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Which course to choose?

Today I would like to talk about the German course, specifically about the possibilities to learn it at the DeutschAkademie.

This language school offers two types of learning a language. You can choose between an evening course or an intensive course. Every type has its advantages and disadvantages.

I was able to choose only the intensive course. I 100% liked it. It took only one month instead of two. Every day, I spent three hours practicing my German. We did a lot on our classes, besides we had what to do at home. In one week I could freely communicate with other people. The only minuses I see in this type, of course, are the mixture of different language in my head and lack of time on homework.

To talk about an evening course, I would like to say that it takes two months instead of one. You visit your classes only two times per week in the evening. You have much time for your homework. But there are also some minuses. For instance, I cannot visit the course in the evening, because I have to be with my little daughter. But for people who work till 18:00, an evening course is the good opportunity. Secondly, sometimes you are so busy that you could forget about your homework and remember it only before your class.

But these minuses are insignificant. When you are motivated to learn a language, nothing will stop you!

Last class

Our last day of the course was very interesting. We did not learn anything new, but we repeated everything that we learned during the whole period. This practice is very useful. Why? As you have already guessed, it is useful because you can recall the grammar, the vocabulary that was learned in the very beginning. We had a lot of exercises to check our knowledge.

Besides we did a lot of speaking. We had various topics for discussion. For instance, we were playing in several teams. Every team consisted of two persons. We were to find differences between two pictures. From one hand, it is very easy. But on another hand, sometimes it can be a little bit difficult because you do not know a lot of words to communicate freely and at ease.

At the end of our class, we discussed our future plans. Someone said that he was going to come back to his country, someone told us that he wanted to continue to learn the German language to be able to enter the university in the nearest future.

What can I say? The month spent with the DeutschAkademie was super! I would like to say a huge thank you to our Anita! She did her best to make us fall in love with this language. And I think that she succeeded.

Test days

In this post, I would like to discuss our tests during the course. We were offered to write four little tests or two medium tests. Our group decided to have the second variant.

The tests were not very difficult because we studied grammar and vocabulary very good. These two types of learning a language are essential. Why? Because with the grammar knowledge you cannot build the literate sentences. And without the vocabulary, almost everything is impossible. It is a huge problem to communicate with someone if you cannot understand him because of the lack of your vocabulary.

So, the day of the test came! My group was a little bit happy. We wanted to check everything learned during the particular period of time. As I have already said, the tests are not very difficult, but we needed to pay attention to any detail. Because sometimes stupid mistakes happened by reason of inattention.

Do not afraid of writing a test! Knowledge is power! And when you know everything, it can be as easy as ABC.

Die Zukunft in Wien

Für jeden hat das verschiedene Bedeutungen.

Die Pläne:

Manche Leute meinen die Termine, das Wochenende, den Urlaub usw.
Sie bauen ihres Leben, rechnen, schauen, ob noch etwas rein passt und etwas verschieben werden kann.
Unsere Pläne sind ganz klar – Deutsch lernen. Wenn wir schon angefangen haben, möchten wir den Ziel erreichen – C2, damit niemand finden kann, dass wir nicht aus deutschsprachiges Land  sind. Das ist unsere Motivation vielleicht früher aufzustehen, am Abend zu Hause die Hausaufgaben zu machen, die Grammatik zu lernen und den dornigen Weg zu erleichtern.

Die Innovation:

Manche Leute meinen Forschungen und Entdeckungen. Von den Mikroorganismen bis den Sonnensysteme. Neue Roboten, Computerprogramme, Elektrogeräte, innovative Ideen.
Auch über das geht es in Wien in dem Internationales Zentrum Wien (UNO-City). Auf den ersten Blick erkennt man, dass in den Gebäuden über die Innovation geht.

My classmates

This post I would like to dedicate to my classmates. They are so open-minded, outgoing and creative people. During our course, I felt like I am one of them. We became good friends. So, I want to say some words about them.

Ezster. She is a very kind girl who came from Hungary. Ezster is young, but she is very mature. She came to Vienna to enter the university. Besides, she thinks that Vienna has a lot of opportunities. To her mind, there are more chances to find the right person, with whom she can create a strong family. She started to learn German at the DeutschAkademie in order to speak the language of the country she wants to live in. Her favorite places in Vienna are the Schoenbrunn Zoo and the Haus des Meeres. As you understood, she likes animals.

Maga. This boy who is very energetic came from Russia. As Ezster, he came to enter the university. He studies the building engineering. Maga considers Vienna to be the most beautiful and cleanest city in the world. He is a fan of its architecture. His favorite place is the Natural History Museum.

