Busuu berries

On the next blogs I will show you some of the web pages and sources that I use to learn languages. Some time ago I discovered the web page www.busuu.com. Over there you can learn so many languages, all at the same time or one by one, this is up to you. The main options are for free, but if you want the transcrips of some exercises or some grammar tipps, then you have to get a Premium account and pay for those services.

The course in general is so much flexible in sense of effort and amount of time you spend. Each level is divided in units. Each unit consist in few chapters: Vocabulary, Dialogue comprehension, Writing, busuu talk and Review. At the end of 2 or 3 units there is a test.

The interesting point of this language course is that the own users are the teachers for the writing exercises and to keep a small conversaton about some topic. When you open an account at Busuu, you become a “teacher” for your mother tongue and a “student” for the languages you choose. In my case, as you can see on the picture, I speak Spanish and I learn English, German and Italian.

Everything is designed in a way to motivate you and push you to don’t drop the course. For example, the more you know a language, the bigger is the tree in your “language garden” and the more you use Busuu.com the more Busuu berries you earn, and so on…

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