Audio exercises

I’m going to introduce you some ways to prepare your ears to the sound of German language. After some basic grammar knowledge it’s so good to start to how does the German language sounds in real life. From one side you have audio books available at It’s a good way get used to follow short stories with a easy plot depending on your German level. On the other hand, you can listen to the radio or watch TV. On this way you will find much more variety of accents and dialects. Also the speed of the spoken language is quite different than the one on the audio books. For example, it’s not exactly the same to listen to a German language from an Austrian native speaker, than a German or Swiss. The grammar it’s the same, but as all the lanuages, depending on the region you can recognise different words, expressions, accents…

I strongly recommend you to be in contact as much as you can with a real situations, with a real German language. All of as know that grammar rules are necessary, but after a while you have to use the language by your self. It doesen’t matter how many mistakes you do on the daily life or how much do you understand the news on the radio, because little by little that will give you self-confidence to speak in German and don’t be shy for that. However, please don’t misunderstand me, still you have to understand and remember the grammar! 🙂

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