A spontaneous evening of jazz

My Friday was pretty normal at first. I don’t work Fridays, so I had slept in, and in the afternoon dragged myself to the gym. As I arrived there a friend messaged me asking if I wanted to go to small jazz gig in a café. It was pay as you feel which, given how poor I was, sounded like a good option. I tried to rush home from the gym, but there was a market on Neubaugasse, blocking my bus home. I still managed to meet my friend in time, even if I hadn’t had time for dinner! The music was in Allergiker Café, which could only fit about 40 people in crammed together. The café was family owned and all the artwork on the walls was done by the daughters who worked there as waitresses. The family dog was there too, though it was the size of a baby bear. It wondered around and let everyone cuddle and stroke it. The gig was just one man and a piano, but it was absolutely amazing. A hidden gem in Vienna.