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My favorite classes!

I really like to learn enjoying. My favorite exercises were when Nadine made us to play in class. I always remember when the teacher made two groups and we have to say the number correctly. That was so funny. Or when in two groups we have to say the article correctly. In that game both groups won.  I liked when Nadine made roll the ball between us, and we have to talk without look our notes. Other good game was when Nadine brought different pictures of Vienna and their names in papers, so we have to play Memory. We learnt german and know better the city at the same time. I like the interviews between us too. For example when we have to paint our profile and write about that, or when we have describe our houses or apartments.


What did we learn in A1?

Four weeks run so fast but we can say we learn a lot. We learn to talk about ourselves. We can say our names, profession, age, address, city of living and born, how many languages we speak and have a conversation for example when we go to cafeteria, or when we want to know the location of some place. We learnt the words of questions and how to start the answer. We learnt many adjectives, so we can say something is beautiful, ugly, tall, short, big, small, etc. We can make difference between country and the language what speak in that country. We learned general vocabulary we use in the office, and furniture of home. We also know conjugate regular verbs and verb to be, the numbers and how to say the telephone number. We can ask what time is it, and answer like Austrians… it’s not so easy!! jeje


Good bye everybody

The last week we finish our first level in german course. It was nice and everybody wanted their diploma to remind this first month learning german. To say good bye we went to Aida to drink coffee and breakfast. The weather was wonderful and it was the woman day, so we received a big bag in the street to go shopping. In many places we had a 20% of discount during that day. We arrived to Aida and ask in german what we wanted like we had done with our teacher once. We talk about our lives and we exchange e-mails and telephones number to keep in touch. The majority will continue the next level. Just two of us is not going to be in A2 because we leave Vienna. The people continue with the same teacher, and that is great because Nadine is good teacher and person. Thanks for everything!


Strategies to study a new language

Last week I talked with my classmates about strategies to learn a new language. In our case is german. I asked them what kind of methods they use to improve it. Many of them put post- it around the house or apartment with new vocabulary, phrases or questions which they want to learn. Another ones use one block just to write verbs in every times and other to write vocabulary. I use a small red box with papers inside and take it to every place. When I have a new world or phrase that I want to learn, I write it with the meaning behind and put it in my red box and when I have time I read every words and try to remember the meaning. If I can’t, I read behind it.


Delicious and organic ice cream // Der Eis-Greissler

If you prefer to eat organic food, free of pesticides, hormones, and artificial ingredients I have a great option for this summer. It is a small ice cream shop which is a few blocks from Stephan’s platz. Its name is Eis Greissler and usually has a long line until corner. My best friend from Vienna showed to me this special place. It is in Rotenturmstr. 14. They open from 11:00 to 22:00 hours every day. They make the ice cream with milk of them organic cow farm and fresh fruits. There are many options of savors and it is cheap. One scoop cost 1.50 euro, two scoop 2.50 euro, and it is big enough to be full. And the most important you are you are helping to reduce the environmental impact on our earth! Enjoy and help at the same time… good combination!


343 steps / der Stephansdom


If you want to feel like in middle age you have to visit the South Tower of San Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. You pay four euros and you can go to watchman chamber. It is 67 meters high. You have to go 343 narrow steps made of stone. This is a very good place to look at Vienna from above. You can find many names, hearts and padlocks in the name of love, in the walls and windows during the way. Getting to the top is no longer than 10 minutes. In the highest point there is a room and you can buy postal and mini Cathedrals. The real top of the South Tower is 137 meters but is no allowed to go there. If you don’t want to go too high walking, you can go to short one tower called the Bell Tower by elevator.


Picnic in Burggarten!


Last Friday was fantastic. I met at 10 a.m. in DeutschAkademie with our teacher Nadine and my classmates. Everyone brought some food to share. The majority of us made typical food at home and brought it. We tasted different kind of food like “Flia” from Kosovo, “Baursak” from  Kazakhstan, pizza made for our classmate from Italia, “Cornulete cu Nuca” from Rumania, and delicious candies from Japan. I made a yogurt cake, this is not food from my country but is like international food. We really enjoyed being together. We talked about our lives and experiences especially in Vienna. And we were very happy about the weather. A lot of sun, place, food and people to enjoy!!


Bike riding with my classmate!


This morning was amazing. I went bike riding with my classmate George from Japan. We met in DeutschAkademie with our bicycles ready to fun. Then we went to Donau Island because our classmate MariaVictoria told us that it was a beautiful place. She was right and the way was very nice too. We spent one hour but we went enjoying the views. And we didn´t know the way, but with internet in the mobile everything is easy. We went first to the Ring until Donau Canal, then we went to the right, after three bridges we turned left… I don’t remember any more, but finally we arrived to Donau Island. The weather was fantastic. It was the first day in bicycle around Vienna for George. He has been here for one month. We looked like children again.

For sure we are going to repeat!


New vocabulary!


We learnt a lot of new vocabulary this morning. Nadine taught us new words of furniture and adjectives like big-small, dark- light, cheap-expensive, etc. We learnt how to fill a form and new words like gender, name, last name, address, postal code, religion, town, telephone number, nationality, number of passport, etc. Then, in couples we painted our classmates and ask questions about their life. Everybody wrote and painted a profile and shared.

 We have learnt how to ask where a country or city is and explain where it is. We watched the maps of Germany, Switzerland and Austria and then we asked our classmates for the location of cities. We learnt the possessives forms and very important information about Vienna, like how many districts there are, their names and location.


Bike riding around the city!!


When I arrived to this city my mother in law gave me a bike as a present. She read my mind. I really love to bike riding and I do it on friday morning when I don’t have german class. It is amazing, especially when is spring and in Vienna. I like to go around the Ring and sometimes I go to old town between narrow streets. In this city are many bicycle ways and the view is amazing. You pay 1 euro each hour. I think that it is cheap. Last Friday I went to bike riding with my best friend. She is from Vienna and she knows many special places in this city like streets or restaurants. We enjoy a lot because it was a sunny day and the weather was perfect to explore the city. We biked riding for four hours and we stop just one time to make friends. In the end we were tired and hungry but very happy!


Great group!!


Everybody in my German class comes from different countries.


I have classmates from Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, Japan, Rumania, Kosovo, Kuwait and Kazakhstan. There is only one lucky boy in our class. He is George, he comes from New York although he was born in Japan. He loves New York and he lived there for more than 20 years. All of us came to Vienna for love, studies or job. Some of our couples are from here or they are working here… so we live here… Three of us have children, and Maria Victoria, from Spain has a daughter who lives here many years ago. She comes to Vienna to visit her frequently. All of us want speak German because we want to get a job, or because we are living here, so we need it for integration. I really like everybody. We are a great group!