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B1 zwei drei :)

So the next grade of my cours has just started! Everyone I know says, that I learn unbelievable fast. Like complitely silent just one month ago and now I can not keep my mouth shut, because the ice is broken and I already can speak a bit. But I should say that’s hardly my personal credit…I am rather lazy and don’t seriously learn at home for instance. But teachers are so gentle in the school, being definitely versed in the psychology as well, so they just give you this essential sense of security…so you’re no longer scared to try to speak. And that’s the most important step I think, ‘coz all the rest comes later almost by itself…I think so, but whatever…This is a very subjective report, I know… 🙂

The Loudspeaker exhibition pics

Looks like they fixed the problem with the pics, so I can show you some. These ones were made at the “Loudspeaker” exhibition I was talking about below. The pics don’t work that much without the sound of course…but try to turn on your imagination first…and then just double!

But best is still to go there and to experience this journey with your skin…

And if you are at Museums Q…

And if you are at Museums Q…and if you have some time left…I do do do recommend you to visit “Hyper Real” exhibition in MUMOK! I mean…not all the showpieces are equally impressive (though a lot), but the exhibition in itself is definitely great as it brings you far beyond the normal understanding of what reality is or could be. For an old lady like me it was a certain shock to see with my own eyes reality which actually doesn’t really belong to reality. Well…maybe it did the other day, but surely not anymore…and still looks so real! 🙂

You will find there a lot of works of most famous american artists of the 60s-70s in an unusual combination, as well as comments of theirs on their personal attitude to what object and subject mean to them in the context of Reality. You see? 🙂

Hurry up, it is the last week the exhibition is there – till 13.02.

TONSPUR_expanded. The Loudspeaker exhibition.

Well…it is very much a pity that I am not able to upload pics…’coz I was going to tell you about a nice exhibition I had visited…and wanted to show you some pics, so you get a better impression. But anyway…this exibition is mostly focused on artistic engagement with sound conversion. So yeah…This event is all about the sound, magnetic fields, acoustic etc., where 27 international artists working in a range of genres (fine art, sound art, media art, digital culture) employ the loudspeaker as an aid, an art object, innovative technology or as a “victim” in sound sculptures, sound installations, videos, mixed media installations and depictive works.

It is really hard to discribe the thing without pics…or sounds…or any other media sourses. So you better go and check it out yourself. Get both your eyes and your ears opened! As I say…it would be a pure (not that long-time though) pleasure for all the senses.

The exhibition takes its place in Museums Q (10 mins walk from Deutsch Akademie), in Quartier21 (which is close to MariaHilferstrasse) and lasts only till the 20th of February. And it’s Free admission! Enjoy!

A few ‘thanks’ words

This Friday it was the last lesson of our A2.2 class. That is a big joy on one hand, because it means we’re getting closer to the goal…but on the other – it is also sad. Some of my class mates will not attend B1 this time with me…some go on holidays, some leave for home…The teacher also takes a break, which is pain for me because I did enjoy it there with her as well…In other words, I think, we all got used that much to see each other almost everyday and got so “close”, so this inevitable change of class, I think, is kind of stress. I mean..not really one…but kinda. And I would love to say: that was a wonderful one months, with you, guys, full of fun! And I will really miss those ones of you who leave the school! Good luck in life!And hopefully we see someday again!

Naschmarkt godsends v.1

You know me now a bit…don’t you? 🙂 This wooden bear comes from Naschmarkt…he was first laying in a pile of litter when I found him, and costed just 1 euro after all. Sometimes I think this world is far too far unfair. Sometimes I understand no thing.

But anyway…it’s now alright… he’s full and warmed, he has his role in life again.


to Stephania

Thank you, Stephania, for your positive feedback on my pics 🙂 This makes the whole thing also much more fascinating, when you know “you are not alone”, if you get my simple point. I read most of your posts too, as honestly am trying right now to decide if I should continue my art kind of education here in Vienna…or not?!


Burgenland v.2


When I had the right mood to write about my journey to Burgenland that was impossible to upload pics, so I decided not to. Now I am able to upload pics again, but have no mood to talk much. I hope none is upset with the “No Comments” kind of thing by Masha Zinger



I don’t know what happened to the server, but somehow I am no longer able to upload pictures in my posts 🙁 That is a pity ‘coz I was up to show you some pictures from my trip to Burgenland, I took this friday. Burgenland has a very special athmosphere and even though it is not know as most beautiful Austrian Bundesland, I think it really worths a visit. So let’s wait until admin would fix the problem with the pics.

The miser pays it twice

Wah, that was quite a thing!…Yesterday I finally took the christmass tree out of my flat. You kow what, this is really stupid…When I was choosing a christmass tree the price range was quite illogical from my point of view. A small tree costed 20 euro and a bigger one just 12. I thought alright – I take the big one. When I brought it home and opened the package, the tree appeared to be like three times bigger than it had looked like. That day I only thought – oh, it’s so beautiful, I was excited! Yesterday, I tell you, it took me three hours to get rid of it and clean the flat. Still now I find the needles everywhere…I think I will need to clean the flat more three-four times before the Christmass really goes away….the miser pays it twice, as they say.