summer, last summer I spent my Birthday there. You can rent a boat, or jump on a trampoline. Here is a photo from my BD:


First days in Deutsch Akademie

Hi again.I had already two lessons in Deutsch Akademie and I can say that it was GREAT :)We have done a lot of grammar and vocabulary, we played different games as well, which made our lesson very interactive and interesting. I like our teacher Julia as well-she is smiley and interactive, and of course she is a good teacher.I feel that I will recover my German soon, because the way Julia is teaching encourage you to interact with people, and communicating in German is the goal for me.I like our group very much, there are many different nationalities in our group, there are people from: Japan, Turkey, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Australia, Taiwan, Serbia and Russia. Majority of people from the group seem to be older then me, but I am kind of used to this-because in my college I am also one of the youngest ­čÖé

Hi! it is me!

4290_88342593559_747733559_1807030_3438774_n.jpgHello! My name is Roman. I was born in Russia, in the beautiful city St.-Petersburg.I’ve been living in Vienna for already 2.5 years. Currently, I am writing my Bachelor Thesis and doing my Internship. Also, I dedicate much of my time to music…by now I am playing bass guitar in two bands: High Journey (drum’n’bass, chill out, trance) and in Midnight Special (hard rock). Now, I have started visiting German Course in Deutsch Akademie and I hope it will be productive and fun.I have started this course from the level 2A and I hope that by the end of the month I will reach the 2B level. I will write about my experiences during this month and I hope that it is going to be helpful for anyone ­čÖé

Mein erster Kurstag

Ich habe heute morgen meinen Bus fast verpasst, weil ich verschlafen habe, aber gl├╝cklicherweise habe ich es geschafft und bin heute in den ersten Unterricht von meinem zweiten Deutschkurs gegangen. Meine Klasse ist gr├Â├čer als die letzte, und auch sehr international! Die Sch├╝ler kommen aus Mexiko, Russland, der Schweiz, Serbien, England, Schweden und S├╝dkorea. Dies ist eines der Dinge, die ich an Sprachkursen am meisten liebe. Man kann viele Leute von vielen verschiedenen L├Ąndern kennenlernen! Es sind Sch├╝ler aus verschiedenen Altersgruppen in der Klasse, aber ich glaube wir sind alle unter 40. Ich glaube, das Durchschnittsalter ist 25. Ich habe die gleiche Lehrerin wie in meinem November Kurs, und ich freue mich dar├╝ber! Sie ist sehr nett und begeistert von Sprachen und vom Sprachenunterricht. Erstmals angefangen mit Sprechen ├╝ber miteinander in P├Ąrchen und haben uns gefragt “Woher kommst du?” “Seit wie lange bist du in Wien?” usw. Dann fingen wir an mit der Kursbuch Aktivit├Ąten. Im ersten Kapitel geht es um “Beruf”. Wir haben gelesen, geschrieben, diskutiert und geh├Ârt. Ich fand den Kurs sehr balanciert. Ich war heute etwa m├╝de deshalb werde ich meine Hausaufgabe jetzt machen damit ich eine gute Nachtruhe haben kann. Tsch├╝ss und bis morgen! – Well, I nearly missed the first day of my new class today because my alarm didn’t go off, but luckily I made it to the bus on time! ­čÖé My class is bigger than it was last time – and very international! The students are from Mexico, Russia, Brasil, Switzerland, Serbia, England, Sweden, and South Korea! This is one of the things that I love most about language courses, you get to meet people from all around the world. The class is made up of people of different ages, but I believe we are all under 40. I’m guessing the average age is 25. I have the same teacher, Andrea, from my class in December which I am very happy about because she is great and seems to be very motivated about languages and language teaching! We started the day by grouping into pairs and asking each other questions such as “Where are you from?” “How long have you been in Vienna?” etc. We then began working on the first chapter in the book which is about “Careers”. We did some reading, writing, discussion, and a listening activity. I found the class to be very nicely balanced. I was a little bit tired today so I’m going to go and do my homework now so I can get a good night’s sleep tonight! I’ll be back with another update tomorrow!

I finally start at the University of Vienna on Tuesday!

On Tuesday it finally begins: My books are on their way from, my computer is slowly but surely getting organized, my timetable is made (and even posted on unilang!) it’s almost time for my first week at the University of Vienna! I am really excited! My documents are still being processed but luckily I can start attending classes before I am officially registered. I will be studying Transkulturelle Kommunikation (Translation) using English, German and Spanish. My first class is a Spanish grammar class at 8am, followed by linguistics class, a language technology class, and then a translation theory and practice class.I think all of my classes sound really interesting! I can’t wait to put my German skills to the test. I have attended three german courses at DeutschAkademie and they have definitely had a big role in my preparation for studying at the University of Vienna!