The next guys are from Iran. Their names are Navid and Nazanin. They also came here to study. Nazanin wants to study Psychology and Navid wants to study Music. But both of them need a high level of the German language to be able to do that. That is why they started the German course in the DeutschAkademie. Navid thinks that Vienna provides a lot of opportunities for job seekers. He likes the climate and people that live here. He also likes to spend his free time in Schoenbrunn and Heldenplatz. To talk about Nazanin, she thinks that Vienna is one of the best cities in the world. She adores its cafes.

So, as you can notice, the DeutschAkademie can give you not only the knowledge of German but also good friends.

Delicious places in Vienna

The frequently asked question among my friends is where to go in the evening. What restaurant to choose? Have you been ever asked the same question? As I have not yet visited a lot of restaurants in Vienna, I can recommend only two of them. The both are pizzerias.

The first one is Pizza Quartier. It is located not far away from Schotenring (U4 station). It takes only 5-7 minutes to walk there. The restaurant is not so big, but it has a lot of tables, both inside and outside. The atmosphere is great. I felt like at home. All the staff is very friendly. But the most important thing is that the food and drinks are super delicious. Every dish was so tasty that I could not stop eating. Now, I can with certainty say that this pizzeria is worth of your time.

The next one is Da Ferdinando. It is located in a 5-minute walk from Hietzing (U4 station). As I can say, the atmosphere in this pizzeria is very sophisticated. You can just sit, relax and enjoy the food. Pizza in Da Ferdinando is the best I have ever eaten. The personnel is smiling and kind.

So, if you are in search of a restaurant, you are highly recommended to visit one of these.

NiederOesterreich Card and Einfachraus ticket ! Ever heard of them ?!

Would you love to practice your German in real when you are in Vienna ? Read on…

I can tell you about 2 interesting things in this blog, which would in a way help you to practice your German as well.

The real test to our knowledge on a language lies in how well we could speak in it. No matter how good we are in the other aspects of a language – writing and reading, speaking is a key skill to master any language. With speaking comes glued the sibling listening part too.

In Vienna one can manage with English to an extent. If you step out of Vienna it is better to know German to fully explore the places.

1. NiederOesterreich Card :

This is a superb card. Its name stands for ‘Lower Austria card’. ‘Lower Austria’ is one of the 9 states in Austria. Vienna is in the middle of the ‘Lower Austria’ state.

This card gives you free entry to a lot of great attractions and discounted entry to few other great attractions in ‘Lower Austria’. You can buy this card easily from local Tabak shops or you can even order online. Usually the card is valid from April till next March. However if you buy during Christmas then you get extra 3 months, that is, from Jan till next March.

This card has lot of attractions to cover even in Vienna as well. You will get a book covering all the attractions, but this will be in Deutsch. You can of course check the attractions even online.

My favorite attraction in Vienna is SchokoMuseum. You can go as many times as you want ! Few other awesome attractions in Vienna are Riesenrad in Prater, Bratislava trip from Vienna in ferry.

My favorite one outside Vienna is Schneeberg. First you need to reach the base Puchberg am Schneeberg. You can use Einfachraus ticket for this, which I have explained later in this blog. From Puchberg am Schneeberg you need to take a mountain train ‘SchneebergBahn’, which is free with NO card. Once you reach the top place you can trek the entire day which gives you breathtaking views of the Alps. A must visit when you are in Austria.

Another attraction we loved was the Melk Abbey and the garden around the Abbey. Wonderful. Just amazing. Another must visit when you are in Austria.

You would not regret having bought this card.






2. Einfachraus ticket :

This is a group ticket valid only in Slow Trains in Austria for an entire day. This is a ticket which allows you to travel on slower trains namely S-bahn, REX, Regional trains. In OEBB ticket website you can get more information on this. If you are 2 people then the cost is 34 Euro for your up and down journey. For 3 people, 38 Euro. For 4 people, 42 Euro. For 5 people only 46 Euro. This is a much cheaper way to explore Austria. Achtung ! The only catch is – you cannot use this ticket on RailJet trains and other fast trains.

On work days – Monday through Friday – this is valid from 9 am to 3 am the next day. On weekends it is valid the entire day till 3 am the next day.

Just choose a lovely place in Austria and make a trip with einfachraus ticket.

Food stage 1: Best ribs in town

Food stage in Wien

If you feel like “foodie” person, then Wien is definitely your city! The variety of restaurants, pubs and bistros serving food from all around the world is more than satisfying. And don’t worry if you are not so much into restaurants- the finger food options are so wide and insanely good! From delicious kebap to fine asian jiaozi – Vienna really is a heaven for street food!

Meat lovers

When I am talking and writing about the food in Wien, I always start with this one: the ribs in Strandcafe. The taste for good meat in different ways (Schnitzel, Goulash, Ribs) is very typical for Austria and the neighbour countries such as Germany and Hungary. My apologize dear vegetarian brothers and sisters, but the next lines are  dedicated to glorify a dish that would be admired by Fred Flintstone and the meat brotherhood: well done pair of pork ribs.


