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Goodbye or see you soon!

Dear readers!

This is my last blog post for Deutsch Akademie! Or not?

Guys, I think I found my another favorite spot in Vienna! If possible, I will write about it in October. Isn´t it beautiful?

Yesterday I had the very last lesson of my 1-month intensive language course and tomorrow I am going back to the Czech Republic to spend some time with family.

In the middle of September, I will be back in Vienna. I am starting my internship here and I am really thrilled about that!

I really love learning German here in DA and it goes extremely smooth! I simply became addicted to my own progress.

I will be working full time and I cannot attend the daily intensive course.

I chose to continue with a semi-intensive speed, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts.

Hopefully, everything will be fine. I might further write blog posts for Deutsch Akademie, but first, we need to see if there are no newbies interested to write.

That´s all for now 🙂


The one thing nobody likes but is very important

If you think about applying for one of the Deutsch Akademie courses, this post might be interesting for you.

The question is: How does it works with tests and examining at Deutsch Akademie?

I have just finished my first intensive language course, level A2.2, and I can tell you how it in my case was. I think it´s applicable to all possible courses at Deutsch Akademie (or at least the “intensive” ones).

About the overall system

We had 2 tests, one in the middle of the course (after 2 weeks) and the second one nearly in the end. They were pretty much oriented in grammar.

In my case, the first test included e.g. the grammar als/wenn, prepositions, and nearly everything we have done. The second test included just the grammar from the second part (that means not the grammar of the whole course), including e.g. Preteritum of Modal Verbs, seit/bis advanced grammar etc.

What would I improve?

I was quite satisfied with my results and did not need to study that much. I can really say that I learned a lot during the classes + because we had every day quite a lot of homework.

I would be happy if the last test also includes grammar from the first part of the month and one exercise with vocabulary.

This was a quick overview of what you can expect in this field when studying at Deutsch Akademie. Do you agree with me or do you have something to add? If yes, I am waiting for your comments.

See you soon guys, with my last post <3


Interview 3: My classmate Ronaldo

Hello everybody,

this is one of my last blog posts and again I am here with an interview. Today I asked my classmate Ronaldo about different topics, mostly related to the learning of the German language. Ronaldo has already done 3 months at Deutsch Akademie and I met him in A2.2 class (the current one). 3… 2… 1… Enjoy!

1) Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Heyy, I’m Ronaldo, I’m 16 years old. I come from Italy, but I was born in Brazil. Now I live in Vienna. I like mountains, sea, fashion and to make new friends.

2) Why do you study the German language?

I study German because I want to go to a Fashion school here in Vienna and I must know the language.

3) What do you value the most on DeutschAkademie?

The method of the teacher :). (btw. the teacher is Christoph)

4) What is your current level of German language and how long you study this language?

I’m currently in A.2.2. I have studied German for three months.

5) Do you think it is important to study languages? And why?

I think it’s important but depends on what kind of person you are. If you don’t like to travel you don’t have to know language’s… you could, but you don’t have to. If you like to travel, then it’s very good also ’cause you can talk to another people.

6) What are your hobbies?

I really like drawing, dancing, singing … I like Photography … I like makeup…but I can’t ahahah…

In the second part of the interview, Ronaldo was asked to choose one of these options. As you see, sometimes was not easy to decide.

German vs. English? >> English

Games during the lesson vs.  Exercises in the book? >> Games during the lessons

Grammar vs. Conversation? >> Conversation

Listening vs. Reading (during the lesson)? >> Both.

A mixed group of classmates vs. Classmates at your age? >> A mixed group of classmates

I would like to thanks to Ronaldo, as well as the previous attendees. I really appreciate the spirit with which you helped me to make these interviews happen. Today is my last day of the courses, both conversation classes, and intensive A2.2 course. Therefore, I am a little bit sentimental. But don´t worry, two more posts coming!



My 3 favorite activities to do in Vienna (part 3)

I recently wrote article about tips where to swim and promised more info about my fav fav fav place Badeschiff! Read the rest possibilities HERE.

Plus, they cook amazing dished and the above-mentioned drinks are quite affordable. It´s also a very nice place to meet in the evening with friends (although the swimming pool closes I guess around 8).

The location is highly convenient, situated close to U-Bahn station Schwedenplatz. I would say it is not even far by walk from Opernring.

