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Last class!

Hey guys!

I didn’t tell you, but this Thusrday was the last day of the German course! 🙁
I can’t express how much fun it was and how greatful I am for the amazing four weeks that I spent there with great people!
I’ve already done an A2.1 course with this school in May and the reason why I came back was simple… it is not only effective but also FUN 🙂 I absolutely loved my group and our teacher!
During our last class we were first having fun in the classroom playing games and revising adjective declension, and then we went out to a cafe to have a nice chat.

Why am I not continuing with the next level? I feel like I want to take time to digest everything I’ve learned so far and perhaps start practicing. I might consider a conversation class in the near future 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and I am wishing you all the best for your German language journey!

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Lots of love!

– J.

Beach Volleyball

Hallo Leute! 🙂

Today is Saturday and it’s super hot. What to do in Vienna during a heatwave? You can of course go to the Donau Insel, have a picnic there and maybe even swim… OR you can go to the women’s beach volleyball final!!! 🙂 Germany against the US!
Do you like volleyball? I personally love it! But this was my first time ever watching beach volleyball, and I must say, it’s even cooler!! 😉
Because it was a final, the stadium was already packed by the time we got there. But there was also public viewing and we just chilled on the grass 🙂
It was fun to cheer for Germany, as they were a great team! If you’ve been there, you would understand that Laura absolutely rocked the whole show and it was really cool to watch!


Until next post!

– J.

Albertina and Egon Schiele

Hey guys!

Do you like art? Because I absolutely love it. In this post I would like to share with you my latest visit to Albertina! Still haven’t been there? Right opposite the Opera House. 🙂

Why do I appreciate art so much? I’ve asked this question myself several times and I must say: it is amazing how paintings talk. Every painting has its own message, and through the painting we communicate with the artist and get in tune with their emotions and thoughts at that point of their lives. It is amazing how through art people get to leave their emotions so far into the future.

Besides Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite Austrian painters is Egon Schiele. He was actually a protégé of Gustav Klimt and one of my favourite expressionists. His works impressed me the most!
If you are into art, pay a visit to Albertina, Kunsthistorische Museum, Leopold museum or the collection at Belverede Palace. 🙂

Until next post!

– J.

Have you been to Krakow?

Hey there guys!

Have you already been to Krakow? I decided to dedicate one post about this beautiful city!
Not so long ago we visited Krakow, a beautiful and energetic city in Poland. Why would I recommend to go there? For food. Its simple 😀 In particular for pierogi.
What’s that? Simply dumplings boiled in water, filled either with something sweet like jam or savory. My favourite are the ones with potatoe and cheese filling. 🙂

Besides food, visit an typical Polish bar at night, one of the most popular among tourists is Bania Luka. You absolutely MUST try all the special shots there. Party like a Polish.

And of course, go up to the Wawel Castle!

Untill next post! 🙂

– J.


Liebe Leserinnen und Leser! 😀

I hope you are doing well! As you might have noticed I love giving tips about Vienna in my posts and this one will be about the Viennese Zoo! Which is, by the way, the oldest zoo in the world and dates back all the way to eighteenth century!!!!
It is situated in the Schönbrunn garden and it is an awesome plan for an afternoon that will fill your day with smiles! After all, how can you be indifferent while looking at a baby panda! 🙂

It’s hard to say which animal we didn’t see there… from baby elephants to cutest giraffes and funniest monkeys. But I don’t want to tell you too much, just go and check it out! 😉

Here is a picture of me finding it hard to breathe at the tropical house with a super humid climate! 😀

Keep exploring Vienna!
Until next time!

– J.

A Small Trip to Budapest

Hey there! 🙂

Yesterday I did not go to my German class, as I had to run some errands in the morning and then go to Budapest. I’ve been going to Budapest quite often lately, but mostly for dentist appointments 🙂 (as it is much cheaper there than in Austria)

Yesterday I could spend some time walking around the center and I must say Budapest energizes me so much! If you are here for the summer and you still haven’t gone there – JUST DO IT! 🙂 It is such a beautiful city and it definitely has got that vibe.

I feel like it is a very lively city and it brings out only positive and cheerful emotions.
Saw this while walking around the Andrássy street. By the way, this street reminds me of one of the avenues in Paris so much.

I hope you are enjoying your week and if you have some spare time, just go to Budapest for a city break 🙂 It’s a beautiful place!

– J.