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Hundertwasserhaus, endlich!!

As said in many other articles, I have been to Vienna last year, as a tourist. That was my first time in Austria. However, in those 3 – 4 days spent here in the capital, I did not get to see Hundertwasserhaus. 🙁

These days, when  I live here, I said: ”OK, I cannot be here without seeing everything the city has to offer!” so I started being a tourist again. 😀 Hundertwasserhaus was one of the targets since I missed it last year, as said above.

Yesterday, I was there and…I liked it, but I was not  deeply impressed. Great houseindeed, but  after you see Barcelona and Antonio Gaudi’s park, this is soooooooooo little. It’s cool to have it here, though. 🙂 Reminds of Barcelona and all that it means to me. I can have it whenever I want! 😉


Austria has big things!


I was walking on the street with 3 Swarovski shops (i.e. Kärtnerstraβe) the other day and I had a little bit more time than usual => what do I do? I entered some shops, of course! 😀

Six (that’s the name of the shop) draw my attention because it had some interesting discounts. I entered, checked around and an accessory caught my attention! I came closer and… :-O Oh, my God!!  Is that big or is that huge!?!? His hair pin is just unimaginably huge!!!  You put it on and you can’t have any other hair do! 😀 Incredible!!

Who can actually use it? I find it terribly big and very uncomfortable!  You put it on and have half of your head covered with it. Pfff! Not appreciated! I think it’s just for marketing and for attention cathing!

Anyway, Austria has big and interesting things. 😉


Die Süssigkeiten


Gestern hatten wir den normale Deutschkurs. Es war super Heiβ, Hitze. Ich trug eine Türkise Blouse.  Als ich zu dem Deutschkurs fuhr an, begriff ich, dass etwas  komisch dort ist. Ich sah ringsherum aus und… ta daaaaa! Es war ein andere Kollege mit der gleicher Farbe wie ich, mit Türkis. A, ja! Und er ist türkisch! J Ein Türk in Türkis. 😀

Das andere lustiges Ding war dass wir eine Ergänzung! 😀 Unser Kollege auf Nicaragua kame in Fuchsia! 😀 😀 😀 😀

In dieser Bild habet ihr uns als Ergänzunge, als Süsigkeiten, als Spielzeuge, als Eis, als Symmetrie, als Freunde.  😀 Lustig, ich weiss!

Es war eine super Koinzidenz! 😀


Bon Jovi live in Vienna

And we are on!!!  Bon Jovi came on the stage and started the magic for the public!! You give love a bad name, You give love a bad name, all these cool names that rocked your teenage. 😀

The stadium was full! Absolutely full! I stayed on the field, in the B section. Not very close, but well places enough to see.

Jon Bon Jovi sang so well! He is indeed a total pro! 3 hours perfectly!

The atmosphere was fantastic! Everyone sang, clapped, jumped, yelled and put it up for a great experience!

From all the songs, I liked Living on a Prayer the most. Why? Maybe because it’s one of my favourites and because it sounds so  damn good when sang live. Wow, I was impressed!

It was my first Bon Jovi concert, but definitely not the last one! 😉


I’m a cowboy!

22 July, main stadium in Vienna (I forgot the name),  17 – 18h00. That is when the last details were finished, when the crowed was still coming, when the beer was still selling and when everyone was getting ready for a crazy night.

We knew what was about to start: BON JOVI live in Vienna!! Everyone was so excited, all the fans, all the press, all the managers! As far as I understood from the newspapers and all that media, Bon Jovi hasn’t been here in Austria for a while. Now they came back.

How many songs will he sing? How many times will they come back at Zugabe? Will they communicate with the fans?

The entire stadium had to wait until 20h00 to find out these answers. :->


Back to Austria

A friend of mine has travelled a lot in the last couple of weeks, even months. Each time when he returned to Austria, he was telling me that he has some rituals in order to adapt to the Austrian life again.  „How can that be possible?” was the question that was always sticking in my head.

The fact is that he travels a lot, gets in contact with so many cultures and gastronomies, that when he comes back to Austria he looks forward to eating the specialities that Austria prepares for it.

