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For anyone with a sweet tooth

Hi to everyone again! Today I would like to tell you about a place with one of the best desserts in Vienna. And believe me, when I call it the best, I know my stuff, because I am a pro when it comes to sweets. 🙂 It is not a fancy place, on the opposite, it is very casual, so anyone can afford it really!

The place I am talking about is an Italian (obviously!) café/restaurant called Gelateria Castelletto. Do not let the word gelateria mislead you because they do not only serve ice-cream but they also have a huge menu of different Italian, Austrian and international dishes that are absolutely delicious and are a great price-quality bargain. Nevertheless, as much as I love this place, I usually come there specifically for its amazing range of various awesomely-looking desserts that they serve in different forms and variations. Their dessert menu is so large that it usually takes people ages to choose what they want (true story!), and whatever you choose it will definitely be amazing!  I highly recommend you to go there if you haven’t done it yet and explore it for yourself. You can find this café in SCS shopping centre, and Stephansplatz, but my favourite location of theirs is actually at Schwedenplatz, because I think it’s the coziest one.

P.S.: The dessert on the picture is my favourite – banana crepes with Nutella, ice-cream, cream and nuts 🙂 But I suggest you to try more ! 😉

More posts to come, stay tuned!

Best wishes to all,

Museum Albertina

The Albertina’s name comes from Count Albert von Sachsen-Teschen, one of Empress Maria Theresa’s sons-in-law. Different from most traditional museums modern confronts traditional at the Albertina’s exterior: a wing-shaped ‘trampolin’ by Austrian rebel architect Hans Hollein canopies part of the rococo palace’s terrace. Compared to the size of Belvedere Vienna and the Museum of Fine Art, the Albertina’s 12+ parlours feel almost ‘private’. Even so, they house top international and Austrian art.

Albertina Vienna: Jeanne and Donald Kahn Galleries The first thing art lovers associate with the Albertina are its 19th and 20th century artworks: From Claude Monet’s Lily Pond and Pablo Picasso’s Still Life With Guitar to Gerhard Richter’s Abstract Painting: The Albertina Vienna’s collection of paintings tracks 200 years of art history. This is a fantastic place to follow international art as it morphs from Impressionist blurry pastels to abstract art‘s fragmented objects and and dismembered individuals.

My 3 favorite activities to do in Vienna (part 3)

I recently wrote article about tips where to swim and promised more info about my fav fav fav place Badeschiff! Read the rest possibilities HERE.

Plus, they cook amazing dished and the above-mentioned drinks are quite affordable. It´s also a very nice place to meet in the evening with friends (although the swimming pool closes I guess around 8).

The location is highly convenient, situated close to U-Bahn station Schwedenplatz. I would say it is not even far by walk from Opernring.

During these 3 weeks I have been there every week once or two times, yeah, it is really the TOP place for me. Once I met with my friend Karolina and we enjoyed the pool and cold beer. The second time we spent circa 1-hour sipping cold juice after our Sunday morning yoga class on the beach. Third I met there in the evening with my new friends and we enjoyed the evening vibes of that place. Finally, I went there for a start-up networking event organized by my organization, where I will have an internship starting from September.

One more recommendation: if you really want to enjoy the pool, come after lunch (1-3pm). Many people come there after they finish at work around 5-6pm, therefore the pool is more occupied. If are meeting with a bigger group of friends for the evening drink, it might be worth to reserve your place by calling them.

Have you ever been to Badesschiff? If not, for more info, simply google Badeschiff Wien. Let me know!

Coffee Culture in Wien

It’s said that retreating Ottoman soldiers left a few sacks of beans behind in 1683 after a failed siege, leaving behind the accidental ‘gift’ of coffee. The very first coffee house was opened in 1685, and since then, these rich cultural institutions have served as the backbone of Viennese life, not without their own ebb and flow in popularity over the years.

Unlike the grab-and-go speedy coffee shops that many of us in big cities are used to, a Viennese coffee shop is a place where you’re encouraged to linger. For the price of one cup of coffee (or one of the spectacular little cakes and tarts that are such a mainstay in Vienna), browse international newspapers, and let the morning (or afternoon) unfold before you, with no hurry to go anywhere or do anything in particular. Write a postcard, take in the atmosphere, and enjoy the unfurling of your day in a completely relaxed and unhurried manner. At night, it isn’t uncommon to hear live piano music; what a treat. Here are a few coffee shops that are worth noting for their traditional atmosphere.

MAK – An interesting museum to visit

Hi to everyone again! I have to be honest – I am not a huge fan of museums. I love art, so I can never say no to an art gallery visit, but museums are often quite challenging for me. Also, I sometimes have troubles understanding modern and contemporary art, but I nevertheless find it very interesting so I usually tend to visit modern art museums. One of them has been MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) in Vienna, and I really recommend it! Here is my positive review about this place.

