Artsy Tour in MQ

In a hot summer afternoon, after me and my friend finishing the course at DeutschAkademie, we decided to take a detour to MuseumsQuatier.

After sunbathing for half an hour by the fountain, we wondered into mumok and totally dazzled by its unique building structure. mumok – Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien – is the largest museum of modern and contemporary art in central Europe. It is home to an extraordinary collection featuring major works of classical modernism, pop art, Fluxus, minimal art, and concept art, as well as Vienna Actionism and contemporary art.

On the first floor of exhibition, there were loads of screens hanging towards different directions, as well as headphones stringing down from ceiling. You may guess it by now, they’re for audio and video purposes, showcasing music of different genres, different times, different places. As a music lover, this particular exhibit can’t get any better. More and over, it was definitely an interesting scene that everyone was focusing on the screen in front of them, so much that felt like their minds were out of their bodies, which was strange and fascinating at the same time.

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