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Hallo, ich heiße Laura!!! Ich komme aus Rumänien, ich bin hier in Österreich seit 7 Monaten und besuche seit November  die DeutschAkademie. Ich bin 24 Jahre alt und habe Allgemeinmedizin 6 Jahre lang in Timisoara (Rumänien) studiert. Ich habe Wien gewält, um meine Deutschkentnisse zu verbessern und glaube dass die beste Entscheidung für mich persönlich war. Wien ist wunderschön und ich habe viele schöne Sehenswürdigkeiten gesehen. Wie zum Beispiel  Schloss Schönbrunn, Donauturm, Donauinsel, Prater, Rathaus ….und viele viele mehr. Ich bin seit diesem Monat in der Stuffe M3 (1) und  werde euch gerne über mein Leben in Wien erzählen. Ich glaube dass man  etwas interessantes hier finden kann. Ich werde sehr ehrlich sein und werde meine Erlebnisse in Wien beschreiben. Viel Spaß beim lesen und ich hoffe ich kann euch vieles erzählen!

Last Entry

dsc01547.JPGToday was my last day in Deutsch Akademie. After the exam, we all went to the Aida coffee shop just around the corner to celebrate and enjoy some coffee and cake, while talking about our plans and ways to keep in touch with each other in the future. I will definitely miss my colleagues and I thank them for making my experience in DA even better! Hopefully we will all keep in touch and perhaps even meet again someday in DA…who knows? Although I am planning to take a short break from DA due to my studies, I will be back again in August.Till then, auf Wiedersehen!


dsc01548.JPGSo…today I’ve had my first and last real test in DA! Although I was worried at first that I would not be able to pass it successfully (I’ve had very little time to study), I have managed to recall most of the material and found it surprisingly easy. If anything, I believe that it is a proof for the effectiveness of the program and and the high teaching standards.My grade is 31/36. However, had I been more careful with my writing I would have fully aced the exam.

Favorite Place

Although I have more than a few favorite “insiders places” in Vienna, I still hold a soft spot for Reigen Bar, located near the Hietzing U-bahn station. It is a very cozy place with reasonably priced drinks, and some great live music performed by British, American and Austrian musicians. My first introduction to Reigen was about a year ago at a live rock concert by one of my favorite artists, Richie Kotzen. Ever since then, I’ve made it a custom to go there at least once a week. It might not be the most touristy place, or a “must see” locale, but I would definitely recommend it!

Favorite Exercise

 img_0796.jpgMy favorite exercises in DA are the exercises that involve building sentences or putting them in the right order. So far my experience in DA was very positive and I am looking forward to starting the next level in the near future.

Evening Locations

Being a musician, I tend to enjoy evening locations with live music. Some of my favorite places include Jazzland, Davis Live Music Club, Szene, and Gasometer. Occasionally I also like to visit Rock Pub Weston, and Bockthorn Irish Pub because of their lively and welcoming atmosphere. Although I cannot comment on the best restaurant or coffee in Vienna, I can definitely say that Salm Brau has some of the best beer I have ever had!

What have I learned so far?

So far I have learned a lot of vocabulary from the book Themen Aktuell 2 and strengthened my grammar. The topics covered were prapositionen, genetiv, reziprok pronommen, indirekte frage, um-zu, weil/da/denn and many others.  One of the topics that the teacher explained exceptionally well was Pronominaladverbien, which I have always had problems with…but not anymore! The most helpful exercise, however, involved building full coherent sentences from a few words. I believe that this type of exercise played an important role in improving my German.

Sightseeing in Wien

Some of my favorite sights, which I would also recommend to others are as follows (in no particular order): 1. The Parliament building 2. Hofburg and its exhibitions 3. Schonbrunn (best during summer!) 4. the Viennese Opera 5. Kunsthistorische/Naturhistorische Museum and MuseumsQuartier 6. The Rathaus

Leisure time in Vienna

  In my leisure time I often play guitar, whether in a band, small gigs, or just simply practicing. I find that playing often helps me to relax and take a break from the boredom of everyday daily routine. That’s why the music store is my second home!

Entry 7

I’ve had the pleasure to meet many friends in DA. Last week I got invited to an opening of a pop art exhibition in Vienna organized by my American colleague Jeniffer, which was definitely pretty cool. Sometimes my colleagues and I meet at a coffee-shop to discuss interesting issues, politics, and life in Vienna.