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Beaver Rescue Mission

A wooden garden bench leaned inside the pool

Schwechat is a small town outside Vienna and well-known by people as an area of Vienna International Airport (VIE). I have moved from Vienna to Schwechat since 2016. Surprisingly only 20-minute drive from the city center, I am surrounding by a pleasant nature embrace. There are some wild birds visiting my garden. Wild ducks swim in the stream behind my house. Moles inhabit underground in my garden. Hawks hover over an S1 highway. In one fine evening, amazingly I found a beaver casually swimming along the stream.

Mr Beaver

Mr Beaver swam in the pool

On Saturday 6 October 2018, I was about to mow a lawn in my garden. A poor beaver was found inside my dirty swimming pool. Assumingly, he probably smelled strange of water inside the pool and accidentally dropped himself into it. My wife and I tried to scoop him up with a big basket, but he was too big to fit in it. Moreover, he did not trust us to get into the basket. On Sunday 7 October 2018, in the morning I leaned a wooden garden bench into to pool in order to lead him out. However, he did not care to try. Finally, I called 122, the Volunteer Fire Brigade of Schwechat (Freiwillige Feuerwehr Schwechat). Full squad of firemen arrived shortly with a big fire truck and a fire van. They were all well equipped and wore not only elegant uniforms but also kind hearts in order to rescue the poor animal out of the pool. Two firemen went into my pool with a big plastic bag and managed to take Mr. Beaver inside it. He was finally set free to the stream behind my house.



Beaver rescue in Heute dated 8 Oct 18

In case you might read a Heute newspaper dated Monday 8 October 2018, you would find this rescue mission on page 10 and 11. I could not thank the Schwechat fire brigade less!

Experiencing my Ways in Austria

My name is Sobkoon Kansarngworn. I come from Thailand. After 13 years of working in my country, I decided to move to Vienna, Austria and took a job in the United Nations which is well known for Austrians as “UNO City”.

Autumn in Leopoldsberg

Almenwelt Lofer

I still remember the very first day I landed on the land of music, beautiful and classical architectures, efficient public transportation, invaluable natural resources and a German speaking country. It was a raining evening in September 2006. I took an airport bus from the Vienna International Airport (VIE) to the city center. Both side of the roads were amazingly green. At that time I worked in Cyprus where most of the country was dry. Therefore, the scenery gave me freshness and energy. At night, I casually walked in the first district and suddenly found a stunning gigantic Roman church in my horizon. The Saint Stephen Cathedral has settled in the middle of the Stephanplatz Square as though it had sprung up from the ground.

Dropped friends from OEBB train



Having living in Austria for 12 years, I discover a kindness of the country to people who live here regardless of their origins, races and nationalities. We can enjoy commuting with one of the best public transportation in the world which costs you as low as one Euro a day for a yearly ticket. During school holidays, many places offer parents and children to visit for free or for a little amount of entry fees. Travelling outside Vienna or to other European Countries with OEBB trains provides you not only an efficient train services but also various “Vorteil” (benefit) card categories for price reduction. These are only brief advantages you can simply find in this lovely country.

To explore and to enjoy more in Austria, I realize how important the German language is. After taking inconsistently five German classes in the United Nations for the last 12 years, I am still not satisfied with my German proficiency. Therefore, I am furthering my German study in the Deutsch Akademie which facilitates me for professional teachers, intensive courses, time flexibilities, peer classmates, class atmosphere and demanding responsibility (homework, review of a lecture from the class and etc.). I strongly believe that I can achieve my goal in German in the near future.