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Shopping in Vienna


I think that in my blog entries  I didn’t actually get to touch this aspect. Shopping in Vienna!

I don’t know how aware are the inhabitans of Vienna of the fact that this city is a super shopping center. There are many excursions, trips, long week-ends organized in order to shop  in the city of music. For example in my country (Romania) there are lots of long week-ends organized for shopping in Vienna. Why? Because here you can find lovely promotions for bigger or more products.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to experience Vienna from this point of view. After I have a job, for sure! Until then, I’m exercising. 😉


Unser gute Jonglieur


Seit zwei Wochen oder mehr (Letzten Monat, glaube ich) hatten wir eine schöne Show im underen Deutschkurs. Das war mit Lars.

Lars war unser Kollege aus Norwegen.  Er war in Wien um Deutsch zu lernen. Er kann sehr sehr gut jonglieren. Es ist seine erste Hobby.  Er hat uns gezeigt was er tun kann. Es war phantistisch! Er kann mit drei, vier, fünf oder sechs (!!) Bälle jonglieren. Ich machte mehr Photos, nicht nur eine.

Jetzt trifft Lars mit seinen neuen Freunde hier in Wien. Er hat viele!

Wir freuen uns an Lars und seine jonglieren zu sehen! : – )


Depeche Mode plates?!


I found these plates some time ago on Mariahilfe Straβe, here in Vienna. In a shop I mean, not on the street. 😀

In the first second when I saw them, I was schocked!! Oh my God!!! AAA!!! I was so happy!! Why? Because these plates have a very special model. See those lines? (Of course you do!) They are exactly like the lines from Depeche Mode’s most recent album: „Songs of the Universe”. They are THE perfect plates for Depeche Mode fans, so to speak! Like me, for example.

When ‚l’ll have a job, I’ll buy some. They are 12 EUR each.


DO COme!


DO&CO is one of Vienna’s most important restaurants and catering places. It has around 3 DO&CO restaurants in the city. Let us not forget about the one from the airport. Moreover, their catering firm is super busy!

Ah, ja. I heard that they have also an on board chef. What does that mean? This means that they hire a chef that is flying with the board crew (I actually think he/she is part of that board crew) and cooks exactly there, on board. So the passengers of the plane have freshly baked and warm food offered. How great is that?

I like DO&CO very much! Can’t wait to go again!


ISS stays in Vienna


OK, this is the last entry about the space exhibition from the Unitated Nations Organisation. The fact is that I liked it so much (no, I actually loved it!!) that I cannot stop telling  you about it. : – )

So let’s go on with the story.  At this space exhibition from the Unitated Nations Organisation, among many other  things,  there was this one as well. What is this? Is the International Space Station (ISS), the one that is out there into space. Exactly the same one that receives  the NASA’s Space Shuttle when it takes off and leaves the Earth.

Lovely, just lovely!


Space satellite in Vienna


We go on with this Unitated Nations Organizations space exhibition that I visitated last month.

I spent a lot of time there trying to understand what this piece of metal was. In the end realised that  it was a satellite. That’s how it looks like! It is sooooooooo full of them around our planet. I think they are around 2 millions or something like that.

I forgot to ask whether this was its natural. It was kinda little so I don’t know. I wish it was in natural size so I could be happy to see with its entire characteristics.

As said, I do want to go and see the exhibition again. Will ask then!


Flags, me, flags


Please check the picture again! Yes, I am there! 😀 I wear a red blouse, blue jeans and a brown jacket. It’s a challenge to find me, I know.  : – )

This picture was taken at United Nations headquarters ( U1 ) here in Vienna one or two months ago. I was there with a friend of mine.  We visited the most popular places, the library and the exhibitions available. It was great!!

In the following posts of mine you can find many information and also pictures from the space exhibition.

See you soon!  : – )


Some pictures


Ever since I have started my German lectures at Detusch Akademie, I noticed these pictures sticked on the main  hall way, at the main entrance, next to the reception entrance.

In the beginning I thought this kind of pictures are changed daily or weekly or, maybe, monthly. However, it was not like this. I think they will actually be changed in the moment when the quality will so be so fantasic anymore. You know that time affects everything .

I, personally, think it’s a great idea to personalize the hall way. In this way, students will feel German language close in an advanced way.


Prieteni de ieri? De azi?


Cu ocazia acestor cursuri de la Deutsch Akademie am cunoscut multa luma. Foarte multa lume as zice, chiar. In fiecare luna mi-am facut prieteni noi. Intrebarea intrebatoare din acest articol se refera la persoanele care au ramas. Care sunt persoanele care merita sa faca parte din viata mea? Care sunt persoanele pe care merita sa le vezi si sa iesi la o cafea?

M-am uitat peste mai multe poze pe care le-am facut de-a lungul lunilor si cu bucurie pot spune ca am adunat o gramada pe prieteni. : – ) Cred ca sunt printre norocosi, nu?

THE Anna Netrebko


OK, I must say that since I have moved to Vienna and participated in last summer’s Film Festival, I fell in love with classical music. I think I told you this already. So this visit at the Opera at its day of the Opening Doors event, was a huge event for me. I was very much looking forward and hoping to spot some VIP of the classical area.

I did not see anyone, but I saw Anna Nertebko’s changing room. THE Anna Nertebko, the Russian star! I was so happy, I made so many pictures and looked around very well, not to forget something. 😀

My favourite role of her was in Manon, Wiener Opern 2007. She was excellent!