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Mein Familienstammbaum

Hallo Leute!

lately in our course we have been working a lot with family tree and learning new words to describe whats going on in our families. So….

Das ist mein Stammbaum.

Meine Großeltern väterlicherseits leben in der Stadt Chico in California. Ein mal in der Wohe, gehen meine Großeltern tanzen. Es ist gut für ihre Gesundheit und ist auch sehr lustig.


Meine Großeltern mütterlicherseits: Mamas Eltern heißen Allen und Beverly. Sie sind in den 50er Jahren nach Nevada ausgewandert. Mein Großvater hatte einen tollen Job bei Audi. Meine Großmutter war Hausfrau. Ihr Sohn, Onkel Jeff, ist Professor. Er  arbeitet in einer Universität. Ihre Tochter, also meine Mutter, hat in Reno an der Uni Jura studiert. Dort hat sie auch meinen Vater kennengelernt. Sie sind beide Polizeiassistenten.

Oft verbringen wir unseren Urlaub bei meinen Großeltern in Kalifornien, USA. Wenn wir alle zusammen sind, lachen und reden wir bis tief in die Nacht. Ich ben sehr stolz auf mine Familie.

So i feel like my writing has seriusly improved already from the last DE course i took. It really des take practice and patience to learn a new language. i hope that i can keep motivated & not take myself too seriously.

My first week in Vienna

I am at the end of my first week in Vienna and my first week of German course (A1.1) at DeutschAkademie. I must say it is much better than I thought it will be – I mean, we have a lot of fun learning German. I expected it to be much harder and I am not saying it’s not hard, just that here, at DeutschAkademie, German is actually fun to learn. Every day for the past week, I felt like time was running out so fast during courses and must say I was really excited for the next day of class.2015-09-04 13.33.51

My group, my classmates, make up a very colorful picture. In my native language, that is Romanian, I would use the word “pestrit” to describe my group. The equivalent word in German should be something like: “mannigfaltig”, not sure though if I can use the word in this context. So, the group is made up of ten people from all around the world: Kazakhstan, Albania, Kuwait, Canada, United States of America, Montenegro, Spain, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and me from Romania, all gathered here for the same purpose, to learn German, each of us for a different reason probably, but at the end with the same expected result: communication. Some of my colleagues are students, so I assume they need to learn German to continue their studies here, somebody is just visiting and somebody is looking for a job… all different situations that bring people and cultures together. It is an interesting and fun experience at the same time. This was only the first week of the course so we didn’t really get to know each other. I don’t know how long we’ll study together, but for the next month we surely will so I guess I’ll go and make some friends.

The most important person in our group is of course our teacher, without whom we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we are here for. We have Roman, he is such crazy person, but in good way, he keeps us motivated and curious about learning new things.

Outside of language class, I’ve been walking around Vienna and enjoying the sights. I’m hoping for at least one more warm (or at least not freezing cold) weekend this year so that I can go to the Prater amusement park and go on the rides. I may get scared when I actually get there, but I won’t chicken out! 🙂

Tschuss!2015-10-04 18.11.20


Hier ist etwas neues Vokabular ich habe gelearnt….

Das Dachgeschoss = roof … funny because i knew Erdgeschoss (ground floor) probably because it’s way more commonly used compared to roof.

der Rauchfang = chimney. this i would never have looked up on my own. i ,ean about how many times you say “chimney” in a day?

as a little side note… there is a slight difference in vocabulary between german speaking german people and german speaking austrian people. its great that my teacher Anna points out two different ways to say something. Important because we are not living in Germany!

der Spiegel = mirror … useful for women 😉

die Schublade = drawer

one this i have done to help my vocal along is make small sticky notes around my house that says the german name for whatever it is.

image image image

im not sure exactly how helpful this is for everyone. but it helps me. and as long as the people/ person you live with doesn’t mind.

der Witz = joke

einfach = easy, simple, single

klappen, hat geklappt = fold

“das sieht gut aus” = that looks good

die Beratung = advice

außerdem = as well as

erlben, hat erlebt = experience

in class we are working a lot with dativ, akkusative and nomiative cases. we are not yet allowed to work on genetive case. i mean, the instructor told us that we shouldn’t concern ourselves with that tense because we are not profiient enough to use it properly.




