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Connecting the sentences

Servas everyone

My day at Deutsch Akadamie has been pretty fun. Our class room is spacious and this morning it was a bit sunny on the 7th floor.

Gwon listing extra closely to the grammer lesson :) what a champion

Gwon listing extra closely to the grammer lesson 🙂 what a champion

Today our teacher has taught us new ways to connect sentences using weil, da, dann, obwohl, trotzdem, sodas, darum, deswegen und deshalb. We learnt which sentences are with a Hauptsatzn (main sentence) and Nebensatz (Subordinate clause) and which connectors are with a Hauptsatz plus a Hauptsatz. Very important to note is that in a Nebensatz, the verbs always goes directly to the end! It sounds strange but grammatically it is correct! For example: Obwohl meaning although is with a Hauptsatz plus a Nebensatz: Anna heiratet Peter nicht, obwohl sie ihn so sehr liebt. The second sentence after the comma is the nebensatz, therefore the verb liebt goes right at the end. We went through many examples together in the class and each one of us had the opportunity to verbally try it out until we all clearly understood the rules. These connectors that we learnt today are very useful and can be used on a daily basis to better express ourselves and to understand others as well. It is already the third week of this amazingly course and I look very forward to the days ahead at Deutsch Akadamie where learning is fun. Thank goodness we have such an amazing highly skilled teacher!

The Beautiful view of the Imperial Ring Strasse seen from our class room on the seventh floor

The Beautiful view of the Imperial Ring Strasse seen from our class room on the seventh floor

Mit freundlichen Grusse

eurer Aghmad 🙂

Besuchen der Nachbaren , Berlin Deutschland!

Today was Wednesday 12 November and also the day of the exciting Monthly Deutsch Akadamie Stimmisch! That is the ever fun gathering of Deutsch Akadamie Wien where it is possible to meet with the awesome people that makes the Deutsch Akadamie the incredible institution that it is. The stimimsch is an excellent place where you can practice your German skills and meet the other interesting people at the Deuatch Akadamie! It is an excellent opportunity to make friends and enjoy a night out in Vienna. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you join one of the Deutsch Akadamie Stimmish while you are learning German at the Deutsch Akadamie it is always super fun! However, today I will be traveling to Berlin!!! I am traveling by bus for 9hours through Czech Republic. My teacher has given me the work for today and Thursday that will help me stay up to date while on my trip.

Hausaufgabe im bus nach Berlin

Hausaufgabe im bus nach Berlin

I will be visiting some of my friends that are from Berlin. What can I say, Berlin is truly a beautiful and unique city with so much visible history everywhere!

The best-known landmark of Berlin and Germany , Brandenburger Tor from the 18th Century,  restored after the 2nd world war

The best-known landmark of Berlin and Germany , Brandenburger Tor from the 18th Century, restored after the 2nd world war

The city is 24/7 alive! There is also a Deutsch Akadamie in Berlin!! How cool is that! It was my first time to Berlin and Germany and definitely not my last. I enjoyed walking the streets of Berlin, The street art, the unique diversity of people, the night life, the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburger Tor, The historical Potsdam, the University, the enchanting gardens, palaces, the deep history, the street food and so much more.

Street Art

Street Art

Everyone should visit Berlin at least once in their life time. It is by far one of the most influential cities in Europe and the German world with regards to politics, sociology, culture and Media. I love Berlin but I Love Vienna more 😉

A piece of the Berlin Wall that I love

A piece of the Berlin Wall that I love

Mit Freundlichen Grusse

Eurer Aghmad

More words leads to more ways to express oneself :)

Gruss Gott!