During these 3 weeks I have been there every week once or two times, yeah, it is really the TOP place for me. Once I met with my friend Karolina and we enjoyed the pool and cold beer. The second time we spent circa 1-hour sipping cold juice after our Sunday morning yoga class on the beach. Third I met there in the evening with my new friends and we enjoyed the evening vibes of that place. Finally, I went there for a start-up networking event organized by my organization, where I will have an internship starting from September.

One more recommendation: if you really want to enjoy the pool, come after lunch (1-3pm). Many people come there after they finish at work around 5-6pm, therefore the pool is more occupied. If are meeting with a bigger group of friends for the evening drink, it might be worth to reserve your place by calling them.

Have you ever been to Badesschiff? If not, for more info, simply google Badeschiff Wien. Let me know!

Report: the second week has gone

Hello guys,

my last post were interviews or informative and hands-on. Today I am going to write about myself and how do I study, live etc.

This is my third week in Vienna. So far so good! I mean: very good. This city amazes me every day. All the possibilities, new friends or swimming (article about recommendations of places where to swim is on coming soon!). Although this August is very hot, I am really enjoying.

Every day lesson at DeutschAkademie

I am every day present there, for an intensive course or conversation. I really enjoy studying there. It’s a modern place, our teacher is very good and, in the office, they are always nice too and they try to help me. I really feel how good is the intensive course working for me. We learn every day new grammar and a lot of vocabulary. I do not even need to cram at home. It goes just smoothly.

About the test

In the middle of the intensive course, a few days ago, we had to do a small test. I don´t know the results, but it was very easy to prepare for it because everything stays in my mind from the lessons and homework.

I decided to continue

I realized I really want to go on. Continue. Go upper and upper. And I am really satisfied with this intensive course and DeutschAkademie generally. But the thing is that I will start my internship in the middle of September. I found they do semi-intensive courses too! That was a right match for me. So, I am in. Yes, I applied, paid. I was very easy, no need for e-mailing and online payment as before, when I was in the Czech Republic. I just visited the office and paid cash.

Continuing with DeutschAkademie means I will also continue blogging! Yaay! So, let me know in comments if there is anything you are interested in and I can write about it.

A lot of new friends

Yeah, a found a lot of new friends in the city, from DeutschAkademie and also others (through social media). Sadly, a few of them will leave soon, after they finish this intensive one-month course at the end of August.

That´s it guys, I really want to recommend this school to everybody. I am very satisfied and feel like home there.

Interview 2: My teacher Christoph

1) Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Christoph. I’m 31 years old and have been working at DeutschAkademie for about 5 years now. I was born in Vienna and have been living here ever since. In my spare time, I like to do quiz games with my friends or in general any type of game.

2) Why do you like to work for DeutschAkademie?

Working at DeutschAkademie I get to meet and get to know a wide variety of people from all over the world in very different stages of their lives. Helping these people conquer the German language and seeing them improve a very important skill for living in this beautiful city is a very satisfying task.

3) I really like the way how you lead the classes. How much time does it cost you to prepare for single class and where do you look for ideas for different activities?

When I first started it took me about 2 hours to plan and prepare for every lesson. Writing plans, looking for exercises and researching niche grammar questions. Nowadays it takes about 20 minutes to reread the plans and notes I took over the last few years. Sometimes after class, I add to the notes or rewrite parts of the lesson plans. For activities, there are a lot of internet websites, teacher manuals that I’ve looked through and found ideas. Sometimes you also get to exchange ideas with other colleagues.

4) How does the perfect student of German language look like in your eyes?

Interested, attentive, not afraid to make mistakes, willing to work outside of class (speaking/reading/listening) and willing to ask questions.

5) Do you speak other languages?

I speak English (fluently) and French (basics).

6) Do you think it is important to study languages? And why?

I think it is very important to learn languages because the more languages you are able to speak the more opportunities you will have in life. Both in your professional as in your personal life.

Studying a language (or most other things) also keeps your brain active, which is good for your mental health.

Choose one, please:

  • Grammar OR Conversation

I really can’t pick here. Both are needed to master a language.

  • Beginners – Advanced students

I like working with students in A2 the most. So not complete beginners but still beginners.

  • English – German

I don’t think one language is better than the other. I like to speak both depending on the situation I’m in.

