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What you should try and visit in Vienna

Well, it was not easy to pick one the most favorite place up, but the winner is Leopold museum. I really like the permanent exhibition, which I can can go for 10 more times and still not get bored and also like to go for a special exhibitions which are always interesting.

leopold muzeum

And what you should try in Vienna? Definitely Wiener Schnitzel! it is not just a Schnitzel, it is something more and the taste is delicious and special in every possible way. there are many places and restaurants which offer it, however I recommend you to visit typical traditional Austrian restaurant.

wiener Schnitzel

Cafe Benno or the best Coffee place

Essen & trinken & spielen & feiern:)

Did you find your the most favourite place in Vienna?

I did! It is called Cafe Benno and it is at Alser Strasse 67. Cafe Benno it is not just a coffee place, but it is very original place for playing different games. You can bring your own game or you can just borrow a game for free. They offer more than 100 great and famous games. You will pick one up for sure:)


Museums Quartier Wien

Do you look for a place in Vienna where to chill or just relax when the weather is warm?

The answer is quite simple. Walk to Museums Quartier Wien and in front of it you will find these kinds of different benches which are comfortable for sitting and also for lying. You can also go to a restaurant, coffee or a bar. All of them offer incredible service and delicious snacks or drinks:)