Albertina and Egon Schiele

Hey guys!

Do you like art? Because I absolutely love it. In this post I would like to share with you my latest visit to Albertina! Still haven’t been there? Right opposite the Opera House. 🙂

Why do I appreciate art so much? I’ve asked this question myself several times and I must say: it is amazing how paintings talk. Every painting has its own message, and through the painting we communicate with the artist and get in tune with their emotions and thoughts at that point of their lives. It is amazing how through art people get to leave their emotions so far into the future.

Besides Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite Austrian painters is Egon Schiele. He was actually a protégé of Gustav Klimt and one of my favourite expressionists. His works impressed me the most!
If you are into art, pay a visit to Albertina, Kunsthistorische Museum, Leopold museum or the collection at Belverede Palace. 🙂

Until next post!

– J.

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