Museum of Applied Arts is all about design. It’s a perfect place for a perfectionist or a person who is into creative, unusual, colorful, unique and beautiful creations. This museum shows furniture, glass, china, silver, and textiles from the Middle Ages to the present day. You can find there work of different famous designers and artists. There is also an awesome design shop there that sells a huge variety of incredible stuff and a restaurant as well. One of the most interesting things about this museum is the building itself because it is extremely beautiful from inside with tall columns and lights. Another great thing to see there is one of the numerous temporary expositions. I was there to see a 3D printing exposition and it was quite fascinating!


You can find this museum at U4 Landstrasse (address: Stubenring 5). By the way, every Tuesday from 6 to 10 p.m. admission is €5, and that’s when I recommend going there. Even if you won’t find it your cup of tea, you will not regret the money. 🙂

More posts to come, stay tuned!

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The Hofburg

The Hofburg, Vienna’s Imperial Palace was orignially a medieval castle, but today only the castle chapel (‘Burgkapelle’) demonstrates its medieval past.The Hofburg was extended to a magnificent residence when the Habsburg’s power increased. That’s why one can find almost any architectural style, from gothic to art nouveau. Nowadays this enormous complex is home to “Österreichische Nationalbibliothek” (National Library), “Schatzkammer” (Imperial Treasury), and houses a collection of musical instruments, another collection of weapons, a “Museum für Völkerkunde” (Museum of Ethnography) and famous “Spanische Hofreitschule” (Spanish Riding School).

Vienna’s Imperial castle also houses exotic butterflies in a marvellous art-deco glass house! Vast “Heldenplatz” (sqare of heroes), situated next to it, is very impressive, too. Equestrian statues of Archduke Karl, who won the battle of Aspern against Napoleon’s troops (1809), and Prince Eugene of Savoy, who defeated the Turks, attest to Austria’s glorious past.

“Heldenplatz” is more than a square, it is one of Austria’s symbols of national identity.


Мероприятия в Вене

В Вене довольно много мероприятий, которые проходят на открытом воздухе и вход на которые бесплатный. Ну, или относительно бесплатный, потому что прийти на тот же фестиваль фильмов можно бесплатно, но при этом отказать себе в удовольствии и не купить что-нибудь вкусное или не попить пива достаточно сложно.

Одним из таких мерояприятий является проходящий в начале лета в Шёнбруне симфонический концерт. Этим летом мы с друзьями туда сходили, правда, как выяснилось, нужно было приходить пораньше. Ибо попасть на лужайку, где можно с комфортом расстелить плед и посидеть, за полчаса до начала было уже нельзя. И нам пришлось стоять между сценой и фонтаном Нептуна, что было несколько утомительно. Но музыка была замечательная, я от неё получила большое удовольствие. А еще очень красивой была подсветка дворца и фонтана.

А на днях я была на Neustifter Kirtag. Одна из улиц в Вене на пару дней превращается в праздничную. Вдоль нее выставлены палатки со всевозможными товарами местных мастеров, сладостями, пивом и молодым вином. Можно зайти в один из расположенных вдоль улицы ресторанчиков, вкусно поесть и послушать музыку. Но больше всего меня впечатлило количество людей, одетых в ледерхозе и дирндль – мужской и женский национальные костюмы Австрии.

Report: the second week has gone

Hello guys,

my last post were interviews or informative and hands-on. Today I am going to write about myself and how do I study, live etc.

This is my third week in Vienna. So far so good! I mean: very good. This city amazes me every day. All the possibilities, new friends or swimming (article about recommendations of places where to swim is on coming soon!). Although this August is very hot, I am really enjoying.

Every day lesson at DeutschAkademie

I am every day present there, for an intensive course or conversation. I really enjoy studying there. It’s a modern place, our teacher is very good and, in the office, they are always nice too and they try to help me. I really feel how good is the intensive course working for me. We learn every day new grammar and a lot of vocabulary. I do not even need to cram at home. It goes just smoothly.

About the test

In the middle of the intensive course, a few days ago, we had to do a small test. I don´t know the results, but it was very easy to prepare for it because everything stays in my mind from the lessons and homework.

I decided to continue

I realized I really want to go on. Continue. Go upper and upper. And I am really satisfied with this intensive course and DeutschAkademie generally. But the thing is that I will start my internship in the middle of September. I found they do semi-intensive courses too! That was a right match for me. So, I am in. Yes, I applied, paid. I was very easy, no need for e-mailing and online payment as before, when I was in the Czech Republic. I just visited the office and paid cash.

Continuing with DeutschAkademie means I will also continue blogging! Yaay! So, let me know in comments if there is anything you are interested in and I can write about it.

