A very unique Coffee house

Vienna is the city of coffee houses. There are coffee houses everywhere here. A very unique experience at the Cafe in der Burggasse 24 (map). The atmosphere and the surroundings of the cafe transport you elsewhere as you enjoy a nice cappuccino. The staff of this cafe is very friendly staff and the cafe is filled with many plants providing a very visually stimulating environment.

The place looks a bit strange, the decor is very unique and hard to describe. The cafe is adjacent to a shop. You can take a date here and dazzle him/her with the uniqueness of this place or you can find a quiet corner and get lost in your work. If you want to do work, finding an electrical plug might be somewhat difficult, but it is doable.

The cafe offers breakfast and other food items throughout the day. There are various desert options to enjoy along side of your coffee. On the cold days, you can enjoy warm fire from an indoor fireplace . For drinks, the cafe offers a vast selection of non and alcoholic drinks.

The last point about this cafe I would like to mention is the old elevator that has been converted to a booth for two people. If you have enough courage, you can enjoy your coffee while suspended in a fixed elevator. Otherwise, you can pick another place and enjoy watching people decide if they want to enjoy some elevator coffee.



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