How to open a bank account in Austria – Vienna. Kontoeröffnung in Österreich!

Hello all!I thought that some of you would be interested to know how to get a bank account in Austria. I recently got a job and so it turned out necessary for me to open an austrian bank account. So I went one day ( like a flower as we would say in french ;)) to Bank Austria with my french ID, my student card, a certificate from my boyfriend that I live at his place, and my working contract! Of course, things are not so easy and they told me I must do several administrative stuff to be am able to open a bank account, and that I should come back afterwards :-(.In first place; I had to go to registrate to the Municipality office of my district with my passeport,  a Birth Certificate and the agreement of the Landlord of my boyfriend that I can live in the flat. Then they deliver you a certificate which makes you part of people living in Vienna :-). Just think about the fact that it is a public administration so of course you can wait very long just to get the paper (So plan to have some time when you go); Also, in my district, they are only open from 8 to 12, except one day in the week where they are opened the all day long.Now this is done, I am officially a viennese resident :-)Now I have all the papers I could get an appointment with the Bank Austria. But one thing I have learnt, if you are a student and working, do not bring your working contract just your student card. That way it will allow you to have a student contract and to do not pay any fees :-)Nonetheless, the fees are not so expansive for a basic contract ( Account + debit card = 15€/3 months).Also when you are a student, you cannot get any VISA. Indeed in Austria to get a VISA, you must work since at least 3 months.Well I hope my little tips will help you!All the best !

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