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New season, new location…

Once again we have Stammtisch. Until now, everybody should know what Stammtisch is about, but if this is your first month in Deutsch Akademie, or you are just thinking about taking a class here… than you should know that the school really cares about their students, and that besides learning during the course, you can also go to the Stammtisch.

But, what the Stammtisch is about? In fact, is about a evening out in the city. With this occasion, you can interact with your colleagues in a friendly environment, you can meet new people from who learn in Deutsch Akademie or you can also bring your friends, and enjoy a great Wednesday evening. Lots of surprises are prepared by the Deutsch Akademie employees, and the girls from the office, take really good care of any aspect.

But what is new with December Stammtisch? Location! Right, the location was changed. Tomorrow we will see each other at Centimeter, close to Rathaus. Centimeter is a well known restaurant in Vienna, and the location near Rathaus makes it even interesting. You can first make a visit to the Rathaus Christmas market, which will going to lighten up your soul, and after you can practice your German with so many other people whose purpose is to learn this difficult/ interesting/ nice language.

I hope there will be many of you tomorrow to the Stammtisch. I am sure that everybody did everything in their power in order to have a magic Stammtisch evening.


Did you prepared your shoes?

December 6 marks the feast day of Saint Nicholas Day, and for the me the beginning of the Christmas season. It is a common practice for both children and grownups, to put out their shoes the night before St. Nicholas.  With enthusiasm and curiosity, in the morning, we discover the gifts which Nicholas had left to us.


Widely celebrated in Europe and not only, St. Nicholas’ feast day, December 6th, kept alive the stories of St. Nicholas goodness and generosity.

In Germany and Poland, boys dressed as bishops begged alms for the poor—and sometimes for themselves! In the Netherlands and Belgium, St. Nicholas arrived on a steamship from Spain to ride a white horse on his gift-giving rounds. December 6th is still the main day for gift giving and merrymaking in much of Europe.

In the Netherlands St. Nicholas is celebrated on the 5th, the eve of the day, by sharing candies (thrown in the door), chocolate initial letters, small gifts, and riddles. In Romania, St. Nicholas is bringing a lot of sweets to the children which behaved well during the year, and a small stick to the ones less good. Dutch children leave carrots and hay in their shoes for the saint’s horse, hoping St. Nicholas will exchange them for small gifts.

Did you prepared your shoes? Do you celebrate St. Nicholas in your country? Tell us what traditions and how you celebrate this full of happiness day?




Happy National Day, Romania!

Happy National Day, Romania!

On 1st of December it was Romania National Day. In 1918, so 98 year ago the 3 big provinces: Moldova, Transylvania and Muntenia decided to unite under the name of Romania.

Back home, officials are taking this celebration really serious and they are preparing all kind of events: military parades, cooking competition, dancing and singing concerts. For us is an important day, and I was very surprised when some other colleagues of mine, from other Balkan countries, did not knew when their National Day is, or that of them is not of such a big importance and not learning about it in school. But, because I don’t want this to be a historic post, I will translate for you a couple of know expressions that we have, and maybe I will be able to put a smile on your face.


Romanian best known expressions:

