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The last entry

So this is it. My last blog entry.  Of course I would like to dedicate it to the last course day, but unfortunately I was not able to participate in it. I am definitely going to miss those courses, it become the essential part of my daily activity. When you spend time with the same people 3 hours per day it becomes the routine, and now then I am free from it, it feels empty, and it seems that I have lot of free time.


Well now I should start writing my thesis and I am not able to take one more German course. I think that I will learn German by myself, with the help of German Books, some learning materials and of course online sources. The most important thing I have received during this courses is self confidence, while speaking German. I have noticed that when I was out in the city in some coffee. :)Finally I would like to say that I am more than satisfied after this courses. I wish everyone all the best with their studies 🙂 Auf Wiedersehen!

Achtung Prüfung!

Last week we have taken the test. We have been preparing for this test for two days. This test have covered basically all the grammar we studied: Konjuktiv, past tense, modal verbs etc. For me this test was not very difficult. What is why I have scored 45 out of 49 and overall grade for the Deutsch Kurs is 1. Great success 🙂 I hope that everyone in my group has achieved good results. We worked really hard and I think that we have deserved it. 🙂 Personally I, do not believe in grades, I think that grades do not display the knowledge, but my parents have just the opposite opinion, because the only possibility for them get a testimony of my knowledge.I regret that I did not attend the last two lesson, I have a lot of stuff to do and just did not have time for the courses. Now, then almost one week past, I look back and realise that I have met beautiful people here in Deutsch Akademie. And taking the possibility, I would like to say thank you to all my group-mates and of course to our teacher Julia 🙂

What should you absolutely not miss in Vienna

The answer is very obvious and simple: In Vienna do not miss Vienna itself ;)Vienna is very a big city, here everyone could find activity he wants and needs.I like playing bowling, for instance. That is why I frequently visit “fun land” in the Millennium City. In the afternoons you can play bowling there for only 1 euro per person. It is cheap and good activity to share with your friends.x_dd9f8995.jpgAnother thing I would highly recommend to you: is to visit a concert in Vienna. It does not mean which style of music do you prefer: here many kinds of the best quality musician are visiting Vienna. For example, being a rock fun, I would suggest to you to visit concert of Megadeath and Rise Against.Finally, for everybody I recommend Schonbrun. It is the most beautiful place in the whole Vienna, in my opinion. A big gorgeous park, zoo, museums. A perfect day is guaranteed to you, in case you have decided to visit Schonbrun.x_8f06c2be.jpg

Deutsch courses

Of course Deutsch Akademie is not the first Deutsch Courses I have taken.My first courses were in Saint-Petersburg, it was first time, then I’ve started to learn German. I took this courses because I knew that I am going to Austria and I felt the need to know this language. Second courses, were at my university, actually it is a part of the program here, so I’ve lernt German here for almost 2.5 years, and still not able to use this language. 🙁        My friend told me about Deutsch Akademie. Firstly, honesly to say I thought that it is just not worth to spend 250 euros for montly Deutsch Course, but from the very fisrt lesson at Deutsch Akademie I have realised that all this money I had spent were not a waste, but one of the best investments in my life 🙂       Our teacher Julia, made a combination of Grammer and Fun. We played a lot of games, and I think that games is the most useful mean of learning, because you feel relaxed and just let your language flow. I think you now that I mean.

My fovourite evening locations

I love Saturdays…why? Because these are the days I relax and go out with my girlfriend around Vienna. After hard working week, (usually I go out from my home at 9:30 and come back around 10 in the evening) it is very important for me just to take my time, dedicate it to my girlfriend, walk around the city and of course to eat :)Obviously one of the most beautiful restaurant you can visit is the “Salm Braeu Vienna”. It is located on Rennweg 8, 1030 near the monument of soviet soldier. This place is highly recommended for Austrian food lovers. They serve very delicious sorts of beer and all types of typical Austrian Food such as: Schnitzels, kartoffel salad etc.If you are looking for the place to drink some coffee and eat some cakes, I will recommend for you the cafe chain “Aida”. It is traditional Viennese cafe-shop. Again very delicious and so expensive.I consider my self as a American food lover, so my favourite place to eat is Australian pub. The serve different kinds of burgers and different sorts of beers. Also for people who like exotic food they offer very special dishes, such as: crocodile stake, grasshoppers and burger with kangaroo. 🙂x_93d2f99e.jpg

That have I learnt in Deutschkurs

Three weeks of Deutsch Akademie are over, and I am able to say that I have learnt many things. For me it was very important to study grammar, and more important thing is, that I this theory is taught by a professional teacher. We learnt such things as konjunktiv and past forms.In Deutsch Akademie we practice a lot of  speaking and conversations. Actually, this is very good, because im my opinion you should not only learn grammar, but you should be able to apply those knowledge in practice. Also, our teacher Julia is teaching us many new vocabulary, as she said, every lesson we should have written down at least ten new words, so by the end of the course we should be able to apply 160 new words and this is a lot, I assume.Of course just attending and participating in Deutsch Kurs is never enough. I should dedicate to your German much more than just 3 hours per day. My tip is follows: if you know anybody who knows German, talk with him 🙂 Talk as much as you can. For example, drummer in my Band, he is from Munich and I always try to speak German with him. I know that for many people it is very hard, because you should step up from your comfort zone, it is hard, I know, but it is the fastest way to learn German 🙂 Talk, talk and once again talk!