A lot of new friends

Yeah, a found a lot of new friends in the city, from DeutschAkademie and also others (through social media). Sadly, a few of them will leave soon, after they finish this intensive one-month course at the end of August.

That´s it guys, I really want to recommend this school to everybody. I am very satisfied and feel like home there.

My happy place in Vienna

Hi to everyone again! Today I would like to tell you about my happy place. Maybe one day you will visit it and see by yourself how great it is! 🙂

I have discovered this location when I just moved to Vienna almost one year ago, September 2017. At that time I was living in the student dorm in Pötzleinsdorf (18th district) and I spent a lot of time exploring my neighbourhood, especially walking and jogging in Pötzleinsdorf and Türkenschanz parks, both situated nearby. To be honest, I noticed right from the beginning how wonderful 18th district is: beautiful houses, extremely green area, very clean and fresh air… But the thing that amazed me mostly was what I could see when I climbed up the hill a little bit not far from my house – a breathtaking view of Grinzing with its beautiful vineyards and many hills including Kahlenberg surrounding it. While I was wandering the streets trying to find the highest point from which I could see the best view, I have accidentally found a small but very cosy playground that was almost always empty. Since then, I started to come there very often, sit on a swing and read a book or listen to music and enjoy the view. Particularly special this place was when it was the sunset and it was getting darker – really awesome! When I was there, I forgot about everything, all my problems. It was so very peaceful and quiet that I could be just with my own thoughts and not worry about anything for a while. That was such a great feeling and I am still very happy to come back there sometimes for some alone-time even though I do not live there anymore.

More posts to come, stay tuned!

Best wishes to all,


Interview 2: My teacher Christoph

1) Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Christoph. I’m 31 years old and have been working at DeutschAkademie for about 5 years now. I was born in Vienna and have been living here ever since. In my spare time, I like to do quiz games with my friends or in general any type of game.

2) Why do you like to work for DeutschAkademie?

Working at DeutschAkademie I get to meet and get to know a wide variety of people from all over the world in very different stages of their lives. Helping these people conquer the German language and seeing them improve a very important skill for living in this beautiful city is a very satisfying task.

3) I really like the way how you lead the classes. How much time does it cost you to prepare for single class and where do you look for ideas for different activities?

When I first started it took me about 2 hours to plan and prepare for every lesson. Writing plans, looking for exercises and researching niche grammar questions. Nowadays it takes about 20 minutes to reread the plans and notes I took over the last few years. Sometimes after class, I add to the notes or rewrite parts of the lesson plans. For activities, there are a lot of internet websites, teacher manuals that I’ve looked through and found ideas. Sometimes you also get to exchange ideas with other colleagues.

4) How does the perfect student of German language look like in your eyes?

Interested, attentive, not afraid to make mistakes, willing to work outside of class (speaking/reading/listening) and willing to ask questions.

5) Do you speak other languages?

I speak English (fluently) and French (basics).

6) Do you think it is important to study languages? And why?

I think it is very important to learn languages because the more languages you are able to speak the more opportunities you will have in life. Both in your professional as in your personal life.

Studying a language (or most other things) also keeps your brain active, which is good for your mental health.

Choose one, please:

  • Grammar OR Conversation

I really can’t pick here. Both are needed to master a language.

  • Beginners – Advanced students

I like working with students in A2 the most. So not complete beginners but still beginners.

  • English – German

I don’t think one language is better than the other. I like to speak both depending on the situation I’m in.

  • Holidays in Austria – holidays abroad

Holidays abroad. There’s no ocean or sea in Austria and that to me is really crucial to any non-Winter holiday.


Новый преподаватель?

Мне кажется, это проблемы всех полуинтенсивных групп. По крайне мере, такая ситуация сложилась во всех трех группах, в которых я занималась. В середине курса у одного преподавателя почему-то не получается продолжать занятия, и заканчивает вести курс другой преподаватель. Так и в этот раз половину курса у нас провела Anett, а теперь ее сменила Claudia.

Это неплохо, потому что позволяет близко пообщаться c другим носителем языка. Я успеваю привыкнуть к акценту одного преподавателя, и требуется некоторое время, чтобы приноровиться к произношению нового человека. Ну и техники преподавания у всех разные, что при изучении языка тоже неплохо. Anett была сторонницей преподавания с помощью компьютерных презентаций,  делая больший упор на расширения нашего словарного запаса. И хотя вначале мне казалось это непривычным и неудобным, должна признаться, я очень рада, что Anett прислала нам материалы по оставшимся главам, ибо они оказались очень полезными.

Claudia успела уже провести у нас несколько занятий. Обе преподавательницы общались между собой, и занятия продолжились с места, на котором закончила Anett. Хотя, должна признаться, стиль преподавания у Claudia сильно отличатся.