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Liebe Geschichte

A very very interesting film I recently saw..
“Liebe Geschichte” deals with the third generation of families with a Nazi past
it is a documentary based on interviews of several women with different age and background
filmed in several sites in Vienna

For more details there’s an article in oe1:


This last two weeks were also pretty strange…
I was following the news on what was happening in Japan and became really depressed at some point..
It very hard to believe how things change for some many peoples’ lives from one moment to the other..
I was in Japan this summer and was mystified by the beauty of this country… and how sensible people are towards one another
Have been talking to my friend now that lives in Nagoya and it seems that evryone is trying to find meaning and deal with the situation the best they can

Wem die Stunde schlägt – 25.3

It has been a very very busy month…due to an exhibition of my class in St.Polten
“Wem die stunde schlagt” is the group exhibitions of the students of the Grafik class in the Akademie of Fine Arts
we have our opening today so if someone is in the neighborhood-pretty difficult but still- do drop by!


another interesting site for the new ones in Vienna.Wienextra. Don’t be put down be the kinder/ jungendliche section. Just go to the adult one and there are quite a lot of stuff from information and cultural the Themenbox there are several options for things that one can do or see.Give it a try!



very very excited! going to Stadtkino soon to see a greek movie…Attenberg.A friend told me yesterday that the film was on. Was trying to go to see it in Athens and see it but always to busy. But here we are, it came in Vienna!So good. Taking my Austrian friends for a small introduction into greek cinema.For once things are inverted, subtitles needed for others!

films of austria

while looking for an image of the “Sissi” film came across this site: films of austria…I guess there are many others as well but perhaps it’s worth just taking a look.Im always having a bit of a trouble understanding german from austrian productions and vice versa.Although in Greece and many others countries M.Hanecke is a very, very apreciated austrian film director..Very hardcore as well..I have seen two of his films “The pianist” and “The white ribbon”.Started to see a few others but stopped somewhere in the middle…just to violent to watch.He does seem to appear in this website though..

langsam gesprochene nachrichten

yes..that’s probably one of my favorites..I really try to listen to news greek and european but when I watch the TV it is sometimes quite difficult to follow along…IN there is the section “langsam gesprochene nachrichten” is actually news in deutsch but in a slower tempo than usual..that means one has a better chance at understanding and noting down vocabulary.What is really cool though is the fact that apart from the radio version there is also the written version.That means you can one always check exactly what is being said, note down unknown wordds or check grammar/spelling good..,,14861919,00.html

another very,very useful site for deutsch learners of all levels and interests..deutsche welle..divided in several categories one can see world news, read articles or listen to the online there are categories such as Deutschkurs, DW radio, DW-TV and DW Nutzen..So one ou spend on this site from 5 minutes up to a whole day.Perfect, no?,,2068,00.html


Yes…I am now moving along level B1/1 and it is pretty interesting!We are now focusing on a more detailed view over certain grammar rules as well as listening and some writing. Really enjoy our teacher Simone-shame she won’t be in this course for March…Yesterday we had an audiovisual experience of “Sisi: The young Queen”.It was a pretty funny one…I mean all this culture around Sisi , obviously have nothing to do with reality, still feeding the imagination of so many people about the Austrian Empire. Still I loved watching parts of the film!So cult! The scenery, dialogues and the play of actors is unique! The group then reconstructed some of the dialogues between Sissi, the young King and his mother in german.The result was hilarious, plus very helpfull for a new german spaeker!


time for some sportsmachen

after a whole semester running around from one class to another I decided to do some proper running..!this semster start the sport classes at the University of Vienna.Since my financial situation is pretty tight at the moment it was one of the best solutions.The university offers classes in almost any kind of sport as well as dance and gymnastics one could imagine and the costs are very low for students or memebrs at universities-between 17 and 50 euros per semester.The courses are held in different locations in Vienna so perhaps one should think wha’s more convenient before signing in.

The link is:
you then go to Kurdprogram and Kursliste and take a look at the various offers
good luck!