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General impression of Deutscheakademie

In one word – great, definitely! The progress is noticeable and I don’t regret a minute spent on this course! For that price, at the best location in the city, with a high-quality material and very professional teachers – these advantages I find decisive for every German learner. I liked the support received in the situation when I needed it. The teacher was very good at explaining (and patient as well!). He was also very responsive and was trying to fulfill our wishes and targets. I really enjoyed to work in our group. We all were focused and striving to absorb as much as possible. In addition, I wanted to mention the responsiveness of staff! I can assure you that all of the feedbacks are heard and necessary measures are taken in order to solve your problems/requests.

I realize that it is only the beginning of studying and German language requires a lot of time and effort to contribute. However, I can definitely say that this course helped me to boost my learning process and I am aimed to continue studying in the same manner!

Off to Finland!

Since in couple of days I am going to back to Finland for my winter holidays, I wanted to tell few words about the country that has such an significant importance to me. First of all, this was my first steps in a path of an independent life. I grew up, became a more mature person and realized what I actually desire to do in life there. This place presented me with tons of positive emotions, a good educational foundation, ability to go to Vienna (!!!). There, I met wonderful people and found my true friends! This country stands out for the marvelous beauty of its nature. It is amazing both during winter and summer time! A huge amount of lakes spread through the whole country, green forests with rich flora -berries one love! And, fauna, of course – during a day you can run into squirrels, rabbits or even deers (if you are lucky enough). This country knows how to amaze you – we once were fortunate to see the northern lights and that was incredible!




Snow in Vienna

Today is a great day! And it completely doesn’t matter that I burned my breakfast, made a dirty mess in my apartment, barely managed to do everything I planned – the last one was not so easy to implement! Tomorrow is the day when I have to pass the most difficult exam in this semester and I am sure (for the first time!) I will – says my growing self-confidence! And, everything is thanks to the snow that finally covered Vienna like a white carpet and made it much brighter. I didn’t realize that I missed snow so much! And I don’t care that it is slowing turning into the dirty mess on the roads, also that it will melt in few days (according to the warm forecast). Today it gave me some motivation and inspiration! Hopefully, it makes to feel like this everyone around and not only me!




This picture was made by my friend when we visited one of the oldest university in Europe – Universität Wien. The doors of the UniWien are open to anyone willing to get acquainted with one of the most prestigious university in Austria with classic architecture and history of medieval Austria. Today the State University of Vienna visited by more than 80 thousand students from more than 120 countries worldwide. We were amazed by the architecture there and the spirit in lecture rooms – I am convinced, it affects your efficiently during studies. I can imagine what an honor it is to study there, and, who knows, maybe I will proud of myself to study there as well?



Recently me and my friends have visited Kahlenberg for the first time. Apparently, we chose not the best time for visiting a hill where an amazing panorama view of Vienna can be seen. Pictures are never able to transfer all the beauty that you see by your own eyes, however, we anyway took a picture just to save this day in our memories. Maybe few years later, when we all meet again, we will take a lot at this pic and all those old memories overtake us.



I find Vienna very conveniently located – right in the heart of Europe – which creates a great opportunity to discover many diverse countries and cities of Europe. During this semester, I have visited Munich, Prague and Budapest – all the cities are in 3-hours drive by bus! And, today, I share with your my memories of the cities I feel in love with the first sight! Oh, Budapest, I am always glad to come back to you and you always welcome me so generously! The unique appearance of Budapest was formed thanks to a beautiful area in which it is located. Wide Danube, which is spanned by several bridges of amazing beauty, divides the city into two large historical parts. On the one hand – the hilly Buda, easily recognizable by textured medieval buildings, where you can see the Royal Palace and the white towers of Fisherman’s Bastion. From the Royal Palace you can enjoy an impressive view of the Danube. The other part of the city is the modern Pest, which is currently the center of cultural, economic and political life of the capital of Hungary.



Gesäuse National Park

Here is a story of my trip to Austrian mountains. Me and my close friend were very enthusiastic about the Alps so one day we have decided to rent a car and go on a journey! Our choice has fallen on the Gesäuse National Park which is the third biggest national park in the Austria. Located in the mountainous Upper Styrian region, it covers large parts of the Gesäuse range within the Ennstal Alps and the steep water gap of the Enns river between Admont and Hieflau. We spent the whole day there, we were lucky with the weather as the sun was shining and it was extremely hot for November weather! We also were lucky to see deers there! Couldn’t capture them on a photo, sadly. We have done a great hiking and claimed to a hight of 1300 m above see level! I was proud of myself because I don’t stand out good physical shape as my friend does!




