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Growing up….not necessary a fun thing to do :)

Looking for a flat to rent in Vienna is harder than I thought it would be. For one thing, most landlords prefer to rent their properties through real estate agencies, which charge the equivalent of two months’ rent plus tax for the service. That’s up to 1500 euros for an average flat, and it’s all payable by the tenants – the landlord doesn’t pay anything!  It seems like a lot of money to charge for taking some photos of an apartment and putting up an ad online, which is pretty much the extent of their services. On the upside, opening a real estate agency that’s not a complete rip-off sounds like a good business idea. If this whole medicine thing doesn’t work out, I’m going into real estate! :))

The language course is going really well, I feel I’m really learning a lot. I have to improve as much as possible before January, which is when I’ll start working. For the first few months, up to a year (or however long it takes me to get to C1, which right now still seems impossibly far away) I’ll be working at a hospital in Hainburg an der Donau. I haven’t been there yet, but it looks like a charming small town. According to Wikipedia it’s really small indeed – a little over 6000 people. The hospital there services a larger area though. In any case, I’m not looking forward to the morning commute. It takes an hour to get there by train and only slightly less by car. And I have to be there by 7 o’clock each morning. Waking up at 5 AM is not among my favorite things, but I’ll live. Also I’m still thinking to develop the perfect method to become a morning person which I’am not, never was. Honestly…even German feels easier than waking up at 5 AM :(. Don’t really enjoy all this growing up busyness.

Today my boyfriend and I were planning to go with some friends to Stift Melk, which is a monastery about an hour out of Vienna by car. But we woke up to the sound of rain outside, so decided to postpone the trip and instead the four of us went out to brunch. We picked the place from TripAdvisor and found a place that had solid ratings and a brunch buffet called Caffe Latte. Unimaginative name but good food and great coffee. We can definitely recommend the 15 euro all-you-can-eat brunch buffet, but make sure to call ahead of time to make a reservation, as the place is packed.


Hope you find this useful!….well…some of it 🙂

A spring day :)

The first week of November is over and I don’t know, but today, 8th November didn’t felt at all like autumn, more like spring is coming actually, a really warm and sunny day. The other day, although I am not much of the sporty type, I realized that I am way too sedentary, thinking that I need to do something about that I found myself a very cool place for running, walking, meditating and I don’t just sit on a bench and smoke a cigarette, just me with my thoughts, It is right near the Donaukanal and the view is just wonderful. A cool thing about living in Landstrasse is that you have everything very close.

I was writing in one post that I miss my cat and I wish we could bring him here but we have the problem with the flat we live in, is not pet friendly. We saw some apartmentsIMG_20151031_143245135_HDR this week, maybe we will actually be able to move at the end of the month and I am kind of excited about this, especially because we found one without furniture and it should be fun decorating it.      Fortunately not only that you have 2 IKEA stores in Vienna, but there is also this site Willhaben, you can find there like almost everything that runs trough your head, from blender, hairdryer, to couch and sofa and they have like really good prices.

What I haven’t found yet is one of those Japanese paravent, I found those so cool and also practical, you can use it to make a wardrobe or to split a room in 2, especially if is a big one and you wanna have like a living room and a dinning room. I have lots of ideas and probably I will have to organize them before starting to play the interior decorator so I won’t ruin everything, maybe I will go for walk on Donaukanal to get some more inspiration from there.

By the way, today we celebrate in my country two Saints, Mihail and Gavril, they were in fact archangels, I think there is a movie made in 2010 or something, a horror movie about them, but I think it is pretty bad so long story short, Mihail and Gavril are the two archangels that were running God’s armies against Satan and their names translated from Hebrew sound like this: Mihail= who else is like God? and Gavril= God is my power.

Just a short story about Romanian culture 🙂 and of course Happy Name Day for everyone called Mihai/Mihaela and Gabriel/Gabriela/Gabi.



Just 2 more days and I am completing my first month here, in Vienna. I haven’t discovered yet something not to like at this place. Probably the city has his dark secretes too like every oder place, hope I won’t have to find out :).

I am really enjoying my staying here although I have to say I wish I would have done this when I was younger. I have this colleague, she is like 18 years old and she cammed here by herself, that, I found really brave.

The courses went well for the last month, I made a few friends easier then I thought it will be, saw some very nice places around. Still, I feel like if I would have been like 5 years yoIMG_20150929_171727297unger at least…I guess I would have felt more comfortable with time passing so fast. I miss home a bit, actually what I miss most is my cat that I wasn’t able to bring with me, haven’t made him a passport yet and also is kind of hard to find a flat here that is pet friendly :(.

