A Sunday in the Forest

Apart from the social life and the variety of museums that one can find in the city center of Vienna, I think one thing that is really worth doing is visiting the forests that surround the city.That is at least what I decided to do today since the weather was ideal for such an activity.I chose to take the route that begun from Sieveringer Strasse since it is very close to where I live.Going uphill one firsts encounters a row of small suburban houses but soon she is surrounded by vines that spread as far as the eye can see.Since now is the time that most of the grapes are ripe there is quite a lot of activity in the fields.After a few minutes the road is transformed into a path that slowly leads you in the interior of the forest. Without the sound of cars or any other form of activity, the only sound is that of birdsongs or acorns falling on the ground.Once in a while you encounter  families or elderly couples taking their Sunday walk but everything takes place in such a slow pace that after a while one is immersed in a serene state of mind.However, the forest does seem to have a more social aspect to it as well.At the end of the path there a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy a warm drink or some food with the company of friends.It is a beautiful place whose terasse offers a stunning view of the city. So for the ones needing a break out of the city life or simply an opportunity to take some time off work I would definitely suggest visiting some part of the forests.I think they will apreciate the city much more once they have experienced its natural environment as well..wald_12.jpg3.jpg  

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