  • A Romanian doesn’t have “unusual ideas”… he has “a curly mind” (Minte creață).
  • A Romanian will not look at you “confused”… he will “stare like the crow at the bone” (Ca cioara la ciolan).
  • A Romanian is not “a drunkard”… he’s “a blotting paper” (Sugativă).
  • A Romanian hasn’t been “scammed”… he “took a spike” (A luat țeapă).
  • A Romanian won’t “call it quits”… he’ll “stick his feet in” (Își bagă picioarele).
  • A Romanian is not “stupid”… he’s “a Venice bush” (Tufă de Veneția).
  • As a Romanian you don’t “fool yourself”… you “get drunk with cold water” (Te îmbeți cu apă rece).
  • A Romanian doesn’t just “keep quiet”… he “keeps quiet like the pig in a corn field” (Tace ca porcu-n păpușoi).
  • A Romanian is not “nervous”… he “has a carrot (in the ass)” (Are un morcov în fund).
  • A Romanian won’t say that something is “cool”… he’ll say it’s “concrete” (Beton).
  • A Romanian won’t tell you to stop “wasting time”… he’ll tell you to stop “rubbing the mint” (Freca menta).
  • A Romanian is not “crazy”…he’s “gone on a raft” (Dus cu pluta).
  • In Romania, things are not “far away”… they’re “at the devil’s mother” (La mama naibii).
  • A Romanian will not have “the impostor syndrome”… he will “feel with the fly on his cap” (Se simte cu musca pe căciulă).
  • You don’t “drive a Romanian nuts”… you “take him out of his watermelons” (Îl scoți din pepeni).
  • A Romanian doesn’t simply deem an effort “useless”… he says it’s “a rub on a wooden leg” (Frecție la picior de lemn).
  • A Romanian is not “extremely tired”…he’s “cabbage.” His life is not “chaotic”… it’s “cabbage.” And his room is not “a complete mess”…it’s also “cabbage” (Varză).
  • A Romanian doesn’t “suddenly get it”… his “coin drops” (Îi pică fisa).
  • Nor will he “lie to you”… he’ll “sell you doughnuts” (Vinde gogoși).
  • A Romanian won’t “try to fool you”…he’ll “throw vapours at you” (Te aburește).
  • A Romanian hasn’t just “screwed up”…he “threw his boogers in the beans” (A dat cu mucii-n fasole).
  • A Romanian won’t “lose temper”…his “mustard will jump off” (Îi sare muștarul).
  • A Romanian is not “surprised”… his “face has fallen off” (I-a picat fața).

A New Journey begins


On Monday I started a new chapter in my life regarding the process of learning German. I am speaking about the fact that I finished my A level, and just started the B1.1. level in Deutsch Akademie.

If usually I was saying that the classes are quite intensive, this month I will reinforce my statement as we are having classes from Monday to Friday, so 3 hours per day, every week day. I will keep you updated regarding this experiment.

As I started to work, I am doing the evening classes. I can say that we are a little bit more quiet and maybe tired, as most of my colleagues are working. From my point of view, having a German class in the evening, also shows our commitment and desire for learning German.

I am very excited about this new beginning and I hope my time will allow me to try to have some posts in German.

In the end, I would like to ask you how is your process of learning German going? Are you satisfied with your evolution?

Keep practicing… practice, practice, practice is the key of learning. 15320303_1334833536535311_115695408_n


Some other opinion


Hello again,

It’s been a while since my last post on the blog, and honestly I was missing the idea of writing and sharing my experiences or knowledge about Deutsch Akademie, German language or any other subject.

Last Thursday, I had my last class for the A2.2. module, in Deutsch Akademie. And on Monday… (not a surprise) I am starting B1.1. module. I am happy to be able to follow a new module, it will be even an intense one, while I will have classes from Monday to Friday, but I will keep you updated about it.

Now, because in my previous posts I was sharing only my experience regarding Deutsch Akademie, and can be interpreted as a subjective opinion, in this post I want to share with you another opinion of one of my colleagues.

It will be anonymously, but I can say that she is a beautiful & smart young girl from USA. She is doing her studies here, but also as many of us, wants to learn German and Deutsch Akademie was her choice.

  1. Warum haben Sie die D.A. gewählt?

I arrived in Vienna with a month to dedicate to learning German before my master’s degree courses began at Uni Wien. Deutsch Akademie had the intensive course that was perfect for me, since it started early September, had small class sizes, and was relatively inexpensive.

  1. Wie waren ihre Erfahrungen mit der D.A.?

I was discouraged during the first week and wanted to quit D.A. because I was frustrated. I couldn’t understand most of what my teacher was saying in German and wished she would just explain things in English. However, I’m glad that I stuck with it. The all-German approach helped me get used to the way the language sounds. Also, I met a lot of wonderful people of different backgrounds in the class. They are supportive and fun. Now I wake up every morning excited to go to D.A. and learn German!

  1. Möchten Sie die D.A. empfehlen?

Yes, of course! I really think the teaching method is effective. I highly recommend the teacher Andrea. She is so nice and supportive, and makes you see that learning German is fun and, most importantly, possible!

  1. Ein Wort für D.A.?


Hope she is more convincing than me, and you will try one of Deutsch Akademie classes if in need to learn German.

