From A1.1. to B1.1.

Here I am, preparing to start the B1.2. module. I started a couple of months ago from zero. I had no previous knowledge of German. I moved to Vienna deciding that I want to learn a new language an enjoy life in a new city. And here I am now, in the begging of 2017, setting as resolution to master German by the end of the year.


The first 3 months were really interesting, full of new vocabulary and wondering at each corner what the words in front of me mean. The last two months were a bit challenging, I was also working and going to classes from 6.15 pm, I had no time for myself or self-study at home but I did managed at the end of December to pass the test in order to go for B1.2..

During the Christmas we did not had classes, so more time for something else, but guess what… I felt strange because I was having no classes. Sometimes, I was actually missing the atmosphere, colleagues and teachers… it was strange to have a 3 weeks break.

Now, I plan to start fresh with the B1.2. level. and afterwords I will have a time to consolidate all my German knowledge.

It is a long road, but most definitely I know that I want to master this language as soon as possible.

In the meantime, good luck with your classes and don’t give up.

All the best,


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