Coffeehouse Conversation

one of the best parts about living in vienna, is there is so much going on! I went online and found a group called ‘coffeehouse conversations’ meeting at the end of October. Apparently you can expect a coffee house full of english speaking local viennes people who are wanting to chat with us tourists/ non-locals! 🙂 for two hours you can sit just the 2 of you, or in a small group and talk about whatever interests you have! so i registered… because i would love to sit down & chat with a friendly local. image

there is literally so much to do and see in this city. here’s a place i look around for things to do or events to attend image

Heute, in unser Kurs wir hatten beginen mit Partnerarbeit… ich muss fragt zu meine collegen “Was machst du am Wochenende”? und “Worauf freust du dich”? Sie hat gesagt, “ich gehe zum fahreschule”… und das freust sie viel sie konnen fahren learnen.

und dann wir sprechen von gerstern…

Was hast du gemacht? Gestern bin ich geschwommen. Ja, Wow. Hast du einen Badeanzug gekauft? Ja, ich habe einen gekauft.

Zum Beispiel:

Warst du gestern im Kino? Ja, ich bin gestern ins Kino gegangen. Welchen Film hast du gesehen? Ich habe Titanic gesehen.


Wie unser Kurs funktioniert….











Night course begins at 6:15pm, we take a break from 7:45-8 and finish the lesson at 9pm. I don’t mind taking the night course. I think I would prefer mid-day or morning better. But after the first week actually I realized that i can get so much accomplished in the day & i normally don’t get too much done between 6-9pm anyway… so actually this time has been working well with my normal schedule! perfekt 🙂

I’ve had three different teachers though out my time at DA. It’s great to see the variety of instructors the program offers. Each teacher has their own personal style. For example, I’ve noticed that Anna prefers to do handout work more then line for line in the book.


Here is what we are working on….


Ich heiße Nicole und bin 27 Jahre alt. Ich bin verheiratet. Mein Mann heißt Niko. Unser Haus steht in Vienna. Meine Mutter wohnt bei uns. Meine Familie ist ziemlich groß. Ich habe einen Bruder. Er lebt mit seine Frau Heather in Nevada, USA. Sie haben einen kleinen Sohn. Seine Sohn ist zwei Jahre alt. Meine Schwester Jacqueline ist 25 Jahre alt. Sie ist wunderschön, ihre Haare sind lange und rot.

Liebe Grüße,

Kurs A2.1

Hey everyone!

I’m really excited to be taking the Deutschkurs A2.1 with Anna this October! She seems to be a great teacher and I’m looking forward to working with her & my new classmates for the next four weeks 🙂

I’m using this blog to improve my German writing skills as well as tell you about what’s going on in my normal days at school or around Vienna. So I apologize in advanced about the mistakes i will most likely be making when I write in German. But as the weeks go on, I hope that I make fewer mistakes and become more comfortable writing. WP_20150816_13_24_12_Pro

Here’s my first story…..

Hallo! Ich bin Nicole und ich erzaehle euch von meinem Alltag. Normalerweise, ich stehe jegen Tag um acht Urh auf. Ich laufe immer am Vormittag funf kilometer. Ich bin sportlich und ich habe Spass dabei. Nacht dem Laufen, fahre ich zur Schule. Ich fahre mit dem Strassenbahn. Ich moechte in meiner Pause, einen Kaffee trinken. Nachdem Schule, spaziere ich mit meinem Freude und wir zusammen Abendessen kochen. Manchmal ich frage meine Freunde, ob wir Mittagessen gehen. Niko fragt mich, do wir zusammen am Abend essen. Spaeter, wir bleiben zu Hause und sehen ein Film. Dann gehe ich ins Bett und lese ein Buch.