A spring day :)

The first week of November is over and I don’t know, but today, 8th November didn’t felt at all like autumn, more like spring is coming actually, a really warm and sunny day. The other day, although I am not much of the sporty type, I realized that I am way too sedentary, thinking that I need to do something about that I found myself a very cool place for running, walking, meditating and I don’t just sit on a bench and smoke a cigarette, just me with my thoughts, It is right near the Donaukanal and the view is just wonderful. A cool thing about living in Landstrasse is that you have everything very close.

I was writing in one post that I miss my cat and I wish we could bring him here but we have the problem with the flat we live in, is not pet friendly. We saw some apartmentsIMG_20151031_143245135_HDR this week, maybe we will actually be able to move at the end of the month and I am kind of excited about this, especially because we found one without furniture and it should be fun decorating it.      Fortunately not only that you have 2 IKEA stores in Vienna, but there is also this site Willhaben, you can find there like almost everything that runs trough your head, from blender, hairdryer, to couch and sofa and they have like really good prices.

What I haven’t found yet is one of those Japanese paravent, I found those so cool and also practical, you can use it to make a wardrobe or to split a room in 2, especially if is a big one and you wanna have like a living room and a dinning room. I have lots of ideas and probably I will have to organize them before starting to play the interior decorator so I won’t ruin everything, maybe I will go for walk on Donaukanal to get some more inspiration from there.

By the way, today we celebrate in my country two Saints, Mihail and Gavril, they were in fact archangels, I think there is a movie made in 2010 or something, a horror movie about them, but I think it is pretty bad so long story short, Mihail and Gavril are the two archangels that were running God’s armies against Satan and their names translated from Hebrew sound like this: Mihail= who else is like God? and Gavril= God is my power.

Just a short story about Romanian culture 🙂 and of course Happy Name Day for everyone called Mihai/Mihaela and Gabriel/Gabriela/Gabi.


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