Hope this blog post reaches you all in high and joyful spirits. Learning German at Deutsch Akadamie is total fun, especially when you are living in an enchantingly historical city where everyone is speaking this lovely language. I personally find the German Language attractively beautiful! Even more so than French! Some people may say that French is the Language of Love… but for me German is the language of Love! I met my love last year in Cape Town, she comes from Altlengbach, that is a cute little village 30min from Vienna, She is a student and we live together in Vienna. IMG_4503 I have been learning German since February this year. I started learning German at the Language Training Center in Cape Town and then at the Goethe Institute of Cape Town. I completed my level A1 German level before coming to Austria in October. German is the fifth Language that I am learning. My mother language is English, my second Language is Afrikaans , then Indonesia, I can also read and write Arabic that I learnt. When learning a language I find it always important to practice as much as you can and to know that the more mistakes we make, the better we will improve 🙂 It is always best to practice with native speakers that way they can always reliably and accurately correct us and give us tips on some dialect words 😉 The best tip I can give anyone learning German or any language is to make word lists and to put them up where you will see them everyday! The more words that we know the better we can express ourselves! Whenever you have a moment go through your word list. Today at Deuatch Akadamie we learnt about different characteristics found in people. Ich bin eine ruhig, geduldig und freundliche person. What kind of person are you ? See my word list in the photo below


Mit freundlichen Grusse

euer Aghmad 🙂

Learning German with the world at Deustch Akadamie Wien


Servas Lieber Leute

I love my class in Deutsch Akadamie ! :)

I love my class in Deutsch Akadamie ! 🙂

My experience thus far at Deustch academy has been everything like amazing. My colleges that I am currently studying B1.1 come from different parts of this beautiful world and are studying German for various reasons. Two of my colleges are here in Austria with their husbands and children. One is from the Ukraine and the other is from Iceland. Their husbands work in Vienna and their children goes to school here in Austria as well. They are learning German because they understand the usefulness and practicality of knowing a language in the place where you are living.

Learning together

Learning together

My one Colleague is from Sopron Hungry, she travels every morning to Vienna! I find that totally amazing and inspiring for someone to wake up early every day to board an hour long train journey in search of knowledge. She does most of her home work on the train journey home and prepares for the lesson on the train journey to school. Her name is Naomi and she is extremely intelligent and the number 1 student in our class. Her knowledge in the German Language is simply outstanding. It is such a pleasure learning German with all my friendly colleagues.

Pencils Up - Taking Notes

Pencils Up – Taking Notes

Mit Freundlichen Grusse

eurer Aghmad 🙂

On the way to Berlin

Unser lieber Freund ist auf dem Weg nach Berlin! Berlin ist gilt als Weltstadt der Kultur, Medien und Politik.



Im Zentrum liegt der Alexanderplatz, wo auch unsere DeutschAkademie Berlin liegt, mit vielen Geschäften und Restaurants, und ganz in der Nähe davon steht der 368 Meter hohe Fernsehturm – das höchste Bauwerk Deutschlands.

Berlin ist eine aufregende Stadt mit vielen verschiedenen Kulturen und eine super Gelegenheit Deutsch mit verschiedenen Menschen zu lernen.

Lieber Aghmad, wir grüßen dich ganz herlich aus Wien und auch unser DeutschAkademie Team in Berlin freut sich sehr auf deinen Besuch.

Wir freuen uns auch schon in deinem Blog über deine Erlebnisse zu lesen!

Viel Spaß und bis bald,

im Namen der DeutschAkademie in Wien, Viviane

Day 1 – New beginnings

Today was my first day of the Level B1.1 German Language course at Deutsch Akadamie in Vienna. First things first: on the third floor there is a list with all the names and where your class is. Today the Deutsch Academy was busy with lots of movement and students everywhere. I have only ever seen the Deutsch Academy so busy on the first Day.

You will find your name on a yellow list on the 3rd floor indicating where you class is.

You will find your name on a yellow list on the 3rd floor indicating where you class is.

I am so happy and grateful that I have the same teacher as the previous course, the most incredible Frau Gudrun Steininger. We have new students in our class, from Ukraine, Iceland, Hungary and France/Vietnam. For this course we are using the Aspekte Mittekstufe Deutsch , Level B1 book by Klett-Langenscheidt.