  • Holidays in Austria – holidays abroad

Holidays abroad. There’s no ocean or sea in Austria and that to me is really crucial to any non-Winter holiday.


Wanna swim in Vienna? 3 tips for you!

Hello again. These days are really hot (actually the whole August), therefore swimming after you finish your homework for DeutschAkademie is the only possibility how to cool yourself (the second one is to stay in the bathroom and relax in the iced water, but that´s kinda boring).

This is my 3rd week here and I have tried different places to swim. Here you go!

Seestadt Aspern City

Aspern Seestadt is one of Europe’s largest urban development projects. Here in Vienna’s fast-growing 22nd district in the north-east of the city, a new urban center is taking shape – a smart city with a heart, designed to accommodate the whole spectrum of life (source HERE). Because I wrote my diploma thesis on the topic of Smart Cities, I was thrilled to visit this place. We met there with my two friends, one of them studies at Deutsch Akademie too. The place looks cool and that time was not crowded. Swimming is for free; the only cost might be your time because it takes circa 45 minutes by city transport to get there. Water is quite clean, and the beach is pebbly. If you have time, give it a try!

I personally believe that this place will grow up very fast and, in a few years, will look even more livable and cozy.


Aspern Seestadt

Danube River

Obviously. Needed to say, there are many places to go swimming in the Danube. However, I have not tried them all. I wrote in one of my previous posts Danube Island, the man-made island. This week I joined my friends for a short swim in the river. The beach was full of people enjoying Monday afternoon and mostly grassy. Water was a little bit dirty around the cost, but after a while of swimming to the middle of the river, it was clean. The place is situated close to Brigittenau Bridge, to go there you must cross it from the side of Handlesakai and turn left. Swimming there is of course for free.


Badeschiff Wien

If you do not mind paying an extra 5 EUR for super clean swimming pool and you wanna drink your super cold bear meanwhile, then Badeschiff is the place to be! It is basically a huge ship permanently located in Donaukanal, in which downstairs is a swimming pool and upstairs is a bar. I love this place so much that I decided to write one full post about it coming soon!


And what is your favorite place to swim?


How do I travel every day to my German classes?

Hello guys, two weeks of my German language course left. And exactly the same amount of time in Vienna. Today, I would like to share with you, how do I commute to my German classes on an every-day basis.

A healthy way how to commute

I am an active person and kind of living “on budget” here in Vienna. Therefore, I was amazingly surprised by the bike system in Vienna. During your stay or visit, you may notice a lot of yellow/orange/purple/white bikes, all of them looking the same, driving around you.
These are Citybike Wien´s bikes and if you did not do until now, you should try them. For me it is a very convenient way how can I get quite fast and easy (and for free!) to and from my German lessons. I live around 25 minutes by bike far from Deutsch Akademie, therefore it is ideal!


Save money and environment

Here I should a little bit correct the “it is free” statement. If you apply for your account to be able to rent a bike, you will pay 1 euro. That is really nothing. Then, there are some charges, if you drive more than one hour or if you do not follow the rules. But basically, you can drive up to 1 hour for free, which is far enough to do more than 10 kilometers! After your ride, you must place the bike back in the station. These stations are all around the city (check the map). After 15 minutes you can take the bike again and start your free ride. Compare the length of the German language class per day and you will get it. You can easily drive to Deutsch Akademie, then have a class and leave back home on a bike as well! Without owning a bike. How great is this sharing system?

Summary – pros and cons

• You save money
• You save environment
• You train your body
• You are on fresh air

• Bike stations all over the city
• One station right next to DeutschAkademie
• Bikes are made not to run fast
• Need of checking full/empty stations
• Need to wait 15 minutes after an hour of use in order to take the bike and continue

How to start?

You don´t need to think more, follow this link and find out in a very easy way, how the system works and how to register. You can switch to the German version if you feel like practicing your skills. Have a good time with city bikes!

Interview 1: My favorite classmate Sidra

Hello everybody, I got an idea to make short interviews with people who I know from DeutschAkademie. The first person is my favorite classmate, Sidra. We meet each other every day at school, also we managed to go once with our friends to a cinema. I admire her knowledge and determination. Meet Sidra.

Can you briefly introduce yourself?
My name is Sidra Kharita. I am 18 years old and I come from Syria. I have just got my Highschool diploma.

Why do you study the German language?
I study German because I want to study at the University of Vienna.