The last days of October me and my boyfriend started looking for another a place to live, where we will be allowed to bring our cat. We rescued this sweet animal 2 years ago, he was like 10 days old when we found him. We had to feed him with a baby bottle like for 5 times a day for 2 months, then he started eating by himself.

I wasn’t really a cat person till we found this guy, but after this experience…I don’t know, you just can’t go back to not having a cat.

You know, this is the best treatment for depression, nostalgia, boredom and all sort of things that make you waste time. So, yep…I really like Vienna, I just wish I was 23 and I had my cat with me :).
By the way, he is adorable, smart, very clean, he is used with the litter and he is not chewing anything like cables, walls, furniture. So if you have a flat to rent maybe you can make it pet friendly :).

Bis bald!

Halloween night

Last weekend we went to Halloween party, we had like hundreds of options but eventually we chose to go to the Prater event since it was so mainstream. I also watched the after movie from last year and it really looked cool.

The plan was to get there at six in the evening so that we can watch the parade too, but we totally missed that unfortunately. I haven’t been at too many Halloween parties, this one was the second actually. The first Halloween party I attended was last year in some bar in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), I really enjoyed the costume part so I was excited this year, thinking that I will make myself a hell of costume. Well…wasn’t so….it was more like a last minute costume. I was a bit disappointed in myself, especially when I got to Prater park and saw the awesome costumes that some people had. Didn’t felt so bad though when I find out that that the cool costume there were of people that worked in Prater. Some of them were really good, my favorite: I called him “the bone collector”, was this guy wearing a rain coat and plastic boots, covered in blood, you couldn’t see his face at all and he was carrying a bunch of bones. Then was this couple…I think they were something like crows or dark angels, don’t know for sure, these were like fancy scary, a very nice dark costume, carefully painted on their faces, with very nice and realistic dark wings. Another one that I founded really cool was the girl with no face, a small girl dressed all in a gray costume and you couldn’t see her face, no eyes, no mouth, no nothing, it was creepy, you don’t necessarily need to be bloody or disgusting to be scary.
We went to the labyrinth of terror, this was and interesting experience  and gave us the creeps: a bloody bathroom with this hanging in the shower, weird birds running after you, clowns ….because always has to be a clown somewhere, some human-pig-butcher with an ax.IMG_20151031_223819977

Afterwards we were thinking to go to Prater Dome- most important club in town they say, it was impossible to do that, there was a line for like 2 hours or more and I wasn’t even sure that they are still allowing people to enter so we gave up with this one. We decided to go in the city to look for a bar, a club or just a place to hang out. The city was so crowded on Saturday night, everywhere you looked you could have found a Halloween party. In my country we don’t really celebrate Halloween, yes we have some parties here and there but you will never see so many people with costumes on the streets. They were saying that Austrian people also don’t make such a big thing of this…well, seemed pretty big deal to me.

Cheers to a fun loaded November!

Parndorf…funny story

Last weekend I was to the Parndorf famous outlet brand. Have to say I was really waiting for this one to come :D. Back home I have lot of friends (girls obviously) that were here and they were always super excited about the shopping and the good prices for cloths and shoes, jewelry and everything. So …I went, it was really nice, just that I spent an entire day running trough stores, so many people and too many choices.
I was the only girl in a group of four, imagine that I finished my shopping first, I didn’t new that was possible. Anyway I roamed the place without actually wanting to buy something, but I had this objective in my mind…to visit some shoes store, I will not tell which one….I’ll just tell this, is the only place in Parndorf where you have to stay in a line for at least 30 minutes, you will definitely recognize it if you go there. So, imagine this, I wasn’t planning to buy anything, but, since I stood in a line for something like 40 minutes….well I said to myself that I won’t be sitting at this line again in the near future, so I got myself a pair of new boots.

Usually, this place is opened till 18:00, I think thought they have opened on Friday till 21:00, anyway, we went on Saturday, being sure that the stores are opened till 21:00….nope, that wasn’t so. Also the last bus to Vienna is living at six in the evening.

So we got out of the last store that was opened still around six and a half. We were walking slowly to the bus station, when, surprise…no buses, no nothing. We wanted to take a taxi to get us to the train station but we didn’t found one, so we walked to the train station, on the highway :)). It is a good thing that we were in Austria and you can find everywhere a bike track. There are like 2 km froIMG_20151024_182555098m Parndorf Outlet to the train station, just in case this happens to you too, don’t despair…you will have a really nice view on the freeway, it is perfectly safe and you can also check your evening workout. Also there is a train to Vienna to each half hour and you can buy yourself a ticket from the machine that you find at the train station.

At the beginning we got scared a bit…fortunately for us, in this country you seem to find solutions for a lot problems.

Have a nice Sunday!

