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Being Lev Lilenko

Chilling outside of Hofburg

As you have probably guessed by now, my name is Lev. I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, but all of my life I’ve been living in different countries including Israel, Latvia, and the United States. This is already my third year in Vienna studying business administration, working and enjoying the Austrian culture. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to write this information entirely in German…though I’m not that far away!Anyway, this just about wraps it up folks! Stay tuned for my second entry!Peace!

The last entry

So this is it. My last blog entry.  Of course I would like to dedicate it to the last course day, but unfortunately I was not able to participate in it. I am definitely going to miss those courses, it become the essential part of my daily activity. When you spend time with the same people 3 hours per day it becomes the routine, and now then I am free from it, it feels empty, and it seems that I have lot of free time.


Well now I should start writing my thesis and I am not able to take one more German course. I think that I will learn German by myself, with the help of German Books, some learning materials and of course online sources. The most important thing I have received during this courses is self confidence, while speaking German. I have noticed that when I was out in the city in some coffee. :)Finally I would like to say that I am more than satisfied after this courses. I wish everyone all the best with their studies 🙂 Auf Wiedersehen!

Achtung Prüfung!

Last week we have taken the test. We have been preparing for this test for two days. This test have covered basically all the grammar we studied: Konjuktiv, past tense, modal verbs etc. For me this test was not very difficult. What is why I have scored 45 out of 49 and overall grade for the Deutsch Kurs is 1. Great success 🙂 I hope that everyone in my group has achieved good results. We worked really hard and I think that we have deserved it. 🙂 Personally I, do not believe in grades, I think that grades do not display the knowledge, but my parents have just the opposite opinion, because the only possibility for them get a testimony of my knowledge.I regret that I did not attend the last two lesson, I have a lot of stuff to do and just did not have time for the courses. Now, then almost one week past, I look back and realise that I have met beautiful people here in Deutsch Akademie. And taking the possibility, I would like to say thank you to all my group-mates and of course to our teacher Julia 🙂

What should you absolutely not miss in Vienna

The answer is very obvious and simple: In Vienna do not miss Vienna itself ;)Vienna is very a big city, here everyone could find activity he wants and needs.I like playing bowling, for instance. That is why I frequently visit “fun land” in the Millennium City. In the afternoons you can play bowling there for only 1 euro per person. It is cheap and good activity to share with your friends.x_dd9f8995.jpgAnother thing I would highly recommend to you: is to visit a concert in Vienna. It does not mean which style of music do you prefer: here many kinds of the best quality musician are visiting Vienna. For example, being a rock fun, I would suggest to you to visit concert of Megadeath and Rise Against.Finally, for everybody I recommend Schonbrun. It is the most beautiful place in the whole Vienna, in my opinion. A big gorgeous park, zoo, museums. A perfect day is guaranteed to you, in case you have decided to visit Schonbrun.x_8f06c2be.jpg

Deutsch courses

Of course Deutsch Akademie is not the first Deutsch Courses I have taken.My first courses were in Saint-Petersburg, it was first time, then I’ve started to learn German. I took this courses because I knew that I am going to Austria and I felt the need to know this language. Second courses, were at my university, actually it is a part of the program here, so I’ve lernt German here for almost 2.5 years, and still not able to use this language. 🙁        My friend told me about Deutsch Akademie. Firstly, honesly to say I thought that it is just not worth to spend 250 euros for montly Deutsch Course, but from the very fisrt lesson at Deutsch Akademie I have realised that all this money I had spent were not a waste, but one of the best investments in my life 🙂       Our teacher Julia, made a combination of Grammer and Fun. We played a lot of games, and I think that games is the most useful mean of learning, because you feel relaxed and just let your language flow. I think you now that I mean.