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I was organizing my photos this afternoon,

and for somehow, i still really excited about the trip to NYC before.

I have studied in US for 3 years,
however, i do not have so much time to travel a lot in the state.

Finally, i and my friends arranged a trip to NYC during the spring break.

It is where i saw in the movie all the time but never been to here.

This city is interesting to me because of its nature:
so many people with different culture and background live in the same place!!
You can’t imagine how busy the people are on the street,
just like they are going to catch the Noah’s Ark.

For me,
NYC is where you can get so many different experience in just one place!

Different area has its own characterestic,

may be someone like the Mannhatten area for its business nature,
or some will enjoy the Chinatown with the Asian favour.

Here is one of the place really interesting and need so much time to know it,

that’s why i will choose to come back in the future!

Adventmarkt in der Loamgrui

It is a place called Loamgrui,

about an hour from Vienna.

There is an Adventmarkt there for 2 days only,
and i was lucky to be attended.

The owner will open their weinkeller for the public,
they will like to share their wein and food with people.
I just got in one,
and the owner was really nice and friendly,
we talked a lot.
He talked a lot about how he made the wien.
It is more like, share life with a friend rather than just selling products.

I really appreicate about him because he has his own job besides making wein.
Even he is really busy in both work,
he still enjoyed making wein,
especailly when somebody appreicate with the taste,
he thought all the efforts are worth!!

I stayed for about an hour,
ate a lot,
and finally,
the owner gave me a bottle of wein for free!!
Just because he really wants more people to taste his creation!!!
How amazing is it?!!

However, the markt just opened for 2 days ,
but for sure, i will visit it again next time when it is opened!!

Trip to Znojmo

that’s a town which takes about 40 mins from Laa,

and it is a nice place.

unlike big city,

this town gives me a very peaceful feeling.
It makes me feeling about going back to the past,
less cars in the street,
people walk and live slowly,a
nd they are really nice even we don’t share a common language.

I spent a afternoon there,
walk around the town,
try to use the speed of living here,
never hurry in walking, watching and eating.

You will start to feel how relax you are,
and how a breathe can be different.

Yea, i really enjoy this lazy afternoon~

trip to Laa

Have to thank for my friend bringing me here

it is the Rathaus of Laa,
the reason we go here is for a Spa hotel~
We have spent our weekends in that hotel with Sauna, swimming and eating.
That’s my first time to try a sauna…

Not really good in feeling at first,
and finally decide to get in the one with lower temperature.

it is fun to be there,
and thank for my friend in giving me such an special experience!!

the place i have been 2 years ago

The first time i have been in Vienna was 2 years ago

I was attending a music camp here for 3 weeks.

Really excited about it because that was the first time i travelled to Europe.

The culture and the place are so different than America,

and i really enjoy to visit the city because so many historic building and they were nice.

We had lesson and practise in a music factory near Taubstummengasse.

And today i just passby it,


it is closed.

Actually i knew it before, but still kind of sad about it.

Hope the factory will come back to Wien again.


dinner with friend

When studying aboard people always miss the stuffs from the own country,

may be friends, family, environment or something else.

For me,

food will be one of the thing i really miss.

There are varieties of food in Vienna,


still there are some missing….

last week,

one of my friend would like to make his own version of “Don”

since both of us love to have it, and would like to see if it is possible to make it at home


it tastes really good and we both enjoy the dinner and chat the entired night.




There was a concert from the Uni orchestra on Tuesday,

and it took place in the Technisches Museum.

Actually  i plan to go there sometime,

and i ‘ve got chance to get inside.

The exhbitions are really fun inside,

however since it is almost closed for the concert,

so i don’t have much to visit.

But i am pretty sure to come again soon!



Since the Christmas Markt of the Rathaus has been opened,

i and my friend went there and have a look.

It is my first time to visit Christmas markt in Europe,

So nice!!

Especially there are workshops for the kinder which simple and fun.

Because we get there around afternoon,

there were people, but not too many. So that we can still walk around without difficulties.


when we came back for the night view,

there were so crowd!!!

A  lot of people there,

really hard to durch the crowd.

By the way,

I really enjoy the feeling in being there, and looking for the Christmas!!


window shopping

Since the weather is getting cooler,

i would like to get a hand glove.

And my friend suggested to have a city visit with shopping.

We have been to the Bahnorama,
this building doesn’t seem cool to me,

may be it looks imcomplete…..


may be it is not tall enough to have a better view of the city….

After that,

we went to Mariahilstrasse to search for glove.

Finally, i got a new one from H&M,

and already prepared for the winter!!

Missing food of my city

Have been in Wien for about 2 months,

since the school work is not very busy right now,

i have much more time to cook and eat.


i really start missing the food in HK,

Especially for the variety!!

It just reminds me about the last buffet i have before departure,

those scenes are unforgettable for me,

so i would like to share it,

at least, mentially satisfied!!!



Last Sunday, i was invited by my friend to visit Belvedere together.

The weather is cloudy, and a bit cool compare to the rest of the week.

We took some pictures, especially want to imitate as a postcard.

The Palace itself is kind of similar to Schönbrunn to me,

just without the rosegarden.

And we saw a group of tourist just make fun with the statue,

they get really excited about it.

Wish sometimes i can come with my family here.