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Iceskating is somehow cool


It was Sunday, October 30 when I had a crazy idea. One day before Halloween … What should I have expected? … : – ) So that day I was having breakfast when I tried to figure out what my boyfriend and I could do in the afternoon as the weather was actually nice and there was no reason to just stay at home. So I came up with the idea of going to Wiener Eislaufverein to enjoy some nice moments on a wonderful, slippery surface. It did sound romantic and exciting indeed , but doesn’t sound too much of that right now, though. So when we got there, I got a little nervous as I figured that I didn’t skate since about 10 years or so. And yes, it also felt that way when I stepped on the ice. Still shaky and out of balance I tried to make my first rounds only to find out that skating is all about balance. Of course. : – ) But after a while, I exactly got to that point and managed to make cool moves. My muscles remembered the movements I so often made as a child and I was rocking the ice like a ballerina on skates. Really nice experience, I must admit.


The Day of the Opening Doors at the Opera Vienna


Worried with all the holiday, all the luggage, vacations, etc. etc. I forgot to tell you about the day of the Opening Doors from the Opera, here in Vienna. When was that? In the beginning of September, I think. Ah, yes, yes! The beginning of September, for sure.

It was incredible! It was a day where ordinary people could go behind the scene, could visit the ballet area, see where all the VIPs, the stars of the opera. „How cool can that be?” you might ask.  Well, I must admit that the closeness the audience got to the materials, to the dresses and to everything that creats the show, was the key to success. People were even allowed to  try hats, like me there. 😀

I was so lucky I could get a ticket! :->


Leben, trinken, essen,… A cake?!


We had a normal Deutschkurs last week, up there in the Deutsch Akademie. Actually it was not so normal, since it was on a Friday and up on the 7th floor. Anyway, that is not important. The important thing I want to spot out is that I was out in my break at our half time and when I came back, what did I find on my desk? This lovely cake! It was winking me! ; – ) You know how a cake winks you, just like the one in Alice in Wonderland: „Hey, there, little girl! Eat me! Come on, eat me!” That is how this cake winked me too. What could I have done? I ate it, of course. I ate the cake that our dear mate, Harisa, brought for her daughter’s birthday.  And that it not all! Just wait and see! 😉


What an incredible evening!


Oh boy, last Thursday evening was an awesome one indeed. Within Temptation were in Vienna and gave a concert in Gasometer. Actually I didn’t plan to go there at all but a friend of mine convinced me that this is going to be a great show. So we went. In fact, I apparently couldn’t withstand the temptation but it turned out to be an awesome concert. Only some two hundred people were there in a kind of small setting, but it was definitly worth it. It took about two hours and they were in such great shape that you can fell the vibrations up to the bones. Yeah, some of the songs I even knew 😛 and could join them as loud as I could, of course! The stage setting was very cool as well, they made a lot of room for the group to actually move on stage which made it even more fantastic as their energy spread over all of us. Coming home that night with full of adrenalin and excitement was something special too. Took a while to get back to my normal hearing skills though.




Lätzte Woche war ich in einem Konzert hier in Wien. Ich bien sicher, dass ihr sehr neugerig seid: wer ist das Band? Wer ist das Band? WITHIN TEMPTATION!! Yeeey!!! Endlich waren sie in Wien! Am 20 Oktober 2011, 20:00 haben Within Temptation in Gasometer gesungen. Zusammen mit ihrem Entry Band: ein Band aus Belgien, ich habe den Name vergessen  :-S, haben Within Temptation einen super Konzert gehabt! Fantastische Lieder, wunderbare Leuchte, nicht so viele Personen in der Audienz, exzellent Sound System, etc. etc. etc.

Ich habe so so so viele Fotos gemacht, aber ich uploade here nur eine. Ich will mehr über diesen Konzert schreiben.

Bis bald! : – )


Autumn? Where? When?


As you can probably realize, the summer is not here anymore. You did realize that the temperatures are not having 2 digits anymore, right? : – ) You did realize that we need scarves, gloves, hats and colder jackets… Such a pitty!.. I know!

However, I found myself asking my friends: „But, hey, did we have autumn this year or are we directly in winter time?” Why am I saying this? Well,.. you know! It’s cold, soon we will reach below 0 C, very cold wind, etc. Not to mention that I did not get to wear my classical autumn clothes. What do I mean? You know… The „a bit colder” jacket, the „not to get wet” boots,… Nothing! Directly the „against cold” boots.

I made myself a reminder of the autumn. You can see it in the picture. Hope you like it!

Anyway, let us all enjoy the given weather and have fun at a tea inside the many places here in Vienna! : – )


2011 types of food


Even if we do not have the high temperatures of the summer, I must tell you something about that period.

You live in Vienna, you are in the city during the summer, what can you do? Many, many things, I know! Vienna is a very rich and boiling city. However, what I mean in this post happened in front of the Rathaus, there in Rathausplatz. Together with the Film Festival, there is also a Gastronomical Festival. It’s like a celebration of the tastes. From Taiwan to Turkey, from China to Spain, we have soooooo many choices to enjoy with. Most of the times, everything is fantasticly delicious! It’s so hard to choose!…  In the end, you just have to try them all. You come to see a film at the Film Festival, you buy a dish to eat, as well and you are happy! Watching a good film and enjoying a good food.

As I said in a previous post, we are so lucky to live in Vienna! : – )


Erster Tag im Deutschkurs


Auf dem Photo kann man meine Gruppe sehen!!!( Dieses Photo habe ich gemacht und deshalb bin ich nicht auf dem Photo:))

Den ersten Kurstag in meiner Sprachschule in Wien habe ich leider verpasst, 🙁 da ich mich an der Uni inskribieren musste. Am zweiten Tag, habe ich aber alles nachgeholt und meine Klassenkameraden kennengelernt! Sie kommen aus verschiedener Teile der Welt, aus Ungrarn, Polen, Israel, Bulgarien, dem Iran, den USA, Serbien usw. Meine Kollegen sind zwischen 19 und 35 Jahre alt. Hier kann man verschiedene Meinungen hören und deswegen ist der Kurs sehr interessant.

Good ol’ German school?…


Since I came back to Deutsch Akademie for a new level, I must come back to my favourite topics to debate, right? No, we do not talk about Schönbrunn now. : – ) Maybe I wrote about this topic before as well, but  I do have to come back to it, as said before.

What did I find on my coming back? Same old Akademie? Hmmm… Let’s make a little analysis. Let’s start!

+ most of the teachers are fantastic!

+ all the members of the Reception  staff are friendly, efficient and polite

+ the location of the km 0 of the city and … how can you not love that?!

+ the price of the lectures, especially with this blogger’s discount


Like in any case there are some minuses:

–          The equipment is not enough; how about beamers, for example? Or air conditioning in all the classes?

–          Why can’t we pay with credit/debit card?! Didn’t get that yet…

All in all, it’s my old German school again! ; – )