‘Breathe Motivation’

Hi there!

Yesterday was the first day of my German course and I would like to share the impressions with you.

In my opinion the main thing in studying foreign languages is never to lose enthusiasm and faith in yourself. No matter how difficult it can be sometimes to learn a completely different way of ideas expression and how many mistakes you make, if you are passionate and hardworking you will achieve success.

That is what I felt when I met my teacher and group. The teacher Mona who not only inspires us to work hard but also keep our interest and motivation and nice students of various nations, ages and professions but with the same desire to do their best in German.
We studied, laughed, communicated and shared ideas. Today all students received a creative group project and I’m looking forward to work on it.

Have a nice week and never give up in studying German! Remember it can be also fun if you do it with passion and if people around you inspire you!

Best wishes,