Barbecue at the Donau

Barbecue at the Donau!!

With the good weather there are a lot of things to do in Vienna,  one of them is to make barbecues outside. There are  places  where you could make it because there are  permanent installations  but you have to book them before going.

Here I give you the link to book them but you need to do it which too much time before the date.


One of them is at the Donau and it´s my favorite place to make barbecues.

Why? There are a lot of stone barbecues  and you could speak with  other group who are doing the same that you and you could have a great time , and the river is just few meter for there so if you are brave and you don´t mind cold water you could swim while your meat is on the grill!!

Near to the grill there are some benches and tables.

Yesteday I did it and the barbecue which we used was one as this picture!

grill Donau


Actually It was my fourth time I have been there and I hope it was not the last one.

They are perfect for all kind of event: birthdays, family meetings …

I have to advise you that if  the weather is so warm you have to be careful with mosquitos because one of my times there, there was a huge plague of mosquitos, it was impossible to stay there more than 10 minutes!

And the end of the afternoon, with the sunset, I took a nice picture to the new buildings in the Donau island.



Where did we go after?…. I think it is not difficult to guess 😛

I invite you to come  to this place and see those views…

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  1. Kathrin Kreiner

    Letzten Samstag haben wir auch dort gegrillt! 😉 Mit Blick auf die Donau und den Leopoldsberg und mit viel Sonne schmeckt das Essen einfach noch viel besser 🙂

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