A New Class, A New Place

This week I started back again at DeustchAkademie after a two month break. I took some time off while my mother-in-law was visiting.  We had a fantastic time and I got to see a great deal more of Vienna, but I found myself needing to brush up on my German grammar a bit before starting back to class.  Since I took more than one month off, I had to take a new placement test.

I learned there is also a DeutschAkademie office on Zieglergasse in the 7th district of Vienna, which is a short walk from my flat. Now, instead of riding two trains to get to class I don’t have to ride any.  The new office is smaller, but very nice and my experience so far has been pleasant. The classrooms are well lit with natural light. In fact, I think the first day when it was sunny we didn’t even turn on the light. Our classroom has two whiteboards to write on and plenty of room to move around the tables when other people are sitting down. And in case you get sleepy in class, the coffee machine is close by.

I have begun B 1.1 and we are working on relative phrases adjectives. Our sentence structures are becoming more complex and it is difficult for me to keep it all straight. I find it easier on paper than in conversation. But already the biggest benefit I gain from DeutschAkademie has taking place. After spending the mornings in German I find myself all day trying to think in German and use what I know to construct different sentences to use in everyday life.

To new beginnings!

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