Albertina’s heritage

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Vienna is magnificent city characterized by impressive cultural heritage – art, music and theatre – which are considered to be integral parts of the capital of Austria. This post is devoted to the component that hasn’t been discussed at my blog yet – ART.

Welcome to Albertina! One of the most famous Vienna museums owning about 900 thousand graphic arts of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Klimt and other famous painters and about 50 thousand drawings and watercolors masterpieces. The peculiarity of Albertina is the grandiose coverage of the time period – it stores works that have been created since the Gothic era untill the present days.

The founder of the museum is the duke Albert (that’s where the name of the museum came from) and his work was continued by his adoptive son and grandson.

Besides exhibition halls there are a library with a reading room, a store with souvenirs, books about paintings, picture catalogs and surprisingly – jewelry and a restaurant. Tourists can visit perennial expositions combining classical modern and contemporary art, photography and architecture – 20 luxurious living palace rooms revealing the culture of the Habsburg dynasty and classicism style as well as thematic exhibitions.

The sumptuousness of the building and breath-taking art attracted me as an admirer of French Impressionism and specifically my attention was focused on the masterpieces of my favorite painter Claude Monet. The cultural heritage from around the world will touch your soul and leave a deep impression in your heart, believe me.

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