My New class :D Level B1.1 on the 7th floor, room 20

My New class 😀 Level B1.1 on the 7th floor, room 20

We started learning today different characteristics that we can find in each other. Example: Ruhig – Peaceful, Zuverlassig – Reliable, Geduldig – Patient, Erlich – Honest, Freundlich – Friendly, Selbstewusst – Self Confidence and more.

Learning the Plusquamperfekt  and Temporale Nebensatze

Learning the Plusquamperfekt and Temporale Nebensatze

Our Grammar Lesson for today was about the the Plusquamperfekt. Plusquamperfect is basically something that has taken place in the past, before the perfect and prateritum.The Plusquamperfect like the Prateritum is only used for reading and writing. Now time to complete my homework!


Bis Morgen!

Ganz liebe Grüße,

euer Aghmad :-)




Today is Test- Day! 

On the day of the big test I arrived early, so that I could still go through some of my notes and chat with my colleges. The A2.2 test was broken down as follows:

  1. Neben Satze:          Als/Wenn, Indirect Fragen, Relativsatze.
  2. Verben:                   Verben mit Preposition (30verbs von Leste), Prateritum, Passiv Prasens
  3. Präpositionen:        Lokale Prapositionen; Wo? Woher? Wohin?
  4. Write a text:            about a kiddies books that we read when were young. For this we had to                                     write in the Prateritum.

It was overall a challenging test to see how much we have truly learnt in the last month.

We had a total of 3 hours to complete the test. Most of my colleagues completed within 1hour 30minutes, including myself. I achieved 78.5% for my test, my teacher believes that I should have taken more time with the test and I would have achieved more!

Overall I am happy with my results; I am now highly motivated to do much better on my B1.1 test!

JUHU!!! Ich habe es geschafft!

JUHU!!! Ich habe es geschafft!

Fun and laughs on the last day. Bye Bruno! Enjoy your month trip around Europe before leaving home for Brasil!

Fun and laughs on the last day. Bye Bruno! Enjoy your month trip around Europe before leaving home for Brasil!

FUN and LOUGHS on the last day:

To celebrate my colleges brought so many super delicious chocolates and fruit juice Juice.

We all loughed out together after the class enjoying the treats as our sweet teacher marked our tests.  It was sad saying good bye as some of my colleagues will not be joining the B1.1 course starting in November. I wish them the best of success in all that they pursue and wish them a bright future with their German Language Skills.

Iam so happy and grateful now that I have passed and that I will be having the an amazing teacher for the B1.1 course with some familiar faces of my colleagues and new friends.

Deustch Akadamie is true to their motto ,, Mit Spaß zum Erfolg!- With fun to success! 🙂

Gwon loves chocolates!

Gwon is surprised, he loves chocolates!

Velebrating good times :D!

Celebrating good times :D!

Having a good time and learning a lot! 

Euer Aghmad 😀

Verben mit Präpositionen


Of my favorite things that I have learnt during this A2.2 course, has been the verbs with prepositions. I have discovered that knowing which preposition to use with which verb is super practical.

There is a specific preposition to know for almost every verb that there is in German! We have received a list from our teacher of more than 200 verbs with prepositions!

Some verbs have more than one preposition and some are only used in the Accusative while others are in the Dative or Genitive. At the moment we only need to know 30 of these verbs with prepositions.

For example: sich freuen, goes with the preposition “über” or “auf“. –

Ich freu mich über die Blumen und auf das Wetter. Knowing which verb goes with which preposition helps with confidence when speaking. I highly recommend to learn as many verbs with prepositions. The more verbs we know the better we are also able to express ourselves.

Studying hard for the A2 exam!!

Studying hard for the A2 exam!!

Currently we are also preparing for our upcoming exam that will be on the last Thursday of this course! I am a bit nervous that is encouraging me to study hard.

