What happened at coffee house conversations…

I was cruising around online when I stumbled upon a cool website that listed cool things to do in Vienna in October. I was lucky to find this random meet up called coffeehouse conversations. You can preselect dinner or just drinking coffee while you talk to a local Viennese person. I selected $16 sacher torte & cappucino 😊

I was thinking how cool of an opportunity to talk with someone who’s lived in Vienna for all of their life, or at least a really long time. I was curious to see their perspective on the city and ask down-to-earth questions about their life. I totally recommend anyone looking for something to do on a Thursday night, to find a local coffeehouse conversation in your area. it’s hosted by a guy (totally forgot his name), but apparently it’s a trend in many cities. The person I met and talked for two hours was a lady about my same age but born in Austria and living in Vienna since 13 years. The organizer gives you a menu of questions to ask each other. Some questions like, “if you were a fruit, which one would you be and why? “


I had a lot of fun and I even met another American, who is here studying… And we’ve decided to have coffee this week on our own. you never know what can happen when you go out in this city! 🌍⭐️🎒

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