SLFDHC …find out for yourself :)

I am almost coming to an end with my first course of German, tomorrow is the last day o course in A1.1. Now that I am here, trying to learn this language, which by the way, I heard that in a classification made by a linguist, it was the fourth most difficult language to learn.
Well, I won’t lie to you (a short parenthesis: what happened to that TV series “Lie to me”? It was pretty good :P)… all started really well with these classes, learning, having fun, getting to know new people…but as we go along things get harder and harder, you starting to learn more difficult things, like grammar and tenses, accusative and dative. It is really important to focus during classes, our teacher, probably the others the same, in the beginning he was using a few words in English, with the days passing he was starting the talk more and more in German, now he only speaks to us in German, so this is another reason why you will want to come to these classes after you slept just fine the other night and had a good meal before starting, you want no hunger or sleepy eyes to stop you from …..basically struggling to stay focused. So, eyes and ears on your teacher ( he also mimics a lot, because ..well you don’t know that much German 🙂 and fingers on your phone or a dictionary to quickly check that word that you already heard like five times today so it must be  important and frequently used, at least “Das ist meine methode”.
Another thing, don’t ever ever skip Hausaufgaben = Hausübung = homework. The homework is not for your teacher is for you and you want to keep up, things happen really fast, that’s why it is called and intensive course because it really is.
Last but not least: courage. Nobody expects from you to speak academically after one month of German, speak German with every chance you get: the grocery store, the restaurant, in classes, on street, with your friends, in the mirror, alone, in bed trying to fall to sleep. No worries
about accent, about fitting the words right in the sentences, about verbs…that will co me along with time…but ti2015-08-29 19.57.31ll then we still have things to tell to each other 🙂
So, recapitulation! Sleep-checked; lunch-checked; focused-checked; dictionary-checked; homework-checked; courage-checked; There you go….your technique: SLFDHC.
Bis bald!12190656_10153100271627601_766185386_o

Some Viennale and a bit of German

Time is running really fast, I told myself I was going to do so many things this weekend and here I am trying at least write this article. I haven’t yet seen a single movie from Viennale: Vienna International Film Festival  and I am not surprised at all, this is so me, trying to do everything, getting to do nothing. The movie festival I was writing about is very similar to one we have back home in Romania. That one is called TIFF: Transilvania International Film Festival, maybe you heard about it and as this one, happing here in Vienna, which I assume is more opulent than TIFF, it takes place throughout all the city in many theaters. You better find their newspaper or magazine, maybe Viennale Zeitung :), every festival like this one has some kind of presentation for the movies program and it is really useful because these are not films that you can seek on Internet, maybe some of them, but for others you will probably want to now a description so you can than be able to choose what movie do you wanna see.
I was curious what am I missing by not yet going to this event and I searched a little about the movies that are running today (26th october) and I saw that before noon there were like 3 movies with Charlie Chaplin, I very much like his movies, my favorites: “The Great Dictator” with that famous speech, worth seeing it, “The Gold Rush” and “Modern Times”. I just remembered now that wonderful song written by Charlie Chaplin: “This is my song” and performed by Petula Clark and probably by many others, this song, from what I now, was intended for a film, also written and directed by Charlie Chaplin: “A Countess From Hong Kong” this one I didn’t saw, anyway a great song that you should here, I get really nostalgic for some reason when I here it.
I was saying that I am going to try and write a longer text in German so…here goes nothing 🙂
“Gewöhnlich mag ich keinen Sport, aber im Sommer mache ich gern Ausflüge in die Natur. Ich bevorzuge die setzt mit see so kann ich schwimmen. Ich weiß nicht so toll schwimmen, aber genug um nicht zu entrinken. Normalerweise bin ich eine faule Person, ich mag mit meine Freunde sitzen und ein Weinglas trinken und philosophische plätschernden.
Andernfalls ich höre gern Musik und ich schaue Filme, vor allen Science-Fiction. Mein favorit ist “Mad Max” (1,2,3 und 4)”

See ya!



Ein bisschen Deutsch :)

I was thinking maybe to write a bit about the things we are doing in class since the actually purpose of this blog is for us to share our experiences in Vienna but also at DeutschAkademie. We started with the simple things: alphabet, which by the way is very similar to the Romanian one. The first week we learned simple forms of recommendation, how to say “ I am called” or”my name is”, how to answer to simple questions, like: where you coming from? Where do you live? What is your age? What is your profession? What languages do you speak? I am going to write a few things about my self that I learned in the first week at DeutschAkademie:

Ich heise Delia, ich komme aus Rumaenien, ich wohne in Wien, ich bin neunundzwanzig Jahre alt und ich arbeite als Aerztin, ich bin ledig und ich habe keine Kinder. = My name is Delia, I come from Romania, I live in Vienna, I am 29 years old, I am doctor, I am single and I have no kids.” That’s pretty much what does this mean, I will have to apologize for not using a German keyboard, so that German “s” and the “umlaut” are missing, but the main thing I was trying to emphasize here is that after just one week, you can actually say some things about your self in German. I didn’t knew German at all before thIMG_20151021_221445831is course so for me this is a big deal, being able to say these simple things about myself.

