An evening at a Heurige

As the weather was so nice this weekend a friend and I spontaneously decided to go to one of the Heurigen around Vienna. A Heurige is a vineyard, and there are loads of them up on the hills around Vienna. Almost all of them have impressive views of the city, and we were lucky that it was a clear day because we got to watch the sunset. The Heurigen sell traditional Austrian food, but obviously most people go for the wine. Because the wine comes straight from these vineyards you don’t have to pay the transport fees, which makes the wine really reasonably priced. We ordered an “eins eins” which is a litre of wine and a litre of soda water, so you can mix them and make your own spritzers and stopped us from getting carried away! We went to Heurige Sirbu. It was quite a trek to get there. First the U-Bahn to Heiligenstadt, then a bus, and then a 15-minute walk in the hills, and I had stupidly decided to wear sandals. However, once we arrived and saw the view it was totally worth it, it was a lovely summer evening.