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Another good way of getting a bit more into German : On-line newspaper. I am going through the Falter whenever I have some time to kill..Apart from news there is also these categories below one can check


I found it quite useful while I was looking for a flat to stay. I ll be soon looking for a job as well so i guess “Jobs bei falter” is going to be quite a usual preoccupation..


My painting

was going through the images of the work of one of my professors in the Akademie when I came upon this photo!!!yes, the burdens of creation can sometimes be unbearable!I wont reveal the name though..its funny that he has titled the photo as “my painting”! 

japan in vienna

leaving soon for the filmmuseum!This month there is a whole series of films of Ozu Jasujiro, a very famous director from Japan.It is going to last until the 7th of february so there is still time for anyone interested in Japanese culture and film making.A basic theme in his work is the Japanese family: all the codes, behaviors and formal or unformal things that happen between its members..I have already seen Tokyo Story and I really enjoyed the story but also the photography of the film.

Translation please!!!

These days I was writing some applications for several competitions in Austria..a pretty time consuming and sometimes confusing thing…too many terms and conditions, deadlines, formats etc etc…I started out translating a few words but then realized that the actual terms and conditions of one of the applications was a 5 page text!So decided to go for PROMT..!it is actually on online translating site..offcourse it cannot really propely translate the text, some words reamin in German but still gives a general idea of what’s going on in the text …. 

No Images

yes…no images from me either!It is so weird talking about things I like like an austrionaut and a dog that likes painting but then, without the image it sounds a bit crazy! Let’s hope that the server will go our way soon!Shame cause I like your pics Masha..


It is everywhere!in the metro , were you have coffee, a quick bite , on the street…yep..Augustin, die erste osterreichische boulevardzeitung!1,25 euro of the price goes to the seller, homeless people usually.Really like that since it is an opportunity for someone with no other possibilities of job to earn his living (or at least a part of it-let’s be honest..)anyhow I have started buying it since I am in the mood of reading some more general texts in German, try to at least!also I am Zeitung-maniac,especially the Sunday coffee and newspaper tradition 


I don’t know what happened to the server, but somehow I am no longer able to upload pictures in my posts 🙁 That is a pity ‘coz I was up to show you some pictures from my trip to Burgenland, I took this friday. Burgenland has a very special athmosphere and even though it is not know as most beautiful Austrian Bundesland, I think it really worths a visit. So let’s wait until admin would fix the problem with the pics.

The miser pays it twice

Wah, that was quite a thing!…Yesterday I finally took the christmass tree out of my flat. You kow what, this is really stupid…When I was choosing a christmass tree the price range was quite illogical from my point of view. A small tree costed 20 euro and a bigger one just 12. I thought alright – I take the big one. When I brought it home and opened the package, the tree appeared to be like three times bigger than it had looked like. That day I only thought – oh, it’s so beautiful, I was excited! Yesterday, I tell you, it took me three hours to get rid of it and clean the flat. Still now I find the needles everywhere…I think I will need to clean the flat more three-four times before the Christmass really goes away….the miser pays it twice, as they say.


a dog’s life

 Here’s a guy that joins our classes every Tuesday and Thursday with his owner.He’s pretty sweet , we all ignore the model and start cuddling him around.Off course he doesn’t saty quiet either.The manages to chew in a second every pencil or gum that he finds in his way.Here he is admiring (or ignoring ) some art at the rundgang!  

The dark side of the akademie

Apart from all the fun studying in austria is not that simple…In fact it can get really complicated..I have faced a lot of problems , especially when it comes to language and understand official emails that are sent only in German. The school is international , however nobody has still renewd the english version of the is for many months now “coming soon”….My country belongs to the EU and Im still having problems.However, for international students the situatio is even more hard since they to pay tuition fees…Plus they have to prove they have enough money, that quite A LOT, to live in Austria for the next 4 years.. A friend of mine from the Akademie decided to make a project to show people these problems…she created a series of comics that show the issues many international students face..i thought it was really cool because Austrians don’t realize how hard things can be for a foreigner….

Franz_The Lonely Austrionaut

My class produces a comic book…It’s name is Franz:The Lonely Austrionaut…..!Pretty cute I think!Yesterday was the release party of the magazine at a warehouse place that works as a bar..Was really nice with bands, until the police came because the neighbors were complaining about the noise. As usually! When the people started playing music again , the neighbor came and unplugged the cables!!Pretty drastic one!haha   Franz made his appearance at the Rundgang in the form of a statue!It’s quite funny to see all this official satue of the Akademie being dressed up as an austronaut ready the conquer the world!!