Beach Volleyball

Hallo Leute! 🙂

Today is Saturday and it’s super hot. What to do in Vienna during a heatwave? You can of course go to the Donau Insel, have a picnic there and maybe even swim… OR you can go to the women’s beach volleyball final!!! 🙂 Germany against the US!
Do you like volleyball? I personally love it! But this was my first time ever watching beach volleyball, and I must say, it’s even cooler!! 😉
Because it was a final, the stadium was already packed by the time we got there. But there was also public viewing and we just chilled on the grass 🙂
It was fun to cheer for Germany, as they were a great team! If you’ve been there, you would understand that Laura absolutely rocked the whole show and it was really cool to watch!


Until next post!

– J.

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