Caffeine please!

For all my fellow coffee lovers out there, this post is for you. Here’s some inside information about where to go and what prices you can expect.

Starbucks near the school is a big mistake. Don’t go to the tourist trap looking for a nice coffee before school. Yes, you can be sure their drinks taste good, but to what expense? That particular location is always super busy so you’ll have to wait 6-8 minutes in line PLUS the time to make the drink (an extra 4-5 minutes). I gave myself 15 minutes before class to buy a €4 tall iced coffee & barely made class on time. So really, save yourself the hassle & avoid Starbucks.

There is a nice cafe in the same building as DA called Celsior. You can find a place to sit and pay a more reasonable price for a drink. €3.20 for a cappuccino including water on the side. I feel like it’s a better atmosphere and saves you time.

But the winning place for coffee is …… drum roll please……. Deutsch Akademie!!! Seriously, if you need a little caffeine, just use the automatic machines. You can find one on the 3rd and 7th floor and only pay €1 !!!! Very good deal, and the coffee actually tastes good too. I assure you, DA wins for providing the most economical and time saving cup of joe.

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