Than you learn basic things like: how to name all the things you find in a house, from furniture, to fruits, vegetables, technology. In every lesson you learn new verbs, usually those most often used along with conjugation in present simple.

I don’t know how things work in other groups, but we have a test weekly and a dictation, usually we are told what to prepare for each of thIMG_20151021_221346767ese. This way we constantly know about our progress and if we are going up or down.

I heard that on B2 level you are already learning dialects, at this moment I find this very hard to do, who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised. Here is somethin
g which from what I know should be some Oesterreich
dialect: “ An glan mit hasa much” I am not really sure but I think it’s some kind of coffee with some kind of milk, I don’t if hot or cold, more or  less :). For my next post I am going to try a longer text in German, remember I am only in A1.1, don’t be to harsh on me.

Have a great weekend!


Halfway through A1.1

I can’t believe only two weeks have passed since I arrived in Vienna. It feels like it’s been much longer. I think it’s because getting accustomed to new things makes time feel like it’s passing slower. That would explain why time seems to pass by faster and faster as we age: because we get accustomed to more and more routine, until the brain gets bored of logging the same experiences.

    Well, routine, that is not something to find very often here in Vienna, you always have something to do, lot of things happen here to keep you busy.2015-08-01 17.53.03

   Wednesday, 14th october DeutschAkademie organized a party for all its students, which I attended. It was fun, and I took the opportunity of meeting a few people from other groups and share experiences over a couple of beers. Sometime during the course of the evening, the organizers brought to each table a framed paper canvas on which they asked us to draw the DeutschAkademie logo and improve on it in some small way. I ended up drawing the Prater ferris wheel, which is what I believed to be the figure in the logo’s background. Not much of an improvement on the logo, truth be told, but it was fun to make.

I met this really clever guy, also a student at DeutschAkademie, he made an application for android phone that helps doctor for staging cancer, it is actually called TNM staging cancer, that is probably not that interesting for you guys, but “fur mich” since I am a doctor too, well I find this quite usefull, especially for my colleagues specialized in oncology, they ussualy have to recall this staging for every existing cancer and that is not something easy to do.

Anyway it was fun attending this party, lot of fun and smart people there, must say I haven’t yet made too many friends and I’ll have to work on that. Hope for more party like this to come so that the process of making friends, meeting people will be much easier.

Right now, I’m excited about the Viennale film festival coming up next week, and this weekend my boyfriend and we were planning on either going to the Prater amusement park, or the Schonbrunn Zoo — weather permitting — which I just found out is one of the largest in Europe.  We didn’t got to do that though, we got lazy this weekend, hope that for next we’ll organize ourself better. 🙂

My first week in Vienna

I am at the end of my first week in Vienna and my first week of German course (A1.1) at DeutschAkademie. I must say it is much better than I thought it will be – I mean, we have a lot of fun learning German. I expected it to be much harder and I am not saying it’s not hard, just that here, at DeutschAkademie, German is actually fun to learn. Every day for the past week, I felt like time was running out so fast during courses and must say I was really excited for the next day of class.2015-09-04 13.33.51

My group, my classmates, make up a very colorful picture. In my native language, that is Romanian, I would use the word “pestrit” to describe my group. The equivalent word in German should be something like: “mannigfaltig”, not sure though if I can use the word in this context. So, the group is made up of ten people from all around the world: Kazakhstan, Albania, Kuwait, Canada, United States of America, Montenegro, Spain, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and me from Romania, all gathered here for the same purpose, to learn German, each of us for a different reason probably, but at the end with the same expected result: communication. Some of my colleagues are students, so I assume they need to learn German to continue their studies here, somebody is just visiting and somebody is looking for a job… all different situations that bring people and cultures together. It is an interesting and fun experience at the same time. This was only the first week of the course so we didn’t really get to know each other. I don’t know how long we’ll study together, but for the next month we surely will so I guess I’ll go and make some friends.

The most important person in our group is of course our teacher, without whom we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we are here for. We have Roman, he is such crazy person, but in good way, he keeps us motivated and curious about learning new things.

Outside of language class, I’ve been walking around Vienna and enjoying the sights. I’m hoping for at least one more warm (or at least not freezing cold) weekend this year so that I can go to the Prater amusement park and go on the rides. I may get scared when I actually get there, but I won’t chicken out! 🙂

Tschuss!2015-10-04 18.11.20