Ball Season in Vienna!

My second class was just as good as the first. I really like my teacher because he is so kind and patient with everyone. I was very excited to learn more, and by the end of the three hours, my brain felt tired but full of new information.

When I left class at 9:00, I had a very exciting experience–the Opernball was going on across the street! The Opernball (or Opera Ball in English) is the most famous, most prestigious social event in Vienna. It takes place at the Opera, but I didn’t realize it would be right at my feet when I came out of class! There was a red carpet, bright lights, and limousines driving up… I felt like I was watching the Oscars, except it was in Vienna and c-o-l-d. Apparently, the entire event is televised and shown as it is happening on public channel. I wish I could have watched it, but I don’t have a television here. I wanted to stay and watch, but there was already a huge crowd standing behind police blockades, so I couldn’t see very well. That, and it was cold. So I just got on the Ubahn instead and went home.

The other exciting bit of news was that Lindsay Lohan was supposed to be at the Opernball, but she missed her flight to Vienna, so she didn’t make it! I can’t believe it. Everyone has been talking about her coming here, so it’s kind of unbelievable that she missed the whole thing at the last minute.  According to the gossip magazines, she was shopping in LA and didn’t make it to the airport in time! Can you imagine?

In my second week here (two weeks ago, now), I went to a ball with a work colleague. It was an unbelievable  experience–with debutantes, dancing, and lots of champagne. I’m including a picture of me and some friends in our ball gowns.This is the most dressed up I’ve been since prom, I think! I’m the blond in the bright green dress 🙂


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