I visited Strandcafe for first time on a romantic occasion: my boyfriend invited me on a date there. We were so hungry and excited that we made a choice that we never repeated: we ordered 2 portions of ribs which is really big amount of food lol. 1 portion is fare enough for 2 people to feel full and enjoy, but still stay fit. The meat is so delicious and well prepared, it falls straight from the bone. It is served with two sauces, slices of onion and french fries which are also so good! They feel like real potatoes.

DOs and DON’Ts

I have to admit that the only food we have try in Strandcafe are the ribs, so I can not tell you about the other dishes, but I will say it again: the ribs are amazing! Beside that the draft beer is definitely a DO but the house wine is a certain DON’T (it is cheap and tastes like that).

History, location and prices

Strandcafe is really old and legendary spot in Vienna. It was originally smaller, but with the years and success running, grew and expand. There is big inside area and lovely outdoor garden. It is located right next to Danube river and if you make reservation in advance, you can get really great table outside. Easy accessible by U1, station Alte Donau. 800 meters approximately takes from the station to the restaurant (across the bridge and on the right following the river coast). The price for a portion of ribs is 20,90 Euro, beer is around 3,50-4,00.


Our first Day in Deustsch Akademie

Our first day started off as a Party ! Hurray it was a total ice-breaker with lot of fun. Our teacher is so friendly and started our first day with lot of snacks.

Our class has friends from many countries and from many professions – Romania, Russia, USA, Italy, India. Interestingly we have a psychologist, a doctor, few Engineers, couple of students.

Learning is done practically with much focus on conversation, which is the most important requirement for all of us in learning a new language. There are small fun games done now and then which makes learning really interesting.

As is the case with Deutsch Akademie we are learning with fun from day 1. Not only is it fun but it is practical too. Our teacher gives equal attention to every individual. If you want to learn German with fun you should definitely learn with Deutsch Akademie. I wish I joined Deustch Akademie 2 years back.

Dusk in Vienna

mumok – a must visit in Wien

Art lover

Art is the biggest inspiration in my life! It brings me so much joy and happiness! That’s why I’m more than happy that Wien offers so many great museums and galleries with exhibitions from around the world. Mumok, the Museum for Modern Art, is certainly one of the outstanding art locations in the city

Modern art rocks!

Within a really wide taste range I have for different forms and expressions of art, the modern and contemporary art have a special place in my heart. I have visited many museums for modern art in Europe and I have to admit that mumok is one of the best ones ! As a museum that enjoys great international prestige, the mumok brings the international and Austrian avant-garde, in all its different facets, to art lovers. From Pablo Picasso to Andy Warhol and many more!


Mumok is located in MQ-MusiumsQuartier Wien. This is a complex in which you can find both museums Mumok and Leopold. There is also additional art halls and spaces for events and workshops. The inner yard of MQ is very popular place to meet with friends for a beer or spritzer. You can choose some of the nice cafes (offering light food also) or just to sit on the free of charge beautiful purple sunbeds (on the picture below they are green as they were in August 2017, now they are purple;).


Mumok (Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien) is the largest museum of modern and contemporary art in central Europe. It is home to an extraordinary collection featuring major works of classical modernism, pop art, Fluxus, minimal art, and concept art, as well as Vienna Actionism and contemporary art.

The entrance ticket is 12 Euro. Me and my boyfriend we have annual card- it costs only 28 euro for 1 year!


MQ Quartier Wien is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city. It is easy accessible by U2 and U3 , station Volkstheater

Museums Quartier Wien

MQ Wien

museum for modern art




Our classes

My friends always ask me what exactly we are doing in our classes. That is a very interesting question because the answer can show the potential students, if they need these classes or not. Perhaps they can find anything else required.

To tell about my classes, I would like to say that during them we learn new grammatic by explaining the rules and doing different exercises for better grasping. As I feel shy about my German knowledge, I do not like speaking exercises. But with the help of our teacher, the latter, which are very exciting, make me speak more and more.

One more exercise I like the most is reading. Why? In the beginning, we need to read the whole text, then we need to find unknown words. After that, we need to explain what they mean. Firstly, this exercise seems a bit hard and boring. But later you can feel yourself comfortable because you know all these words. The reading exercises not only increase your vocabulary but also help to understand the better way of writing texts.

Unfortunately, we do not do a lot of writing. But our teacher does her best to improve it. She offers us to write an essay on a specific topic. When we are done, she checks and edits everything.

In the end, I want to say that the DeutschAkademie exceeded my expectations. That is why I plan to continue my education here.