My favourite places in Vienna

I think that everyone knows that Vienna is one of the most beautiful city in Europe and to define my favourite places in here is really difficult. Well, I think that Vienna is my favourite place 🙂 Recently I have discovered once again the Naschmarkt. Generally I dislike streets markets, because in Russia they make a really bad impression to you. I thought that Naschmarkt is just the same. I find myself there by accident, I was back from my rehearsal, from the place called “T-on” it is near the Naschmarkt, I was really hungry and my friend invited me to join him for a meal on Naschmarkt. When I entered the Naschmarkt I was shocked: this market did not make any bad impression to me, on the contrary I felt very comfortable there. Atmosphere and ofcourse food there were so pleasant and nice that I immediately felt in love with Naschmarkt. Strange, isn’t it? Continue reading

My leisure time in Vienna

I can make a statement that I am doing a lot in my spare time.First of all I am a bog fan of sports: I am playing football with my friend in park near my university.


Also I used to do swimming professionally while I was studying in the school, but I gave up this activity for the sake of studies. However, I visit swimming pool twice a week and once I even tried doing a wake-boarding. Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing ,snow boarding and surfing techniques.


Another hobby of mine is: music. I dedicate so much time to music, that sometimes I can even feel that I have chosen the wrong specialisation and instead of Business Administration I should study music :)Currently I am playing bass guitar in two bands: first band is called “Midnight Special”, and we are playing progressive metal there. Second group is High Journey and the style of this band could be best described as: drum’n’bass, chill out and trance.



What did I learn in Deutsch Akademie?

Well, the lessons at the Deutsch Akademie are pretty intensive. We cover a lot of material during our classes. For instance, last lesson we studied two kinds of “Vergangenheit”  (past tense). I found it a bit difficult because you need to know all the past forms of a verbs. For example you take the verb in the infinitive form “sein”, the present form of which would be “bin (ich)”, past form would be “war” and finally, the perfect form would be “ist gewessen”.

Do you see? It is complicated 🙂

Another thing I find kind very difficult is of course prepositions and articles. I think that it is true for everyone who is trying to learn German.In fact the reason I went to a Deutsch Curse and not studied by myself, is that I need someone to explain me the Grammar and of course to break my comfort zone and finally start applying theory to practice.

I hope that my German Course is going to be fruitfull and very helpful for my future carrier and studies.

Here is a photo of me taking an exam at my University:img_9243.JPG

My friends in Vienna

I came to Vienna 2,5 years ago. I was 17 and for me it was very important to find some friends, and I think that I succeed. The thing is that I am studying at International Colleague, but many people have Russian roots, so obviously I have found a common language with them 🙂 Actually I think, that it is one of the first reasons why I am not fluent in German yet.Going to Deutsch Akademie is giving you the opportunity to extend your circle of friends, meet new people and just speak German :)But communicating requires you power and you are absolutely tired after your working day and intensive German Lesson. It is a pity because I have lovely group-mates.People I communicate the most is Tina from Croatia and Yashar from Turkey. We are all living in 19 Bezirk and after German course we are going together back home. I can make a statement that Tina and Yashar are very interesting interlocutors. I hope that we will stay in touch after the course.Here is a photo of me and my friends:x_2c6dbe6a.jpg

My colleagues in Deutsch Akademie

I have very friendly and nice group-mates. There are nine people except me in our group: Mirka and Anna from Poland, Tina from Croatia, Kelly from Taiwan, Alexandra from Hungary, Yashar from Turkey, Jun from Japan, Marianna from Serbia and Renee from you can view a photo of my group:


Most of them are studying here in Universities/schools/colleges, but there are some people who are working here in Vienna. For instance Yashar is living in Vienna for almost 8 years.  He has family here and his children are going to kindergarden. I was a bit surprise to meet people like Yashar and Mirka (who is living here also for a quite a long time) because I thought that I will meet on this German course only students, who are here on exchange programs or who are studying in international universities. But to meet a grown up, experienced person was a bit of shock for me. I would like to say that people like Yashar and Mirka are deserving high respect, because for example my dad has neither patience neither willingness to study, and this is a pity.In my opinion one should never stop studying something new, because the more you know the broader this world seems to be for you.Never stop studying my friends 🙂 Never!I hope that people like Yashar and Mirka could be a very good banchmark.