3 weeks behind

Yesterday 3 weeks of my current course were left behind. What can i say about it? Much. But you surely have heard about it. Nevertheless I will try to write something new šŸ™‚
So recalling my first lesson nearly two months ago, I couldn’t imagine that I would have gone so far just in two month. Because when I started at A1.2 speaking out loud was a big challenge for me,Ā since IĀ couldn’t remember any words that I already knew and too many grammar which I did not know how to use. Everything was in a big mess. I needed to bring my thoughts and knowledge in order and then learn how to use it properly. And there ( in D.A.) they know how to do it!
Presently I already can understand people conversations, participate in it and even actively speak to express my point of view. Also now I can read my friends post on Internet in German and completely understand it, except maybe a few things. As you can see, great work was done to bring me to this point.
What I especially like at my study is anĀ unstrained atmosphere which totally helps to learn easy and effectively. So far I have learned many things, such as an important grammar to build a grammatically correct speech, words construction and many more. However not the less important thing that get taught in D.A. is daily based topics for speaking. In my opinion it’s on of the best things to get in real touch with new language.
So 3 weeks are passed, one more to come šŸ™‚

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