See you! 14522600_1273505109334821_1287775457_o

Deutsch Akademie from our eyes

If you are already a student in the Academy you already know the learning atmosphere and the environment. But, if you are new and in search of a good school where to learn German… than for sure you should take into consideration Deutsch Akademie. Why? I will not speak about the central location and good hours, but about the atmosphere :D.

Well, all there classes are small, but most important, at the end of one course you will have the feeling that you’ve made new friends, embraced new cultures and learnt German.

I asked my colleagues to describe their experience with Deutsch Akademie in one single word, and here it is what I’ve got. I find it really cool that are so many different good opinions and words, in this way you can make a very clear impression about how your experience here will be like and know what to expect for.


I totally agree with all this words, and I find Deutsch Akademie the perfect place for learning a new language!

Practice, Practice, Practice

As is the end of the month, there is also the end of our classes. Usually, Deutsch Akademie classes start at the beginning of each month so the ending of the month coincides with the one of the class.

I still cannot believe another month is gone, and I am already finishing the A2.1. course. This course was a little bit different, in the first week, we had a teacher and the other three weeks another one. There was no problem with that, while both of them are really nice persons, with different teaches approaches but positive in work and mind.

We made some plans for our last day. In the first part of the day, we are going to have a normal class, with some recap and a small test, and in the second part, we will have a picnic in Burggarten.

Even though we don’t receive grades, and I am confident that I am going to do well at our test, I do have some emotions and feel a little bit stressed. I’d wished this day had some more hours, so I would be capable to repeat all the grammar rules learnt until now, I could review some verbs or nouns…. Hmmm, I dug all my older materials and I am going to make a short recap.

In the same time, I cannot wait the picnic, Burggarten in a really nice park and is a great idea for ending a level with some spare time in nature.

How do you prepare for your test? Or, how is going to be your last day?14439026_1273331979352134_1370303179_o

Make friends and “compete”

Deutsch Akademie offers a wide range of activities which help you learn German more easily.

They are offering a free online course where you can find lots of exercises for every level. Here, they also have some online lessons with audio training.

Deutsch Akademie is organizing each month a Stammtisch, an evening out with all their students. Lots of creative games are prepared by the team. And, as a participant, you can win some interesting and useful prizes.

While Deutsch Akademie is offering some alternatives for learning German. Another, very used app, which can be used by you as an individual, or you can follow your friends is… Duolingo. It is a free language learning that includes a language-learning website and app, as well as a digital language proficiency assessment exam. I used Doulingo for a while, but I stopped. I intend to use it again, and maybe we can compete together. My name is IvonaCostan.

There are so many alternatives for learning a language online, it is quite difficult to use or fallow all of them. My advice would be to choose one which fits you best, and then keep working with that when you have some spare time.

For sure it is better to speak German every time you have the occasion, but most importantly with people which have a high level of Deutsch knowledge.

Taking a course in Deutsch Akademie is a good decision. While we are working in small classes, in 3 hours, all the people have the possibility of speaking with each under the supervision of a teacher.

What methods do you use for learning German by yourself? Do you have a favorite program or app?


Some music from Mr. Obama

I have not hidden sympathy for the Obamas.  I follow them on facebook, instagram, twitter and where I can. But nope, not yet stalker :P.

They are charismatic, smart, and they are making good PR. I will not comment their political decisions and actions, because I consider there are people more advised to tell something about his eight years activity in the oval office.

On 11 August 2016 the US president gives his summer playlist tweet, daytime and nighttime.

How do I listen to music all the time and all the while looking constantly new songs or old, but I conquer, I recognized it was a moment only good to (re) find some music to listen to in the days ahead.

I started with the first song in daytime playlist, second and I said I could make a playlist. I arrived at nighttime and I thought I could make a playlist. Or I could have one, consisting of two.