What do you value the most on DeutschAkademie?
DeutschAkademie provides a great and encouraging learning environment that makes learning fun and simple.

What is your current level of German language and how long you study this language?
I started with German 3 years ago only during summer vacations. I am now an A2.2 student and currently study the 4th course with DeutschAkademie.

Do you think it is important to study languages? And why?
I believe that communication is important for the growth of individuals and societies and that’s why I think that everyone should work hard to be able to speak many languages.

What are your hobbies?
Reading books and backing, especially cupcakes.
Thank you. And now, at the end of the interview, please decide for one of the following options from each category, which do you prefer the most.
German vs. English > English
Games during the lesson vs. Exercises in the book > Games
Grammar vs. Conversation > Grammar
Listening vs. Reading (during the lesson) > Listening
A mixed group of classmates vs. Classmates in your age > Mixed one

The 3 ultimate tips how to find good events in Vienna

New in the city or not, these tips will help you find paid or free events happening in Vienna. From now, you will never get bored. I created a small list of three tips where to look for them.

1) Eventbrite app & web

Eventbrite is the world’s largest event technology platform. You can use their application for Android or iOS or just browse the website I like to use the filters because they allow me to choose whatever I want to do, from free events, networking events, sports events to festivals etc.

2) Facebook Local app

In 2016 Facebook released a standalone app for events called Facebook Local. It is easier to find events with this app, but you can also browse them from the original Facebook application. Here is how to find all possible events if you do not want to download the Facebook local app: go to the Facebook app, click on the little icon of 3 horizontal lines in the right corner, go to Events and start searching. Don´t forget to specify the day and city.

3)  Vienna Würstelstand

Vienna Würstelstand is a great resource of different events and news about Vienna written in English. For example, every month they create a compilation of various activities aka what-to-do for that particular month. In August, they made an article called “14 things you need to do to make the most out of August in Vienna” and you can find it here. I would recommend you to sign in the newsletter and you will receive fresh articles in your e-mail box.

I hope you enjoyed this article with tips. Let me know in comments if you know another platforms or apps for finding events.

How did I find DeutschAkademie aka tips for choosing your German language school

Today I am going to give you a few hints, steps, tips and thoughts about how I proceeded when I was choosing my language school in Vienna.

I must admit that DeutschAkademie is not my first language school, but the first one in Austria. I have already participated in 2 different courses in my country before moving to Vienna. The ways how the schools are leading through the application process varies incredibly. I chose DeutschAkademie for the excellent customer service, great references and recommendation from my friend.

Los geht’s!

1) Make it organized with your notes and save time
There are a lot of options for language courses in Vienna and Google will show you all of them. I would strongly recommend creating detailed notes from the beginning (Excel table, Word file or handwritten) with all the options. Put column with name, prices and packages, e-mails etc. This will make you more organized and your research will be done more decently. Maybe this might seem weird and “too much work”. But trust me, it is not! When you will need to come back to all the possible options, you will save a lot of them when having all of them in one place, instead of clicking on the websites, looking for contact, making sure about the prices, and generally remembering everything etc.

2) First contact before application
The personal contact is the best way to check the services of the school. Contact them directly via e-mail, phone or visit the office. I had to do it via e-mail because the calls would cost me a lot. Also, I prefer e-mail, because I can see how promptly and properly they react. I will let you to decided, which kind of answers you like. But please, think in a way, that you are investing quite a lot of your money in something like a language course. Require nothing less than excellence.

3) Ask your friends
If you know someone who was taking German language courses in your city, don´t hesitate to ask. Remember, maybe someone posted about this on Facebook or Instagram. Don´t be shy to ask him/her, even if you don´t speak with this person on a daily basis. Be curious, ask as much as you can to be able to make your own picture of the language school.

4) Look for reviews
Google, Facebook page, Instagram. Check it all and read the references, if there is anything suspicious. Check the hashtag of the school on Instagram. Moreover, try to find a local Facebook group of the city and ask there. Through this, you can learn much more than from their fancy-pancy websites and make sure that the school fits to you.

It is just the beginning of my course, but I already feel, I have chosen the right place to study Germain in Vienna – DeutschAkademie. And I will keep you posted about it, so make sure you read this blog regularly. Also, if you like to read my articles, comment below, so I know that it makes sense to do it.

I am enclosing a few photos from the interior of DeutschAkademie.