Missing the sun

This winter is starting to make me crazyyyy, I feel myself as if I were in a slow-motion. Time, in the form of sand, is deliberately pouring in hourglass, while I am stuck here with exams preparation. But all in all, I miss the sun. Everything would have been better if the sun had visited Vienna more often. Something that would warm me in a mild winter depression. Something that would cause me to go outside for a walk and distract from studying all day long. The only thing is left for now is to enjoy my summer memories – on the picture, there is my favorite Schönbrunn’s garden at the beginning of Autumn, when it was stunningly hot and when my dear beloved Mom visited me. When we together were exploring Vienna not caring about daily hassles.



One of my favorite thing to do in Vienna is just to get out to the city center for a walk,to do some shopping or meet friends for a cup of coffee. And I find Graben the most suitable street in Vienna for that. Especially I love it during warm and sunny days when everybody goes outside and Graben becomes such an overcrowded place! Yes, I love lively and active streets more than calm ones! An endless flow of people in a rush, trying to be in time for any planned meeting or business. Everything you need is in walking distance from there – your favorite bakery, conditerei, restraints or bars. Your favorite shops – Zara, Forever 21, Mango or “a bit” more expensive ones – Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany&Co – one day, when I am no longer a poor student, I am gonna shop in those boutiques 🙂



Vienna’s museums

Having gone through a lot of turmoil, has been influenced by different cultures, Austria received its recognizable appearance. On the streets of the city reigns peaceful atmosphere, no wonder Vienna is considered one of the most attractive city for living. The charming European city, in the past the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna enraptures with its grandeur and at the same time comfort, luxury and noble serenity.

In Vienna you never ask yourself question “which museum should I visit today”. Because there are such a wide range of different options! Here, everyone could find something that interests him. Weather this passion is history, modern art, architecture of renaissance, baroque or rococo style. You can just open a list of all museum, randomly choose one of them and plunge into the splendor of its beauty. Numerous museums of Vienna cover all facets of human development. I have visited a lot of Museums so far, however, the following ones deserve to be in the “must” list of Vienna’s visitors (in my personal opinion):
Belvedere palace – here you can find the most recognizable masterpiece of Gustav Klimt – “the Kiss”,
Albertan museum – one of the largest and most significant collections of the world charts that spans the period from the late Gothic to the present time.
Schönbrunn palace – The palace, once a residence of the Habsburgs, with a long and glorious history (my advice is to take audio guide in order to fully enjoy the time!)
Naturhistorisches Museum – is one of the main museums in Austria and one of the best venues in the world. During its 150-year history of the museum’s collection replenished with several hundred thousand exhibits, representing great value for the study of natural history.
I mentioned Museums which entranced me the most so far, however, there are still so many more to get acquainted with!

Photos: Naturhistorisches Museum and MUMOK (modern art museum)


Opera house

IMG_0863If you haven’t visited Statoper in Vienna yet, you’ve missed a lot! Do it with the first opportunity and, without any hesitations,, you will be more than trilled after it!
One of the most famous opera houses in the world. The cost of seats at the Vienna Opera range from € 10 to € 240. Cheap seats for € 12 – € 30 are located, usually on the upper gallery and lodges in the third row. I do not advice to buy those ones because the you will be left with a very tiny view on stage and the overall impression can be ruined. A would rather suggest to buy the cheapest option if you possess patience and good health – tickets for standing room cost from € 2 to € 4. Standing tickets are sold directly at the Opera House for half an hour prior to the submission by Operngasse street. However, if you want to have time to buy them, you should take place much earlier (about 2-3 hours before the start of ticket sales). I know it is not the best option and require a lot of time to waste, however, for such price you will be able to enjoy a great performance of opera singers on a par with people who pay € 100 or € 200! I have been going to Opera for already many times during this semester thus I do not regret any spent moment!
Tip: on the third flour, the view from the balcony is just amazing, so go and check it out!