This time when he was in the country, this July we went to 15-16 Club, here in Vienna (next to Haus der Musik), he started with an Apfelstrudel, then Gordon Bleu. As you can see in the picture.

Everything was delicious!!

I do understand that he suffers that much without the fantastic Austrian cousine. SO happy to remain in the country! :->


The lucky ones

When you hear that the concert of Katie Melua is going to take place in Stadthalle Wien, your immediate thought is about the big hall from that place, right? Well, from the uploaded picture you can realize that it is not like this.  Katie Melua and her little band sang in the small hall from Stadthalle Wien. In the beginning, I thought that she should have been given the big hall to sing and to make more fans happy, but after the concert I realized it was better in the little hall. I must admit that I was among the lucky ones that had „caught” a ticket => listened to perfect music  for 2-3 hours.

What I wish and advise everyone is that you must go to one of her concert once in your life! Just listen how she sings and what perfect voice she has. She’s absolutely incredible!


Katie Melua in Vienna


19 iunie 2011, 20:00, Stadhalle Vienna. What? What? What? You might ask. Well, on the dates given above, at that time and place, the one and only Katie Melua sang in Vienna.

I had my ticket since November 2010, keeping it there safe and sound for so many months. It was definitely worth it!!

I was among the lucky ones who were there, in the same building with her, in the same room.

SHE SANG PERFECTLY!! She promoted her new album The House, that is absolutely brilliant.

According to some comments on Youtube, Katie Melua might be an angel that sings and blesses people with her fantastic voice. We don’t know that for sure! What we know is that we can only enjoy her voice wherever we hear it.  :->

I am happy she sang my favourite song from this new album:


Who is Katie Melua?



Pre Bon Jovi preparations


It happened this summer here in Vienna. 22 July 2011 A.D. when a cool soft rock band: Bon Jovi held a concert here in the Austrian capital.

Everyone has something that they do, like a ritual before going to a concert. What do I do? I choose the worst clothes and wear them: in case something happens there in the crowd, I don’t get to be sorry for any piece of clothing. Then I drink a coffee for energy and last, but not least, I eat. A lot! Then I’m OK. J

However, this time, at Bon Jovi, I didn’t get to eat. I ate almost nothing at home => until I got to Prater, I was hungry again.  => we set down in a restaurant next to some wheel there and I ate this, what you see in the picture. Looks fabulous and was very tasty! Yummy! :->

I was lucky with this half chicken! It worked as planned! 🙂


On the sand

Even if I wrote about Hermanns Strandbar, I have to do it again. I really liked it there. The combination between sand, chaise-longues, bar, water, city and good music is absolutely great! I find it very relaxing. Sitting down on a fantastically relaxing chair, with music in the speakers or live around you, having something to drink, enjoying the breeze of the water. You can also take your shoes off and feel the clean sad on your toes, on your feet. Do you remember the sea now? Do you feel in at your feet?

I took a picture of a normal atmosphere there. You can see exactly what I sad above: relaxed people, with their shoes off, drinking something and having fun.

I can’t wait to go again to Herman Strandbar! 🙂


La stanga-mprejur!!

Poza de mai sus este facuta la Hermannstrand Bar din Bezirkul… nu mai stiu; de langa planetariu in iunie anul acesta, 2011.

De ce am facut aceasta poza? Am facut aceasta poza pentru a prezenta/arata vasul acela care intoarce in „intersectie”.

Stateam acolo linistita pe sezlong, la cafea, cand, la un moment data, vine un feribot sau cum s-o numi. Asa, imediat, nici nu m-am prins ce se intampla. Se opreste in mijlocul „intersectiei”, cum ar fi si isi intoarce botul in partea opusa.  Astfel a facut o intoarcere la 180 grade. Asa pur si simplu! Cred ca e feribotul care pleaca de la Viena si duce turistii pana la Bratislava si inapoi. Chiar ma gandeam ca m-ar interesa! :->

Daca sunteti in zona respectiva a Dunarii, va recomand sa aruncati si voi o privire la intoarcerea feribotului, sau mai bine, sa va intoarceti cu tot cu el. 🙂