The President Summer playlist for daytime consists of:

  1. LoveHate Thing– Wale
  2. Smooth Sailin’– Leon Bridges
  3. Elevator Operator– Courtney Barnett
  4. Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  5. Many the Miles– Sara Bareilles
  6. Tightrope – Janelle Monáe
  7. Classic Man – Jidenna
  8. So Ambitious – Jay Z feat. Pharrell
  9. Me Gustas Tu– Manu Chao
  10. Forever Begins– Common
  11. The Man– Aloe Blacc
  12. As We Enter– Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
  13. Sinnerman – Nina Simone
  14. U Got the Look– Prince
  15. Rock Steady– Aretha Franklin
  16. Good Vibrations– Beach Boys
  17. Don’t Owe You A Thang– Gary Clark Jr.
  18. Man Like That– Gin Wigmore
  19. II B.S. (edit)– Charles Mingus

 And the nighttime one consists of:

  1. If I Have My Way– Chrisette Michele
  2. Espera – Esperanza Spalding
  3. Tell It Like It Is– Aaron Neville
  4. Alright – Ledisi
  5. Trapped By A Thing Called Love– Denise LaSalle
  6. Lady – D’Angelo
  7. So Very Hard to Go– Tower of Power
  8. Midnight Sun– Carmen McCrae
  9. Cucurrucucú Paloma – Caetano Veloso
  10. Green Aphrodisiac – Corinne Bailey Rae
  11. I’ll Be There for You / You’re All I Need– Mary J. Blige / Method Man
  12. Lover Man– Billie Holiday
  13. Criminal – Fiona Apple
  14. Acid Rain– Chance the Rapper
  15. My Funny Valentine – Miles Davis
  16. Do You Feel Me – Anthony Hamilton
  17. I Get Lonely– Janet Jackson
  18. Lean In– Lizz Wright
  19. All Day Music– War
  20. Say Yes– Floetry

So, give them a try and maybe you will find something you like. You can consider that the playlist is made by one of the most famous and powerful man on Earth.  All the songs are easy to find on YouTube or other music channels, but in the same time, White House uses Spotify to share some of the member’s playlists.

Listen some good music and gain power for some German vocabulary or grammar rules!

Photo credits to WhiteHouse.Gov


If you are a coffee, chocolate or ice cream lover… I am sure you will going to be delighted by the of having a coffee in an ice cream cone. This three products are well combined and served together from the beginning of the 2016th. Now, I wonder… when we will have this kind of coffee in Vienna?

The idea was brought to live by Dayne Levinrad in Johannesburg, South Africa. After spending four years as a coffee consultant in different places around the world like Brazil, Los Angeles or Australia, Dayne decided to open The Grind Coffee Company where you can serve this revolutionary coffee drink.

The cones are made from four different chocolate compounds, and prevent the cone from leaking for about 10 minutes.

While I am not a big coffee lover, I do love ice cream as you probably know from my previous posts and I am really interested to find a place where I can serve a coffee in a cone. But, you need to pay attention because in about 10 minutes, the coffee will melt through the chocolate, creating a mess.

If you find a place with this service… please let me know. In the meantime, I will enjoy coffee, chocolate and ice-cream  (while the weather still allows me) separately.  coffee-in-a-cone

Photo credits to Coffee in a Cone Facebook page

40 Jahre Reise zum Regenbogen

Unter das „40 Jahre Reise zum Regenbogen“ Motto steht das diesjährige Gastspiel des renommierten Circus Roncalli vom 15. September bis 16. Oktober auf dem Wiener Rathausplatz.

Anlässlich seines 40-jährigen Bestehenes erwartet die Besucher ein besonderes Programm. Die weltweit besten Akrobaten, Artisten un Clowns und anderem aus Kanada, Venezuela, Russland, Frankreich und der Ukraine, stehen nun in der Manege des Circus Roncalli.

14454008_1272011196150879_438971229_o 14466275_1272011289484203_111731647_o










Vivi und Lili, die beiden Töchter von Bernarn Pauls, sind fixe Bestandteile der Show und werden das Publikum mit ihren artistichen Darbietungen in Staunen versetzen.

Atemberaubende Akrobatik, absolute Körperbeherrschung, viel Humor, fantasievolle Kostüme and fein abgestimmte Live-Musik des Roncalli-Orchesters verleihen der Show ein besonderes Flair.

Vorstellungen finden von Dienstag bis Samstag um 15 und 19.30 Uhr sowie am Sonntag un 14 und 18 Uhr statt.

Karten gibt es gier: Ö-Ticket, Wien-Ticket oder direkt bei der Kassa auf dem Rathausplatz und kosten 18-72€.


Feieren Sie 40 Jahre mit Circus Roncalli!