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DO, a deer, a female deer…


While visiting the Day of the Opened Doors in the Opera from Vienna, I also visited the chorus room. You can see it in the picture.

As far as I realized, the room is very old (just like the building, actually), it has enough place for a huge number of the chorus group and it also has a very good acoustic. Another great thing about this room is that it is placed in the last floor of the building. That happens because an opera chorus can be very loud and the Administration didn’t want to disturb the people from the street or surroundings. Well thought, I must admit!

Unfortunately, there was no one singing there. I would have appreciated to hear someone live.


Cenusareasa?… Unde e?…


Tot din „excursia” mea de la Opera, mai exact de la Ziua Portilor Deschise de anul acesta, vreau sa va mai arat ceva: PANTOFII CENUSARESEI! Erau pe scena, alaturi de alte exponate: o coroana, niste clape, etc. etc.

Nu prea mi-a venit sa cred, dar dupa ce am citit descrierea, m-am lamurit. Erau pantofii Cenusaresei.  I-am luat in mana, m-am uitat la ei,.. Foarte frumosi! Erau cam grei pentru dansat, dar cu o rochie frumoasa si o stare buna de spriit, nu mai conta nimic! : – )

Am plecat fericita ca am vazut si m-am jucat cu pantofii Cenusaresei. Sper sa-i aduca si la anul!


Candelabrul de la Opera


Sunt convinsa ca in multe dintre articolele mele anterioare v-am spus despre dragostea mea pentru candelabre. Nu orice fel de candelabre! Stiti voi! Din acelea maaaaaaaaaaari, foarte mari, acelea din palate, acelea imperiale, de dimensiuni regale. Nu ma intrebati de ce, pentru ca nu stiu. Poate ca sunt un punct de atractie pentru ca sunt fata, dar… nu m-as baza pe argumentul acesta.

Ce vreau sa scot in evidenta aici este candelabrul de la Opera din Viena. ESTE ENORM!!! Este absolut extraordinar! Observati va rog in poza.  E asa de mare si asa de atractiv, incat in pauza spectacolului nici nu trebuie sa te ridici de pe scaun. Doar te uiti in sus.  😀


Did you know that there’s a city in the city ? p2


And the kids run the show … and receive money. Some of them want to take a break and just enjoy a new hair color. So they’ve to spend some of the received money. Only to then join the fire department in order to fight a real fire with real water while real parents look really scared. It was so amazing to see all the children to run around with so much excitement and pleasure about being in their own city and doing the stuff their parents are typically doing. My friend’s kids were there for their fourth time or so and I’m pretty sure they’re soon asking for another visit as they loved it so much. Interestingly enough, they enjoyed it the most when they brought their money to the bank at the end of the day. What as shame that it was not real money. But who knows, maybe this city in the city does have a larger educational effect, as one might expect.


Did you know that there’s a city in the city ? p1


A friend of mine took his two kids recently to a place called Minopolis and I had the pleasure to join. They claim to be a city in the city and when we got there I had exactly this impression. So first we had to go to the bank to receive some initial money to then take and spend in the city. But the whole experience is actually not so much about spending money then it is about earning money. And this appears to be the reason kids get excited about. Didn’t expect that to be honest. So what they have to do there is quite cool actually: they have to choose from a large amount of different job offerings. Get a little education on that and be what they’ve chosen to be. For a while at least. When they’re done, they receive a salary, about 20 Eurolinos (that’s Minopolis’ currency, for those who didn’t know). Anyway, you can find firefighters, hairdressers, shop assistants, builders, journalists, photographers, bankers, fitness trainers, nurses, doctors, you name it, they have it.



19 +


As I was saying in an older post, we had an indirect birthday party at our course. It was one of my mates’ daughter’s birthday. She turned 19 years old. Her Mom, i.e. our mate, brought us cake and juices. Great, delicious and sweet! I know!!

We had then a very vival moment since we were so tired! Konjuktiv II: Präsens & Vergangenheit, Verben mit Präpositionen (you know, obwohl, nämlich, sodass,…), etc  etc. Our head was full with these things!

That is exactly the reason why we thank Harisa for her idea of sweet cake and Coke. Just in time!