I can recommend this great Grammer Exercise book that comes highly recommended by my teacher, this book has really helped me a lot and I am sure it can help you too!


Zusammen macht lernen Spaß!

euer Aghmad :-)


Work out for the brain

Dear DeutschAkademie- Fans!

I’ve decided to write these last three blog posts in English.German is challenging and fun Language that really gives the brain a work out!

I’ve been learning German now since February this year with my goal to be fluent, confident and comfortable in the Language by the end of this year. I started learning German in Cape Town where I come from and have been living in Vienna since October.

Austria is the first German Speaking country I have visited, maybe I could count Namibia, but that’s in Africa! Namibia boarders with South Africa on the West Coast, there was once a small German colony from about one hundred years ago in Namibia. Evidently there are still quite a few German speaking Namibian citizens and hundreds of German influenced structures and buildings.

It is also my first time in Europe and my experience has been everything and more than I expected. I have fallen in love with Vienna, its Language and friendly people.

the beautiful Opera House on a clear morning, outside the Deutsch Akadamie Wien. I can never get board at admiring this beautiful structure

the beautiful Opera House on a clear morning, outside the Deutsch Akadamie Wien. I can never get board at admiring this beautiful structure

I have started level A2.2 at Deutsch Academy here in Vienna and I am enjoying my time in the course so much. I have many interesting colleges whom mostly are learning German so that they may either further their education here in Austria or to seek employment.

For me, I am doing it for both, education and employment. The min Language requirement to enter a University here in Austria is to be on the German Level B2. I am so happy and grateful now that I have found the right German Language School for me! I am sure that Deutsch Academy will be suitable for you too!

My teacher is more than amazing at teaching and clarifying things we don’t understand. The class is exceedingly multi cultural and there are even monthly meets-ups where you can meet and hangout with other cool students and staff.

Gwon and Bruno working hard in the class

Gwon and Bruno working hard in the class

Mit Spaß zum Erfolg!

euer Aghmad :-)



Meine 3. Woche in der DeutschAkademie

Hallo meine lieben DeutschAkademie– Freunde!

Jetzt bin ich schon seit drei Wochen hier bei der Deutsch Akademie in Wien. Wir arbeiten mit den “Hueber A2.2 Kursbüchern.” Im Moment sind wir bereits bei der Lektion Nr. 23. 


Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner Klasse. Das Tempo von der Klasse ist sehr schnell, aber mit unserer wunderbaren Lehrerin geht alles in Ordnung. Ich kann auf jeden Fall sagen, dass ich mich sehr verbessert habe seit dem ich den Kurs begonnen habe.Mein Wortschatz ist größer und auch mein Verständnis über die Grammatik. Im Vergleich ist die Grammatik in meiner Muttersprache Englisch sehr einfach.

Es ist auf jeden Fall besser direkt in Deutsch zu denken, als in Englisch, wenn man vor hat Deutsch zu sprechen. 🙂

Meine Lehrerin Guti ist die beste Lehrerin. Oftmals bin ich mir sehr unsicher wann ich Akkusativ oder Nominativ benützen soll. Ihre guten Erklärungen helfen mir jedoch dabei es zu Verstehen und mich dabei mit Spaß noch mehr zu motivieren nicht aufzugeben.

In diesem Jahr habe ich schon drei Lehrherrinnen gehabt und ich kann sagen dass alle Lehrer an der DeutschAkademie super sind! Ich bin mit jeder Lehrerin und Lehrer sehr zufrieden. Ich bin überglücklich, da ich auch in meinen fortlaufenden Kurs B1.1 wieder eine super Lehrerin haben werde.


B 1.1 wird noch ein Level schwieriger sein, jedoch bin ich bereit mich der Herausforderung zu stellen, mit dem Motto: Mit Spaß zum Erfolg! 🙂 

Ganz liebe Grüße,

euer Aghmad :-)